Fayette County Genealogy Project

Compiled by Ken O’Neal
Transcribed by Beverly Sellers-Niel
Edited by E M Whetsel

Connell Cemetery was originally located on the site of what is now the Carnegie Library. In 1900, the graves were moved to the Chestnut Hill Cemetery to make way for the construction of the library. The list of burials, below, is comprised of two readings of the cemetery. One is made available from the Connellsville Historical Society (date unknown) and the other is by Ken O’Neal, who compiled his information in May 2006. Also, the following article appeared in the Connellsville Courier.

Connellsville Courier, Friday Morning, April 20, 1900

REMOVING THE DEAD From the Old Fourth Ward Graveyard Draws Morbid Crowds.

Morbid curiosity and the sympathy of friends and relatives for their dead is drawing many persons to the old grave yard in the Fourth Ward where Contractor Bernard O'Conner is removing the bodies from the site of the proposed free Carnegie library. Each headstone is numbered as it is removed and a small box is placed alongside of this headstone marked with the same number as the headstone. When the remains, what little of them is left, are uncovered they are carefully placed in the boxes and removed to the lot in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, where they are laid in their final resting places. Some of the friends of the long deceased complain of the removal of their dead, but in many instances they have given the graves so little attention that they cannot even locate them. In none of the graves so far opened is there but little trace of the body interred. Yesterday the body of James Brierly, who was the first man killed on what is now the Pittsburg division of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, was disinterred and there was considerable of the coffin intact. Brierly was killed at Shaner 41 years ago. The oldest gravestone standing in the cemetery bears the date of 1803, though there are said to be graves there dug well back in the seventies. In several instances two coffins have been found in the same grave one, being buried on top of the other. The headstone marked "1803" has a peculiar inscription on it resembling Indian signs and bears the initials "H. W."

The following were re-interred at Chestnut Hill Cemetery:

Joseph Long d. November 1829 age 63 years

Lydia Long d. November 3, 1840 age 76 years

Jacob B. Long d. April 13, 1867

Nancy Eicher Long, wife of Jacob, b. April 13, 1787, d. April 19, 1870

Hiram C. Long, son of Jacob and Nancy, b. March 1819, d. July 1865

Samuel Long d. October 4, 1843, 31 years, son of Jacob and Nancy

Thaddeus Long d. December 7, 1861, 39 years, son of Jacob and Nancy

Marie Long d. January 22, 1862, wife of Thaddeus


Buried in Laurel Hill Presbyterian Cemetery:

Gustavus Kell  10-12-1858  age 72 yrs. 5 mths. 25 ds. “Removed from Connell Cemetery, Connellsville Pa”

Abigail Kell  9-2-1856  age 69 yrs. 11 mths. 15 ds.

