Fayette County Genealogy Project

Redstone Baptist Cemetery - Franklin Twp.

Rarely do we find a cemetery that has had multiple transcriptions over an extended period of time. The Old Redstone Baptist Cemetery has had six transcriptions spanning a period of about 60 years. Because of the extreme differences in the readings, all of them are listed below to allow the researcher to determine which they choose to accept. Quite a few of the stones are included in the headstone photograph section of our website and many are still legible, which may offer the researcher another source for accurate documentation.

The cemetery was connected to and located on the north side of the Old Redstone Baptist Church, which still stands as a private residence. However, the main east-west road into Smock now separates the cemetery and the former church. It has not been determined when this road was built or whether there were any graves compromised at the time it was built.

Directions: From the intersection of Smock Road and Rt. 51, go west 0.9 miles on Smock Road and both Redstone Baptist cemetery and St. Hedwig Catholic Cemetery are on the right. Redstone Baptist is between the highway and the cemetery access road. St. Hedwig is outside the access road.

GPS Location:

40.00121 N

79.77664 W