Fayette County Genealogy Project

Pennsville Mennonite Cemetery - Upper Tyrone Twp.

Compiled by Sheila O'Connor

Mennonites settled in the Jacobs Creek Valley in the late eighteenth century. They chose this place for a burial ground and meetinghouse. The first building was built of logs before 1800. It was replaced by a brick meetinghouse in 1852. Abraham Stauffer (1752 - 1826), the first minister, and his wife, Anna Nissley Stauffer (1752 - 1817), were buried here.

Placed by the Mennonite Churches 1991

Inscription on plaque

A large number of the stones are either broken or worn away. Some graves seemed to be marked with rocks. After we had made this list, I came across an index of this cemetery that was done in 1941. I found it very interesting to compare the two lists. Even more interesting is that there is a new grave from 1999. (I felt I should respect these people's privacy, therefore I didn't list the new stone.)

Directions: From the intersection of Crawford Avenue and Rt 119 in Connellsville, go north on Rt 119 4.7 miles and take the Everson exit. The exit ramp sweeps to the right and then to the left crossing over Rt 119. As you cross over Rt 119 go 1.4 miles and turn left on Mt. East Road. Go 0.9 miles and the cemetery is on your left.

GPS Location:

40.07359 N

79.57887 W

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Bettie 1867
John 1871 192?
Ansel Allen
Beidler Elizabeth w/o Joseph
Beidler Jacob Sr. 11/24/1833 aged 73y 18d
Beidler Jesse 10/9/1856 6/14/1907
Beidler John S. 4/14/1875 aged 29y?
Beidler Joseph
Beidler Magdalena 5/17/1821 aged 55y
Beidler Martha 12/14/1874 aged 33y; w/o John
C. C. D.
C. N. A.
Cossell Susanna 10/18/1894 aged 54y; w/o I. M.
Cowan Robert 9/5/1886 s/o R. & C.
Detwiler Henry 3/9/1847 aged 55y 10m 27d
Detwiler Mary Ann 10/3/1851 aged 4y 3m 16d; d/o S. & H.
Detwiler Susanah 2/1/1856 aged 57y 10m 4d; w/o Henry
Ellenberger Betsy
Freed Anna
Freed Henry 7/20/1872 aged 52y
Freed Peter
Gestorben Anna Stauffer 1817 Den 20 Sept Alte 65 Jahr
Grindel Abraham 7/17/1877 aged 5m; s/o Abram & B.
Grindel Barrie D. 9/28/1870 aged 8m 15d; s/o Abram & B.
Grindel Daisy 8/?/1871 aged 15d; d/o Abram & B.
Grindel Eddie B. 8/26/1873 aged 9m 2d; d/o Abram & B.
Grindel Maggie K. 3/14/1874 aged 1y 3m 16d; d/o Abram & B.
Grindel Nancy A. 7/11/1820? w/o John
Heath Mary 10/3/1850 aged 61y; w/o John H.
Heath Mary 8/3/1838 aged 3y; d/o S. & S.
Heath Samuel 8/1/1864 aged 57y
Heinrichs Geb 11/11/1849 8/10/1897
Johnston Harry M. s/o T. & S.
Johnston Jos.
Johnston Susana 13/7/1910 aged 89y
Johnston Thomas 7/13/1911 aged 90y
Keister ? 2/1/1852 aged 12y
Keister Catharine 2/13/1845 aged 1y 11m 18d; d/o S. & S.
Keister Elizabeth 1818 1864 w/o Solomon
Keister Willie 9/22/1860 s/o S. & E.
Landis Elizabeth
Landis Samuel
Leighty Peter 3/15/1837 aged 51y
Mathias Henry 11/26/1842 aged 8y 1m 26d
Miller Barbra M. 11/15/1873 aged 45y
Overholt John 3/1/1863 aged 32y 5m 9d; s/o H. B. & C. F.?
Overholt Mary Amelia 11/6/1865 aged 28y 3m 20d; w/o Jacob
Ridenhour Jacob 3/26/1878 aged 70y 18d; Our Father
Ridenhour Nancy 8/8/1878 aged 61y 14d; w/o Jacob
Rowan Jno. Co H. 142nd PA INF
Rowen Mary A.
Rowen Peter 3/24/1895 55y 11m 11d; Father
Rowen William J.
S. A.
S. C.
S. C.
S. C.
S. J. M.
S. J. M.
S. M.
S. M.
Shallenbarger Christina 11/8/1882
Sherrick 1846
Sherrick ?
Sherrick Anna Musser 3/8/1766 8/19/1850
Sherrick Catharine 8/22/1887 aged 3y 10m 13d; Our Aunt
Sherrick Christian 3/12/1845 aged 56y 1m 23d; Rev.
Sherrick Elizabeth 10/12/1836 aged 3y 1m 9d
Sherrick Elizabeth 1868? w/o Christian
Sherrick John Sr. 12/16/1846 aged 79y
Sherrick Joseph 12/25/1757 12/21/1811
Sherrick Margaret 11/21/1881 aged 58y 4m 16d
Smith Barbara 9/6/1847 aged 74y 1m ?d
Smith Catharine 8/22/1880 aged 80y 4m 17d; w/o Jacob
Smith Jacob
Stauffer ? 2/7/1861 ?/o ? & A. K.
Stauffer ? Broken stone, maybe Abraham 1863
Stauffer Abraham Sep. 3, 1826 aged 74y; Rev.
Stauffer Abraham D. 5/13/1849 aged 46y 6m 14d
Stauffer Benjamin 2/13/1835 aged 1y 1m 6d; s/o A. D. & M.
Stauffer Catharine 2/22/1812 4/27/1887 Our Mother
Stauffer Catharine 3/7/1874 aged 79y 3m 28d
Stauffer Catharine 1/26/1842 aged 13y
Stauffer Elizabeth ???? w/o Martin
Stauffer Elizabeth 11/11/1878 aged 96y; w/o Abraham
Stauffer Henry Jan. 2, 1849
Stauffer Infant 12/?/1850 of J. M. & C.
Stauffer Jacob 6/9/1842 aged 8m 20d; s/o J. M.
Stauffer John M. 5/24/1813 1/15/1862 Our Father
Stauffer John W. 2/?/1852 aged 63y 5m 12d
Stauffer Martin 3/8/1869 aged 88y 6m ?d
Stauffer Mary 4/10/1845 aged 39y 11m 28d; w/o A. D.
Stauffer Samuel 6/15/1819 aged 24y 5m 9d
Stouffer Catharine 12/?/1828 w/o Henry
Stouffer Magdalene 9/25/1851 aged 73y 9m 1d; consort of Peter
Stouffer Mary 5/26/1834 aged 22y 6m 27d; consort of John; d/o Henry & Catharine Stimel
Westbay Jane 7/26/1869 aged 27y