Surname Given DOB DOD Other SOURCE
Adams Ann   9/30/1818 63yr Consort Jno. CHS
Atkins Levi S.   6/13/1844 45-3-2 CHS
Atkins  Levi S.   6/13/1844 age 45yrs KO2006
Balsley Eliza Ann Robb   3/2/1832 19mo11da d/o Wm. & Sarah KO2006
Balsley Margaret   3/3/1828 34yr consort Wm CHS
Basley Margaret   6/3/1828 consort of William KO2006
Beatty Jas. C.   2/5/1845 3-4-23 of Samuel/Mary E. CHS
Beatty James C.   2/8/1845 3yrs4mo23das s/o Samuel & Mary E. KO2006
Betker Frederick   10/12/1853 59yrs CHS
Betker Frederick   10/12/1853 58yrs  KO2006
Blorlt Albert   1/10/1866 33yrs CHS
Bobb George   11/21/1847 2yr of Jacob & Louise CHS
Bolton Elizabeth Ann   1/20/1832 6mo CHS
Bolton Elizabeth Ann   1/2/1832 9mo4da  KO2006
Bolton John   12/17/1841 48yr CHS
Bolton John   12/17/1841 48yrs   KO2006
Bolton Maria Frances   7/12/1844 3yrs11mo12day Broken Stone KO2006
Bolton Marie Francis   7/12/1844 3-11-12 CHS
Bolton Sarah Eliza   4/18/1842 2mo2mo19da KO2006
Bolton Wallace B,   4/1/1842 6-10-6 CHS
Bolton Wallace B.   4/1/1842 6yrs10mo6da KO2006
Bolton William   5/23/1843 25yr19da KO2006
Bolton Wm.   5/23/1812 25-19-0 CHS
Bott  Mary   1/21/1844 30yrs KO2006
Buel Mary Ann   6/5/? 47yr consort L. CHS
Buel  Mary   6/5/?? Consort of L. KO2006
Busey Sarah   1/30/1830 28yr CHS
Busey  Sarah Eliza   1/30/1830 28yrs KO2006
Campbell Elizabeth   4/29/1841 45 yr CHS
Campbell Elizabeth Ann   4/29/1841 45yrs broken stone KO2006
Campbell Hester   1/2/1842 69yr CHS
Campbell Hester C.   1/27/1842 69yrs KO2006
Candy Lavina D.   10/21/1843 13yrs of J.H. & C.A. KO2006
Candy Lavine   10/21/1843 of H. & CA CHS
Carpenter James   1/14/1841 70yrs CHS
Carpenter James C.   1/14/1841 70yrs KO2006
Carr Mary Ann   11/28/1834 4-24-0 CHS
Carr Mary Ann   11/28/1834   KO2006
Carr Robert   12/13/1834 22yrs KO2006
Carron Sarah E.   9/30/1870 23-2-8 My wife CHS
Catlin Eliza   7/30/1844 25yrs10mo15da KO2006
Catlin Eliza    7/30/1844 25-10-15 w/o Rev. Samuel CHS
Collins Willie J.   7/15/1866 2mos of J.C. & L. CHS
Collins Willie J.   7/15/1866 s/o J.C. & L. Collins KO2006
Comp John   1833 2yr of J.M. & L.M. CHS
Comp John M.   4/22/1858 46yr CHS
Comp John M.   4/22/1858 46yrs KO2006
Comp Twila Jane   1837 1yr of J.M. & L.M. CHS
Conklin John   10/11/1832 of Daniel & Mary KO2006
Corron Sarah E.   9/3/1870 23yrs2mo8da KO2006
Coup Charles   1862 s/o J.M. & A.M. KO2006
Coup Chas   12/22/1862 11yr of J.M. & A.M. CHS
Crossland Margaret   8/20/1842 22-8-0 consort of Wm. CHS
Crossland Margret   8/20/1842 22yrs Consort of William KO2006
Cuningham Isabel   1/1857 1yr of J. & C. CHS
Dempsey Mary Work   ? ? CHS
Dempsy Mary Work   1yr2mo No visible dates KO2006
Dempsy Mary Work       KO2006
Detwiler Harriet   7/10/1856 11yr of R. &. F.H. CHS
Detwiler Henry   11/19/1856 11yr CHS
Detwiler Henry   8/19/1856 Illegible s/o R. & F.H. KO2006
Dugan Edward Gilchrist   7/11/1844 1/4/2020 CHS
Dull James   5/14/1810 6mo Son of J.& C. CHS
Dull Sabina   10/27/1842 1yr1mo d/o J.& C.  KO2006
Dull Sabinah   10/27/1847 1-11-27 of J. &. C. CHS
Dunsmore Mary   2/15/1840 74y CHS
Durn Elizabeth Ann   11/7/1824 consort of James KO2006
