Fayette County Genealogy Project

Roberts Cemetery - Luzerne Twp.

Transcribed from tombstones by Ken O'Neal

Directions: From the intersection of Labelle Rd., Heisterburg Rd., and East Millsboro Rd. east of East Millsboro, go east on Heisterburg Rd. 3.3 miles and the cemetery is on the left just above the road.

GPS Location:

39.96282 N

79.92546 W

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
????? ?ty Ann w/o William
Acklin Jane age 105y
Acklin John 9-30-1798 8-22-1882
Acklin Martha 6-10-1865 age 42y; d/o John & Martha
Acklin Martha ???? ????
Arnold John 2-23-1829 Col.; age 39y; War of 1812 flag holder
Austin Robert Byron 3-5-1837 age 2y 23d; s/o Nimrod & Grabill
Austin Ulyssus 11-18-1834 age 1y 10m 4d; s/o Nimrod & Grabill
Brookhart Achasah 4-12-1831 age 31y
Cohen David 1922 1988 US Navy WWII
Conwell Margaret 9-10-1827 age 51y; w/o Thomas
Cromlow Margaret 6-27-1833 age 49y; w/o George
Cotton Ruth 1-27-1818 age 24y 3m 11d
Davidson Benjamin 9-2-1819 age 39y
Davidson Clarence 9-14-1834 age 14m
Donley Issac 4-1-1821 age 84y
Dulaney Devlva Jo 1953 1970
Frost William 12-16-1831 age 77y
Hackney Jehu 12-13-1840 age 64y
Lawrence Thorton 8-1854 age 16y; s/o William & Patience
Pratt James Sr. 3-20-1842 age 54y; He helped make the first steel in the New World
Pratt Sarah 8-6-1873 age 73y; w/o James
Roberts James Barclay 8-20-1854 age 9y; s/o Samuel & Polly
Roberts Polly 3-29-1831 age 43y; Consort of Samuel
Roberts Samuel 4-15-1866 age 81y
Roberts William 7-19-1853 age 87y
Williams Mary 5-26-1837 age 33y