Fayette County Genealogy Project


- Approx. center of cemetery

- Not accurate, needs checked

Cemetery Name Location See Also Photo GPS
Ache Farm Nicholson Twp
Acklin Luzerne Twp
All Saints German Twp St. Agnes RC
Allen Farm Franklin Twp
Alte Menist Upper Tyrone Twp Pennsville Mennonite
Andrew Umble Henry Clay Twp Umble
Ashbel Masontown Methodist Episcopal
Associate Reformed Dunbar Twp
Baker Family Springhill Twp
Ball Dunbar Twp
Batton Springhill Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Beaver Creek Henry Clay Twp
Belle Grove Stewart Twp Irwin Memorial
Bethel Church of Christ Lower Tyrone Twp
Bethel Memorial Park Wharton Twp
Bethel Presbyterian Church North Union Twp
Bethelboro Presbyterian Church North Union Twp Bethel Presbyterian Church
Bice Farm German Twp
Bidwell Stewart Twp
Bigham Springfield Twp
Billy Umble Henry Clay Twp Hinebaugh Umble
Bird / Burd Henry Clay Twp
Blacksmith #6 Perryopolis
Blosser Cagey Springhill Twp
Boal Family Henry Clay Twp
Boughner Uniontown Moore Family
Bowell Jones Nicholson Twp
Bowman Flatwoods Franklin Twp
Boyd Family Bullskin Twp
Boyd Mitchell Family Henry Clay Twp
Braddock Grave Wharton Twp
Breading Family Redstone Twp NO
Breakiron Farm Georges Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Brick Church Springhill Twp
Bridgeport Brownsville
Britt Farm Nicholson Twp Griffin Family
Brooks Family Springfield Twp
Brookvale Dunbar Twp St. John's
Brothers Family Bullskin Twp
Brown #1 German Twp
Brown #2 German Twp
Brown Saltlick Twp
Brown Wharton Twp
Brownfield Smithfield
Brownfield Family South Union Twp
Brownfield Jennings Georges Twp
Brownsville Methodist Brownsville First United Methodist
Bryan Methodist Lower Tyrone Twp
Bryner Farm Dunbar Twp.
Bryner Ridge Stewart Twp
Buchannan Woodward German Twp
Buncic Springhill Twp
Bunker Hill Springhill Twp Holt Family
Burnsworth Family Stewart Twp
Calvary North Union Twp Mt. St. Macrina
Cardale Redstone Twp St. Mary's
Carroll Wharton Twp (DB)
Carroll Wharton Twp (W)
Cassidy Foundation North Union Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Cedar Grove Springhill Twp
Chalfant Jefferson Twp
Chalk Hill Wharton Twp
Chestnut Hill Connellsville
Chrise Family Henry Clay Twp
Christ Episcopal Brownsville
Christ's Chapel Lutheran Wharton Twp Chalk Hill
Church Hill Presbyterian German Twp McClellandtown Presbyterian
Church of the Madonna Redstone Twp St. Mary's
Clare Springhill Twp
Clearview Uniontown
Clinton Saltlick Twp Keefer Family
Cochran Lower Tyrone Twp
Cole Dunbar Twp
Collins Dunbar Twp
Collins Family Springfield Twp
Conneway-Thomas Markleysburg Thomas-Conneway-Loudermilk
Conn Family Georges Twp
Connell Family Connellsville Twp
Connell Grave Yard Connellsville Chestnut Hill
Conwell Family Luzerne Twp
Cove Run (New) North Union Twp
Cove Run (Old) North Union Twp
Craft Burial Ground Redstone Twp Dunlap's Creek Presbyterian
Crawford Luzerne Twp
Cromwell Family Wharton Twp
Crossroads Springhill Twp Brick Church
Cumberland Presbyterian Perry Twp Harmony Presbyterian
Cumberland Presbyterian Masontown Masontown
Cumberland Presbyterian Menallen Twp Salem View
Cummings Springfield Twp
Custer Georges Twp Grove Church
Dan Snyder Saltlick Twp
Davidson Williams Luzerne Twp
Davis Family Georges Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Dearth Luzerne Twp
Destroyed Cemeteries
Devan North Union Twp Hopwood
Dickerson Family Dunbar Twp
Dickerson Run Hill Dunbar Twp Sacred Heart RC
Dickerson Run Union Dunbar Twp
Dickey Family Springfield Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Dietz Springfield Twp
Dumbauld Saltlick Twp Melcroft
Dunbar Presbyterian Dunbar Twp Laurel Hill Presby.
