Fayette County Genealogy Project

Park Place Cemetery - North Union Twp.

Directions: From the overpass where Rt 119 passes over Rt 40 in Uniontown, go north on Rt 119 for 4.3 miles and bear off on ramp to Connellsville St Ext. Go 0.2 miles to the bottom of the ramp and turn left (Gallatin Ave Ext). Go 0.1 miles and turn right on Connellsville Street. Go 2.7 miles and the cemetery in on the left just past the entrance to St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery. The entrance is a gravel lane entering between two stone walls with lion statues on top.

GPS Location:

39.90225 N

79.69754 W

Submitted corrections

Known as Park Place Cemetery for generations, this cemetery fell into a state of disrepair during the 1980s. About 1990, the cemetery was sold for back taxes. The owner, at that time, allowed the cemetery to deteriorate further. Grass was mowed only once or twice yearly and massive trees fell and were left to cover turn of the century grave markers. Trash and construction waste was dumped in a gully along the property line, covering marked and unmarked graves for eternity.

About 2004, the cemetery was sold, once again, to a realtor from Monroeville, who proceeded to clean the property and perform regular maintenance. A new sign was posted with the name Park Memorial Cemetery and once again, lots were offered for sale. Within months, the cemetery was quietly placed on the market for resale.

In 2005, it was purchased by Oliver Development Corporation and was quietly rezoned to 'vacant' commercial status, instead of the 'Cemetery' designation the adjacent St. Mary's Cemetery has.

Local historians and genealogists need to closely monitor the care and future use of this old cemetery.