Fayette County Genealogy Project

Blosser Cagey Cemetery - Springhill Twp.

Compiled from tombstones by Patty Humbert Weigle

Contributed by Gordon Baker

Directions: Starting at the intersection of Rt 119 and New Geneva Road (Rt 166) at the north end of the bridge over the Cheat River in Point Marion, go north on New Geneva Road 0.4 miles and turn right on Greater Point Marion Road. Go 0.25 miles to top of hill and turn right on Third Street. Go 200 feet and the cemetery is on the right. The cemetery was started by the Blosser family when they owned this land. Later it was owned by the Cagey family who continued to use it as a family burial ground.

GPS Location:

39.75015 N

79.90215 W

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
B. A. Probably Ann Cagey Blosser, wife of Nicholas Blosser. Her will proves she died in 1820
B. C.
B. I. Probably Isaac Blosser
Blosser George O. 9 June 1833 34yr 7mo 1week
Blosser Infants of Isaac and Rebecca Blosser (no dates legible)
Blosser Isaac 20 Apr 1842
Blosser John 1829 age 62yr 3mo
Blosser Nicholas 18 Oct 1774 6 Feb 1814 age 39yr 4mo 12da
Blosser Rebecca 26 Oct 1880 wife of Isaac Blosser
Blosser Rebecca A. 28 Sept 1841 age 1yr 1mo 24da
Blosser Sarah 30 Nov 1818 age 17yr 19da
C. C.
C. W.
Cagey Anna 23 Mar 1815 21 Sept 1894 age 79yr 3mo 29da
Cagey Catherine 19 Aug 1826 16 April 1872 age 45yr 8mo 7da
Cagey Catherine 30 Oct 1845 1 April 1915
Cagey Christian 10 July 1820 3 Oct 1848 age 29yr 2mo 28da
Cagey David Marion 16 Aug 1853 12 Oct 1854 age 1yr 1mon 26da; son of John and Julia Ann (Blosser) Cagey
Cagey Eliza 26 Sept 1855 12 Feb 1900 age 41yr 4mo
Cagey Elizabeth 31 Jan 1813 19 June 1833 daughter of Christian Cagey
Cagey Emme E. Board 14 Jan 1859 3 Jan 1882 wife of Jonathan Cagey
Cagey Herman 26 July 1877 19 Nov 1878 age 1yr 3mo 28day; son of J. M. and E. Cagey
Cagey James L. 18 Oct 1848 3 Oct 1854 6yr 15 day; son of John and Julia Ann Cagey
Cagey John 28 April 1809 10 Oct 1860 51yr 5mo 12da
Cagey Jonathan 17 Oct 1855 6 June 1878
Cagey Joseph 20 Nov 1844 30 Mar 1862/68 (hard to read)
Cagey Margaret 5 feb 1787 22 Feb 1869 age 82yr 2mo 17da; wife of Christian Cagey
Cagey Margaret A. 11 May 1846 26 May 1879 age 33yr 15da; daughter of Christian and Minerva Cagey
Cagey Mary 21 Dec 1810 5 April 1896 age 85yr 2mo 16da; wife of Michael Cagey
Cagey Mary J. 16 Oct 1827 3 April 1863 wife of S. W. Cagey; age 35yr 5mo 18da
Cagey Michael 2 Feb 1811 22 June 1899 age 88yr 4mo 20da
Cagey Samuel W. 25 Nov 1823 5 Jan 1883 age 39yr 11mo 29da
Helmick Mildred 21 Aug 1903 age 5mo 24da

The following persons are also probably buried in the cemetery, but no markings or tombstones now exist for them.

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Blosser Catherine Beery ca 1814 wife of John Blosser
Blosser John ca 1814 Original owner of this land
Clemmer Anna Barbara Neff wife of Jacob "Jasper" Clemmer
Clemmer Anna Blosser wife of Jacob Clemmer
Clemmer Jacob ca 1865
Clemmer Jacob "Jasper" ca 1820