Fayette County Genealogy Project

Strickler-Porter Cemetery - Upper Tyrone Twp.

Transcribed from tombstones by Ken O'Neal

Directions: From the intersection of Rt 119 and Crawford Avenue in Connellsville go north on Rt 119 for 1.0 miles and turn left on Pittsburgh Street Extension. Go 1.0 miles and turn left on Broadford Road. Go 3.2 miles and turn left on Woods Road. Go 0.1 miles and the cemetery is on the left above the road. There are several illegible and unmarked stones and apparent unmarked graves.

The Strickler-Porter Cemetery lies on a tract of land recorded as the "Tinian," tract situated on Jacobs Creek, sold to Jacob Strickler in 1789, by Jacob Stewart. This tract is shown in survey's C210-41 and D56-23, and in 1829 the land was in the possession of David Strickler, Jacob Strickler (buried here), and Henry Stouffer. Jacob, the original owner, died in 1828.

GPS Location

40.08033 N

79.60250 W

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Anderson Mary Ann 8-9-1814 8-24-1886 w/o Geo. W.
Anderson Nancy 9-27-1848 age 37y 13d
Barenslecher Heir Ruth Sophia Gelt or Gejt 1885 lettering in flowing longhand
Booher Lizzie 10-8-1864 d/o P. & E.
Booher Peter 2-10-1865
Frasier Rachel 5-19-1846 1-19-1876 w/o William
Johnston Jane K. 1-1-1860 w/o Nathaniel
Johnston King
Johnston Sophia Ann 2-26-1863 age 25y; w/o Wesley
Mathias Israel 10-8-1824 6-12-1849 s/o Philip & Martha
Mauk Joseph 10-4-1861 age 3y 6m; s/o W. C. & M.
Porter Joseph ???? ???? s/o M. & E.
Porter Martha Jane 4-25-1839 or 1830 wife of John R.
Porter Mary A. ???? ????
Porter Mary C. 6-12-1873 age 37y; w/o J. D.
Porter Moses 6-10-1880 age 77y
Porter 5 illegible stones all same shape in line with other Porter stones
R. N.
Sherrick Franklin 12-12-1842 age 5y 4m 7d; s/o Martin & Susannah
Stacy George W. 4-30-1867 age 22y 1m ?d
Strickler Allen 3-23-1858? age 9y; s/o J. & B.
Strickler Benton 3-18-1858 age 3y 6m 13d; s/o J. & B.
Strickler Byron 3-28-1858 age 5y 7m 11d; s/o J. & B.
Strickler Charles T. 3-10-1832 age 9m
Strickler Elis Aberth 11-25-1828 age 76y
Strickler Elizabeth 11-25-1828 age 76y
Strickler Elizabeth 2-17-1831 age 70y; w/o Henry
Strickler Elizabeth 1752 1828
Strickler Emerson 4-15-1875 5-2-1875
Strickler Jacob 10-29-1828 age 77y 10m 22d
Strickler Jacob 8-31-1874 age 82y 10m 1d
Strickler Jacob 10-14-1790 9-12-1868
Strickler Jacob 1749 1828 Rev War Vet
Strickler John 6-20-1862 age 73y 5m 1d
Strickler Mary 10-14-1790 9-12-1858 w/o Jacob
Swink Achsa Mae Ju? 1-4-1844 age 2m 15d
Tooman Andrew 10-14-1871 age 81y
Tooman Charles 3-19-1832
Tooman Lydia 5-1-1866 age 72y