Edwards Ashbel   9/27/1862   KO2006
Edwards Ashbel G.   9/27/1862 26 yr CHS
Firel Charles C.   2/12/1860   KO2006
Fraser Emrey   8/5/1845 8mos of A.& A. CHS
Fraser George   1848 4yr of A.& A. CHS
Fraser John T.   10/3/1843 4yr of A.& A. CHS
Fraser Leroy   4/16/1854 11 son of A.& A. CHS
Fraser Osker   7/1847 1yr of A.& A. CHS
Friel Charles   2/17/1860 33yr CHS
Gebhart Joseph   6/2/1834 1-4-25 CHS
Gebhart? Josiah   8/27/1834 1yr damaged stone KO2006
Gilleland Robert S.   5/8/1839 41-7-19 CHS
Gilmore Joseph   9/9/1836 5mo14da s/o I. & R.  KO2006
Gilmore Joseph   9/9/1836 0-5-14 CHS
Githens Phebe Ann   9/26/1839 1-3-0 of Thos. & Mary CHS
Githens  Phebe Anne     d/o Thomas & Mary Anne  KO2006
Glendenning George W.   8/19/1865 29-0-24 CHS
Glendenning George W.   8/19/1865   KO2006
Glenn Sarah Ann   12/3/185 35yr of Timothy CHS
Glenn Sarah Ann   12/10/1857 33yrs w/o Timothy KO2006
Glenn Timothy   12/20/1855 36 CHS
Glenn Timothy   12/20/1855 36yrs KO2006
Graham Elizabeth   1/21/1838 3y CHS
Graham Elizabeth Ann   1/21/1858 3yrs KO2006
Graham John   10-20-1862 56y CHS
Graham Wm.   10/8/1838 39yrs KO2006
Graham   Eliza   10/26/1861 52yrs w/o John KO2006
Graham   John   10/20/1862 56yrs KO2006
H.E.R.       Likely a footstone w/GAR Flag Holder KO2006
Hacket David     Co. B. 24 USCT Civil War KO2006
Hackett David     Co. 8-24th U.S.C.T. CHS
Halfhill Catherine   11/16/1855 17da  of A.& C. CHS
Halfhill Catherine   11/07/1853 36 consort of Andrew S. d/o P.K Buttermore CHS
Halfhill Catherine   11/16/1853 d/o A.& C. KO2006
Halfhill James Lesley   9/15/1848   KO2006
Halfhill Jas. Lesley   9/15/1848 8(?)-0-8da CHS
Halfhill Unknown     Consort of Andrew S.  Stone all but illegible KO2006
Hannah Dr. Hugh   1/13/1864 32 yr CHS
Hannah Dr. Hugh   5/13/1834   KO2006
Harris ?   1/8/1864 21 consort of Jacob Harris & wife of Isaac Murphy CHS
Hayes Orrin   2/11/1839 28y from Grancy Ct. CHS
Hayes Orrin   2/11/1839 28yrs KO2006
Huffin John   3/21/1858 53y CHS
Ingin Adar C.   2/9/1863 d/o R.B. & S. KO2006
Irwin Susan Gilliland   5/8/1839 41-7-19 wf. of Robert S. CHS
Jerviss Mary   2/2/1846 3-0-14 CHS
Kelley William E.   8/13/1869 s/o Patrick & E. KO2006
Kelley Wm. E.   8/15/1869 2-9-23 of Patrick & E. CHS
Kimmell Joseph   7/2/1868 70yrs CHS
Kimmell Joseph Shaver   10/19/1851 1/1/21 of L.& L.E. CHS
Kimmell  Joseph   8/184?   KO2006
Kimmell  Joseph Shaver   10/19/1851 1yr1mo 21da s/o O. & L.E.  KO2006
Kinneer Elizabeth    6/14/1845 53yrs KO2006
Lau Mary   8/11/1862 71yr CHS
Leighty Henry E.   7/5/1818 19yrs s/o Solomon & Ann KO2006
Lint Jas. M.   11/20/1862 2yr CHS
Lint Mary Ann   8/23/1866. 21  wf. Of Wm CHS
Lint Mary Ann   1866   KO2006
Little Robert   11/3/1831 16 (?)-5-10 CHS
Little Two infants       CHS
Little  Robert C.   11/3/1834 16yrs5mo5da Infants interned to right  KO2006
Little  Sarah   3/19/1835 16yrs22da KO2006
Livingston Susanna   5/25/1846 29 consort of Austin CHS
Livingston Susanna   1846 consort of William KO2006
Long Hiram O. 3/1819 7/1865   CHS
Long Jacob B.   4/13/1867   CHS
Long Joseph   11/1829 63yr CHS
Long Joseph   11/1829   KO2006
Long Lydia   11/3/1840 76 yr CHS