Dunlap Burial Ground German Twp
Dunlap's Creek Presbyterian Redstone Twp
Durr Springhill Twp
East Liberty Presbyterian Vanderbilt
Edenborn German Twp
Emerson-Mackey North Union Twp
Eutsey (New) Saltlick Twp
Eutsey (Old) Saltlick Twp
Evergreen Memorial Park Springhill Twp
Ewing Farm Luzerne Twp Conwell Family
Fairchance Georges Twp
Fairview Henry Clay Twp Boal Family
Fairview North Union Twp
Fairview Church of the Brethren Nicholson Twp
Fairview Community Church Bullskin Twp
Fairview United Methodist Jefferson Twp
Falls Perryopolis
Falls Hill Stewart Twp Sugar Grove
Fayette City Public Fayette City
Fayette County (New) North Union Twp.
Fayette County (Old) South Union Twp.
Fearer Henry Clay Twp
Felgar Saltlick Twp
First Christian Church Redstone Twp
First Christian Church Springhill Twp Brick Church
First Christian Church Menallen Twp New Salem Meth. Epis.
First Methodist Masontown Methodist Episcopal
First Presbyterian Lower Tyrone Twp Tyrone Presbyterian
First United Methodist Brownsville Destroyed Cemeteries
Flatwoods Franklin Twp Bowman Flatwoods
Foor Family Jefferson Twp
Footedale German Twp St. Thomas
Fort Necessity Wharton Twp
Fough Redstone Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Founding Fathers North Union Twp Hopwood
Fourth Ward Connellsville Chestnut Hill
Franklin Dunbar Twp
Franklin Franklin Twp Allen Farm
Fulton Knob North Union Twp
Furnace Wharton Twp Hull
Gallatin Grave Springhill Twp
Gallentine Family Saltlick Twp
Gans Farm Springhill Twp
Gates Shacklett Georges Twp
Glade Stewart Twp
Gleason Family Wharton Twp Visitation
Glover Henry Clay Twp Beaver Creek
Goe Family Jefferson Twp
Good Hope Lutheran Saltlick Twp
Grable Redstone Twp
Grace Chapel Episcopal Menallen Twp
Great Bethel Baptist Uniontown
Green Lane Brownsville
Green Ridge Memorial Park Bullskin Twp
Green Street Brownsville Green Lane
Greenbrier Stewart Twp
Greendale Mennonite German Twp
Greenlick Bullskin Twp
Griffin Family Nicholson Twp
Griffin Family Springhill Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Griffin Stand Henry Clay Twp
Griffith Saltlick Twp
Griffith Family South Union Twp
Grimm Family Springfield Twp
Grindstone Baptist Redstone Twp First Christian Church
Grove Church Georges Twp
Grover Road Stewart Twp Tressler
Halls Henry Clay Twp
Hansel Family Wharton Twp
Hardin Family Springhill Twp
Hardin / Harding Georges Twp
Harmony Presbyterian Perry Twp
Hay Family Dunbar Twp
Hay Smalley Dunbar Twp Hay Family
Haydentown Georges Twp Brownfield Jennings
Haydentown Christian Church Georges Twp
Hebrew Cemetery Association North Union Twp
Heisterburg Quaker Luzerne Twp Roberts
Henderson Springhill Twp
Hickman Chapel Stewart Twp
Hill Grove Connellsville
Hillcrest Connellsville Destroyed Cemeteries
Hillview Springfield Twp
Hinebaugh Umbel Henry Clay Twp
Historic Presbyterian Public Uniontown
Holland Family Stewart Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Holt Family Springhill Twp
Holy Rosary Redstone Twp
Holy Society North Union Twp
Holy Trinity Connellsville Twp
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox German Twp
Honsaker Johnson Nicholson Twp
Hopewell Saltlick Twp
Hopewell Presbyterian Luzerne Twp
Hopwood North Union Twp
Horner Luzerne Twp
Hughes 1 Dunbar Twp
Hughes 2 Dunbar Twp
Hughes 3 Dunbar Twp
Hull Wharton Twp
Humberston Henry Clay Twp
Hungarian Connellsville Twp St. Emery's RC (Old)
Hutchenson Farm Nicholson Twp Bowell Jones
Imel Springfield Twp
Indian Creek Stewart Twp Scarlett Knob
Indian Creek Baptist Springfield Twp
Indian Head Saltlick Twp Good Hope Lutheran
Irwin Memorial Stewart Twp
Jacob's Evangelical Lutheran German Twp
Jake Miller Stewart Twp
Jennings Georges Twp Brownfield Jennings
Jewish Holy Society North Union Twp Holy Society
John Allen Stewart Twp
Johns Dunbar Twp Liston
Johnson Connellsville Destroyed Cemeteries
Johnson Chapel Henry Clay Twp
Jonathan Run Springhill Twp Holland Family
Jones Family Georges Twp
Joshua Dickerson Dunbar Twp Dickerson Family
Jumonville Orphans North Union Twp
Junk Farm Dunbar Twp Associate Reformed
Junkyard Cemeteries
Keefer Family Saltlick Twp
Kendall Family German Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Keslar Saltlick Twp.
