Fayette County Genealogy Project

Lost Cemeteries

Compiled by E. M. Whetsel

During our efforts to identify and locate Fayette County Cemeteries, the following cemetery names and possible locations have come together as a list of cemeteries that we cannot locate. The information comes from various sources such as old veteran's records, obituaries, individual research and court house records. Some may be old family burial grounds that are gone forever, while others may just be typographical errors that we don't recognize. Others may be secondary or AKA names for cemeteries that we have already recorded but not crossed referenced with their primary name and some remain a mystery.

In the case of those cemeteries that have approximate acreage listed, they were recorded on an old document with the Fayette County Recorder of Deeds. However, due to various circumstances, they can no longer be located or a record of legal ownership has been lost. Although this may seem unusual, there are a number of well-kept cemeteries that have no legal owner of record.

If you have any information that would help us identify and/or locate these cemeteries, please contact the webmaster for this website.

Name Possible Location Size Found
Adams Connellsville 6.51 acres
Allison Redstone Twp Possibly Addison
Arme Connellsville 12.13 acres
Armstrong Wharton Twp
Baker Wharton Twp
Barnhouse Henry Clay Twp, Markleysburg Found-Garrett Co., MD
Batton Springhill Twp, Gans
Beau Henry Clay Twp
Clister Wharton Twp
Coffman German Twp
Colored Church Hill-McClellandtown .5 acres Possibly Edenborn
Cooks Franklin Twp
Craft Luzerne Twp
Crawford Redstone Twp
Dara New Salem
Dice Hopwood-Fairchance Rd.
Dry Hill Connellsville
Dry Hill Upper Tyrone Twp
Easter Henry Clay Twp
Everson Upper Tyrone Twp, Everson
Fike Wharton Twp
Flennigan Luzerne Twp
Flick Saltlick Twp
Free Methodist Lemont Furnace 3.75 acres Possibly Cove Run, Old
Frey Wharton Twp
Fulton Dunbar Twp
Furgeson Wharton Twp
Gayton Georges Twp, Collier
Geneva New Geneva
George Miller Unknown
Gibbons Luzerne Twp
Graham Unknown 3.4 acres
Haught Farm German Twp, Masontown
Hayden Hollow Rt 40 West
Hill Springfield Twp
Himmel Stewart Twp
Hydman Uniontown
Immaculate Conception Connellsville 46.31 acres St. Joseph's, New
Israel Snyder Unknown
John Miller Unknown
Joseph Bukovitz McClellandtown 3.42 acres
Knight Newell Farm
Koffler Family Unknown 1.96 acres
L C Church Lake Lynn 2 acres
Lambert Lamberton .52 acres
Lawrence Luzerne Twp
Lawver Unknown
Leonard Henry Clay Twp
Levi Christner Unknown
Lincoln Henry Clay Twp
Lincoln Jones Bullskin Twp, Breakneck Rd.
Little Baptist Redstone Twp, Merrittstown
McClain Springhill Twp, White House
McClelland Wharton Twp
Meneth Scottdale
Miller Luzerne Twp
Moccasin Point Bullskin Twp, Pennsville
Mt. Nebo Jefferson Twp, Newell
Mt. Olive Jefferson Twp, Newell
Mt. View Stewart Twp
Mt. Zion Brownsville 2.23 acres
Myers Wharton Twp, Elliottsville
New Hope Hopwood 1 acre
Newell Mt Pleasant 8.5 acres
Nicholson Springfield Twp
Notts Wharton Twp, Elliottsville
Oakmont Franklin Twp
Old Herod Wharton Twp
Old Liberty Henry Clay Twp Fairview
Old Lutheran Champion
Paradise Mt Pleasant 4.94 acre
Polish South Brownsville
Potter Wharton Twp
Prinkey Wharton Twp
Pritts Indian Head
R. White Farm Poplar
Riverside Henry Clay Twp
Rockwell Franklin Twp
Rogers Mill Springhill Twp
Romesburg Wharton Twp, Elliotsville
Salem View Springhill Twp
Sandy Creek Wharton Twp
Sinsley Farm Redstone Twp
Slavish Fairchance 3.73 acres
Sloan Henry Clay Twp
Smith Wharton Twp, Chalk Hill
Smith Farm Franklin Twp, Waltersburg
St. John's Brownsville
Strubel Farm Edenborn
Swan Farm Luzerne Twp
Tree of Life Rt 40, Hopwood
United Citizens Group Brownsville .5 acre Part of Woodlawn or Jewish Cemetery.
Wagner Connellsville 8.01 acres
Walter F Bradee Unknown 12.34 acres
Waters & Marker Farmington 4.46 acres Found-Sansom Chapel
Wells Masontown
West Point Millsboro
Whetzel Brownsville 1.38 acres
Whetzel Saltlick Twp
Wiley Smithfield
Williams Family Springhill Twp
Wise Wharton Twp