Fayette County Genealogy Project

Bryan Methodist Cemetery - Lower Tyrone Twp.

Compiled from records by E. M. Whetsel

Directions: From the intersection of Rt 119 and Crawford Avenue in Connellsville go north on Rt 119 for 0.9 miles. Turn left on Pittsburgh Street Extension. Go 1.1 miles and turn left on Broadford Road. Go 0.9 miles and turn left on Hickory Square Road. Go 1.2 miles and continue right on Hickory Square Road. Go 1.3 miles to the stop sign at SR 819 and turn left on Dawson Scottdale Road. Go 0.6 miles and turn right on Banning Road. Go 1.9 miles and turn right on Chaintown Road. Go 0.1 miles and the cemetery is on the right.

GPS Location:

40.07488 N

79.67091 W

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Bryan John G. Civil War
Bryan Samuel Civil War
Colvin Earnest William 5/30/70 WWI
Cumberland Charles 9/22/24 4/27/86 WWII
Darby Charles H. 3/29/04 11/19/83 WWII
Darby John J. 1/1/09 Civil War
Ecard Daniel 12/20/01 Civil War
Firestone Hawkins 1/1/14 Civil War
Gween George 6/20/01 Civil War
Hagerman G.W Civil War
Hall Albert Andrew 6/4/10 4/25/64 WWII
Hartsack Thomas 4/25/05 Civil War
Huey Arnold 1/1/01 1/1/84 WWII
Huey John 4/21/11 Civil War
Kimmel Donald R. 6/4/26 9/17/94 WWII
King Ernest F. 10/27/19 WWII
Krotzer Joseph E. 11/26/65 WWI
Lauderberg William Civil War
Layton Forrest E. 1/1/25 6/13/47 WWII
Layton Martin E. Sp/Am War
Luckey Andrew J. 6/22/08 Veteran
Montague James A. 9/24/25 3/16/89 Korean War
Powell Gerald Eugene 4/19/1966 11/23/2005
Rush William H. 12/5/56 WWI