King Springfield Twp
King Upper Tyrone Twp
Knopsnider (New) Bullskin Twp
Knopsnider (Old) Bullskin Twp
Lafayette Memorial Park Redstone Twp
Lambie Stewart Twp
Laughlin Redstone Twp Dunlap's Creek Presbyterian
Laurel Hill Presbyterian Dunbar Twp
Laws Springfield Twp
Lecky German Twp
Leighty Family Dunbar Twp
Leisenring Dunbar Twp St. Stephen Byz. Cath.
Leonard Stewart Twp
Lettermann Georges Twp
Lieb Family Wharton Twp
Lincoln Family North Union Twp
Linderman Stewart Twp Glade
Liston Dunbar Twp
Liston Stewart Twp
Littell Custead Family South Union Twp
Little Arlington Springhill Twp
Little Brownfield South Union Twp Brownfield Family
Little Redstone Presbyterian Jefferson Twp
Little Redstone U. Meth. Washington Twp
Little White Rock Georges Twp White Rock
Lost Cemeteries
Loucks Farm German Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Lowe Georges Twp
Lutheran Church German Twp Jacob's Evan. Lutheran
Lutheran Church Saltlick Twp Good Hope Lutheran
Lynch Perry Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Lynn Point Dunbar Twp
Lyons Springhill Twp
Mack Farm Nicholson Twp
Maple Grove Georges Twp
Maple Grove Stewart Twp Sugar Grove
Maple Summit Stewart Twp
Markleysburg Henry Clay Twp Thomas
Mary Thomas Henry Clay Twp Thomas
Masontown Masontown
Masontown Mennonite German Twp Greendale Mennonite
Maust Wharton Twp
McClelland Gravesite German Twp
McClellandtown Presbyterian German Twp
McNeese Upper Tyrone Twp Pennsville Mennonite
Meason Family Dunbar Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Meason Slaves Dunbar Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Melcroft Saltlick Twp
Merriman Wharton Twp Maust
Messmore German Twp Mt. Sterling
Methodist Dunbar Twp Dickerson Family
Methodist Perryopolis Blacksmith #6
Methodist Episcopal Masontown
Methodist Episcopal Uniontown
Middle Ridge Stewart Twp Bryner Ridge
Mill Run Baptist Springfield Twp Indian Creek Baptist
Miller Sisler Georges Twp
Miner Springfield Twp
Mitchell Stewart Twp
Moore Menallen Twp
Moore Family Uniontown
Moore Family Wharton Twp Moyer Family
Moore Hess Redstone Twp
Morgan Farm Springhill Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Morris Family Stewart Twp
Moyer Family Wharton Twp
Moyer Umble Wharton Twp
Mt. Auburn Fayette City
Mt. Auburn (New) Dunbar Twp
Mt. Auburn (Old) Dunbar Twp
Mt. Calvary Saltlick Twp
Mt. Moriah Baptist Smithfield
Mt. Moriah Presbyterian Springhill Twp
Mt. Nebo Saltlick Twp
Mt. Olive Brethren Bullskin Twp
Mt. Salem Methodist Bullskin Twp Stouffer
Mt. St. Macrina North Union Twp
Mt. Sterling German Twp
Mt. Tabor Springfield Twp
Mt. Vernon Bullskin Twp
Mt. Vernon Methodist Jefferson Twp
Mt. View Memorial Park South Union Twp
Mt. Washington Perry Twp
Mt. Washington Presbyterian Wharton Twp
Mt. Zion Henry Clay Twp
Mt. Zion Saltlick Twp
Myers Frazee Henry Clay Twp
New Geneva Springhill Twp Cedar Grove
New Salem Menallen Twp Salem View
New Salem Meth. Epis. Menallen Twp
Nicholson Family Saltlick Twp
Nickelson Family Springfield Twp
Normalville Springfield Twp
Oak Grove South Union Twp
Oak Grove Springhill Twp