Long Lydia   11/3/1840 76yrs  KO2006
Long Maria   1/22/1862 33 yr wf of T.S. CHS
Long Maria    1/22/1862 w/o T.S.Long  KO2006
Long Nancy 4/13/1787 4/19/1870   CHS
Long Samuel   10/4/1843 31 of Jacob & Nancy CHS
Long Thaddeus   12/7/1861 39 CHS
Long Thadocus   12/7/1861 s/o Jacob & Nancy KO2006
Long  Samuel   10/1843 31yrs s/o Jacob & Nancy  KO2006
Manis Argare   1875 d/o C.R. & M. KO2006
Manis Barbary   11/26/1855 79yr wf. J.M. CHS
Manis Harbary   5/26/1837 w/o J.M. KO2006
Mappin Abigail   11/13/1897 22 wf. Joseph CHS
Mappin Abigail   11/11/1807 22yrs w/o Joseph  KO2006
Martin Maria   1837 20 yrs consort of Alex KO2006
Mathiot Elizabeth   2/19/1838 consort of George  KO2006
Mathiot Elizabeth Ann   2/19/1838 24yr consort Geo. F. CHS
Mathiot Emely   5/13/1838 6yrs d/o G.F. & E. KO2006
McBride James   8/9/1842 77yrs KO2006
McBridge James   8/9/1842 77 CHS
McCormick James   9/3/1846 7? CHS
McCormick James   9/3/1849   KO2006
McCormick  John   11/10/1841 21yrs KO2006
McCoy Joseph S.   12/27/1855 0-11-8 CHS
McCoy Joseph S.    12/29/1833 11mo8da KO2006
McLean Margaret   1844 6da of A.A.& C.E. CHS
McLean Mary   8/16/1844 5da of A.A.& C.E. CHS
McLean Mary   8/16/1844 5da d/o A.A. & C.E. KO2006
Miller Noah   4/28/1802 51 CHS
Murphy Nancy   1/8/1861 consort of Jacob Harris Currently w/o Isaac Murphy KO2006
Murphy Unknown   1/8/1864 21 wife of Isaac Murphy CHS
Page Ann   ? ? wife of Joseph CHS
Page Ann     w/o Joseph Rest of stone gone  KO2006
Page Caroline   1/12/1841 17yrs7mo26da d/o Samuel & Mary KO2006
Page Jonathan   1/29/1844 71yrs CHS
Page Jonathan   1/29/1844 71yrs  KO2006
Page Joseph   3/5/1819 90yrs KO2006
Page Joseph     s/o Ann? Stone barely readable KO2006
Page Thomas   2/1837 25y f J-R. CHS
Page Wm. E.   10/4/1841 ? s/o Jnothan-Rebecca CHS
Page Thomas B.   2/1857 25yrs10mo15da KO2006
Page William B.     s/o Jonathan & mother's name & date broke off stone KO2006
Peirce Eleanor   11/7/1843 53yr consort of Harman CHS
Peirce Elenor   22/7/1843 53yrs4mo2da consort of Harman KO2006
Piersol Isaac   6/1/1823 27 CHS
Piersol Isaac   6/1835   KO2006
Rabb Harriet Eliz   1/30/1843 0-9-11 CHS
Rabb John   7/17/1839 0-5-14 CHS
Rabb Mary Lavina   1/20/1843 2-7-0 CHS
Ratleff William M.   10/5/1835 36yrs2mo26da KO2006
Ratleff Wm.   10/5/1835 36 CHS
Reager Rebecca   1/1853 23yrs consort of Solomon KO2006
Reagin Adam C.   2/9/1863 16da of D.B.& S. CHS
Rhodes Thos.   2/1/1839 2-5-20 of Jacob-Mary CHS
Rigour Solomon   2/22/1847 49yr CHS
Rigour Solomon   2/22/1847 19yrs or 49yrs  KO2006
Robb Abraham Dorsey   1/26/1845 9mo CHS
Robb John P.   7/17/1834 5mo11da KO2006
Robb Mary Malvina   1/20/1843 32yrs7mo KO2006
Seaton James   12/11/1855 26 CHS
Seaton Jane   11/26/1833 4 CHS
Seaton Jane M.   11/26/1832 4yr KO2006
Seaton Nancy   11/19/1859 57-5 CHS
Seaton Nancy   11/19/1870 77yrs KO2006
Seaton Robert   11/7/1846 41yr CHS
Seaton Robert   1846 Stone damaged KO2006
Secrest Elizabub   4/2/1863 70 wf.Henry CHS
Shallenberger Dorothy   12/301832 26yrs consort of David KO2006
Shaw Charles B.   4/18/1859 0-6-11of S & S. CHS
Shellenbarger Chofford   9/18/1856 26 CHS