Oak Hill Uniontown Historic Presby. Public
Oak Hill Baptist Nicholson Twp
Oak Lawn South Union Twp
Ohiopyle Stewart Twp Sugar Grove
Old Bethel Wharton Twp Bethel Memorial Park
Old Dunkard Lower Tyrone Twp
Old Frame Presbyterian Nicholson Twp Oak Hill Baptist
Old Jewish Brownsville
Old Laurel Hill Presbyterian Dunbar Twp
Old Malta Hall Perryopolis Blacksmith #6
Old Methodist Uniontown Methodist Episcopal
Old Stone House Nicholson Twp
Old Veterans Masontown White School
Old Williams Stewart Twp Spear
Orphans Home North Union Twp Jumonville
Other County Cemeteries
Owensdale Upper Tyrone Twp Strickler Porter
Park Place North Union Twp
Paull Dunbar Twp Old Laurel Hill Presby.
Pennsville Baptist Bullskin Twp
Pennsville Independent Bullskin Twp
Pennsville Mennonite Upper Tyrone Twp
Percy Methodist North Union Twp Fairview
Pleasant Hill Springfield Twp
Pleasant View Springfield Twp Pleasant Hill
Pleasant View IOOF Smithfield
Pleasant View Presbyterian Franklin Twp
Point Marion Springhill Twp
Point of Rocks Bullskin Twp
Porter Upper Tyrone Twp Strickler Porter
Presbyterian Uniontown Historic Presby. Public
Presbyterian Menallen Twp Salem View
Price Georges Twp
Price Collins Stewart Twp Lambie
Providence Quaker Perry Twp
Quaker Brownsville Destroyed Cemeteries
Quaker Redstone Twp
Rayle Collins Menallen Twp
Redmond Jefferson Twp Mt. Vernon Methodist
Redstone Brownsville
Redstone Baptist Franklin Twp
Redstone Quaker Luzerne Twp Roberts
Redstone Regular Baptist Redstone Twp First Christian Church
Reformed Jewish North Union Twp Hebrew Cemetery Association
Rehoboth Saltlick Twp Hopewell
Rhodes-Swaney Georges Twp
Rice Bullskin Twp
Rich Hill Bullskin Twp
Richards Farm Luzerne Twp Davidson Williams
Rist Connellsville Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
Roberts Luzerne Twp
Roebuck Dunbar Twp
Ross Masontown Masontown
Ross North Union Twp Hopwood
Rush Family Stewart Twp
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Dunbar Twp
Sadler Point Marion
Salem View Menallen Twp
Sands Stewart Twp
Sandy Hill Quaker Menallen Twp
Sansom Chapel Wharton Twp
Scarlett Knob Stewart Twp
Searing North Union Twp Zaring Matthews
Seneff Springfield Twp
Sessler Farm Georges Twp
Seventh Day Baptist Georges Twp Woodbridge Union
Shaffer Saltlick Twp
Shearer Family Jefferson Twp
Sherrick Upper Tyrone Twp Pennsville Mennonite
Shultz Family Saltlick Twp
Slavish Connellsville Twp St. Emery's RC (Old)
Slonecker Bullskin Twp
Smithfield Smithfield Mt. Moriah Baptist
Snider Redstone Twp
Sparks Saltlick Twp
Spaw Family Wharton Twp
Spear Stewart Twp
Springhill Furnace Springhill Twp
Springhill Union Springhill Twp Oak Grove
Sproul Stewart Twp Morris Family
St. Agnes R. Catholic German Twp
St. Aloysius R. Catholic Dunbar Twp
St. Cecilia North Union Twp
St. Cecilia Redstone Twp
St. Ciril Methody Slavish Nat. Cat. German Twp St. Mary's Nativity Orthodox
St. Emery's R. Catholic (New) Connellsville Twp
St. Emery's R. Catholic (Old) Connellsville
St. Hedwig Franklin Twp
St. James RC Luzerne Twp
St. John's Dunbar Twp
St. John's Evan. Lutheran Springhill Twp Brick Church
St. John the Baptist Byz. North Union Twp
St. John the Evan. R. Catholic Uniontown
St. John's R. Catholic Perry Twp
St. Josefa/Joseph's Polish Catholic Upper Tyrone Twp
St. Joseph's R. Catholic (New) Connellsville Twp
St. Joseph's R. Catholic (Old) Connellsville Chestnut Hill
St. Joseph's R. Catholic Georges Twp
St. Joseph's R. Catholic North Union Twp
St. Mary's Byz. Cath. and St. Procopius R. Catholic German Twp
St. Mary's Redstone Twp
St. Mary's Nativity Orthodox German Twp
St. Mary's R. Catholic German Twp
St. Mary's R. Catholic Brownsville
St. Mary's Nativity North Union Twp
St. Methodos Slovak German Twp St. Mary's Nativity Orthodox
St. Nicholas Byz. Catholic Brownsville
St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Perry Twp
St. Peter's on Little Redstone Jefferson Twp Shearer Family
St. Peter's - Historic Brownsville
St. Peter's - National Pike Redstone Twp
St. Procopius Roman Catholic German Twp with St. Mary's Byz. Cath.
St. Raymond's Roman Catholic Saltlick Twp
St. Rita's Roman Catholic Connellsville Twp
St. Stephen's Byzantine Catholic Dunbar Twp
St. Thomas Roman Catholic German Twp
St. Vincent de Paul Dunbar Twp
Stateline Springhill Twp
Steel Saltlick Twp Hopewell
Stevens Family Franklin Twp
Steyer Springfield Twp
Stirling German Twp
Stone Church Redstone Twp Dunlap's Creek Presby.
Stoney Lonesome Georges Twp Uniondale
Stouffer Bullskin Twp
Strickler Dunbar Twp
Strickler Upper Tyrone Twp
Strickler Porter Upper Tyrone Twp
Studebaker Bullskin Twp
Sugar Grove Stewart Twp
Sugar Loaf Stewart Twp
Sunset View Memorial Wharton Twp
Swaney (F) Georges Twp
Swaney (H) Georges Twp Rhodes-Swaney
Swearingen Family North Union Twp
Sweitzer Husak Family Bullskin Twp
Sylvan Heights North Union Twp
Sylvan Heights Memorial Gardens North Union Twp Sylvan Heights
Tent Presbyterian Church Georges Twp
Thomas Henry Clay Twp
Thomas North Union Twp
Thomas Wharton Twp
Thomas Clare Springhill Twp Clare
Thomas-Connaway-Loudermilk Henry Clay Twp
Thompson Farm South Union Twp
Thorpe Stewart Twp Greenbrier
Tinker Ridge Wharton Twp
Tinkey Saltlick Twp
Tom Faucet Stewart Twp Rush Family
Tomasza German Twp St. Thomas RC
Tressler Stewart Twp
Tyrone Presbyterian Lower Tyrone Twp
Ulery Saltlick Twp
Umbel Henry Clay Twp
Union South Union Twp Oak Grove
Uniondale Georges Twp
Unknown Cemeteries
Upper Middletown Methodist Menallen Twp
Van Sickle Wharton Twp
Vance Upper Tyrone Twp
Vanderbilt Presbyterian Vanderbilt East Liberty Presby.
Veterans Unknown locations
Veterans Outside Fayette County
Virgin Luzerne Twp
Visitation Roman Catholic Wharton Twp
Wable Wharton Twp Tinker Ridge
Walnut Hill Methodist Georges Twp
West Bend Luzerne Twp
West Point Redstone Twp Destroyed Cemeteries
West Side Hill Connellsville
Whigg Corner Stewart Twp Hickman Chapel
White Bullskin Twp Pennsville Baptist
White Rock Georges Twp
White School Masontown Destroyed Cemeteries
Williams Stewart Twp Spear
Woodbridge Union Georges Twp
Woodlawn Brownsville
Work Farm Dunbar Twp Old Laurel Hill Presby.
Workman-Rush Wharton Twp
Zaring Matthews North Union Twp
Zazado Jefferson Twp