Shellenbarger Crofford   9/18/1856 26yrs  KO2006
Shellenbarger Dorothy   10/20/1832 26yr consort of Daniel CHS
Shellenberger Grace   9/18/1836 or 1856   KO2006
Sheppard Catherine   4/5/1825 ? Of Theophilus-Elis CHS
Sheppard Theopolus   9/1840 age erroded CHS
Sheppard  Catherine   1825 d/o Theophilus & Elizabeth KO2006
Sheppard  Theophilus   9/1840   KO2006
Shunk Geo.     Co. D. 54th Pa Inf Civil War KO2006
Simms Mary Ella   12/16/1846 4/10/11 of Francis-Sarah CHS
Smith Deborah   2/4/1832 0-7-29 CHS
Smith Deborah   2/4/1852 7mo20da KO2006
Smith Ellen B.   3/19/1860 19-7-3 of R-M and * CHS
Smith Ellen B.   3/19/1860 19yrs d/o Robert & M. KO2006
Smith John A.   3/3/1860 s/o Robert & M. KO2006
Smith Nancy   12/12/1866 33 (?) wf Christopher CHS
Smith Robert   9/26/1834 12mo CHS
Smith Robert   9/26/1834 13mo KO2006
Smith John A.   3/19/1860 22-8-2 CHS
Snyder John R.   1/29/1834 22 of Philip-Mary CHS
Snyder Mary   4/21/1837 60y of Philip CHS
Snyder Mary   11/21/1837 60yrs  KO2006
Snyder Philip   5/31/1837 59 CHS
Snyder  John R.   1/29/1834 22yrs7da s/o Philip & Mary KO2006
Snyder  Philip   5/31/1837 59yrs KO2006
S-ter Eli W.   8/29/1823 29yrs Stone damaged on Surname KO2006
Stewart John F.   8/6/1811 33 CHS
Stewart  John E.   8/1811 33yrs  KO2006
Sutton James   9/6/1839 1/0/18 s/o R.R.-A. CHS
Tedrow Mary Frances     1-9-0 of of Marshall-Ellen CHS
Torrence Joseph   3/28/1847 1yr CHS
Torrence Joseph   3/28/1847 1yr2mo15da KO2006
Turner Sarah   9/4/1838 74-9-0 consort of Wm. G. CHS
Turner Sarah   9/4/1838 74yrs9mo Consort of William KO2006
Turner Wm. Goldsmith   6/26/1841 87-0-11 Soldier American Rev CHS
Unknown James C.   5/24/?? Broken stone s/o J. & C. KO2006
Unknown John C.     Rest of stone is illegible KO2006
Unknown Mary Ellen     Broken stone KO2006
Unknown Mary Ellen     d/o Francis & Sarah Broken stone Surname & dates gone KO2006
Vance Edmund   3/16/1853 8mo CHS
Vance John 1848 1861 s/o C.-S. CHS
Vance William   1831 s/o G. & S.  KO2006
Vance William   1839 ? s/o C.-S. CHS
Vance   Edmond     s/o G.& S.   KO2006
Vance   John     s/o G. & S.   KO2006
Vernon Sinderalla   4/22/1839 2yr of J.C.-S. CHS
Vernon Sinderella   4/22/1859? d/o J.C. & S. KO2006
Washington Elizabeth   6/3/1855 61yrs Died of Cholora on Steamboat Arctic At Cincinnati KO2006
Washington Elizabeth Ann   6/1855 61 died of Cholera on Steamboat Arctic At Cincinnatti CHS
Welty Mary   3/11/1822 3yr CHS
Welty Mary   3/11/1822 3yrs  KO2006
West Joseph   2/13/? 1-4-5 CHS
West Marth P.   2/8/1846 4-6-5 of J.B.-Mary CHS
West---p Joseph   2/12/? 4yrs4mo5da C/o J.R.&Mary No year stone damaged KO2006
West---p     2/8/1846 4yrs6mo6da KO2006
White Homer J. Clark   8/18/1863 1-2-15 of B.-N. CHS
White Jno     Co. G. 26th USCT Civil War KO2006
White John     Co.B. 26 U.B.C.T. CHS
Wilson Ann E.   4/16/1844 3mo CHS
Wilson Ann E.   7/15/1844 5mo  KO2006
Wilson Sarah   12/23/1833 2yrs9mo26da  KO2006
Wilson Sarah    12/23/1833 2-9-26 CHS
Winning Susan   11/12/1843 44 CHS
Wood Robert Comley   10/25/1834 29yrs  KO2006
Wood Robert Conley   10/25/1834 29 CHS



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