Fayette County Genealogy Project

Holt Family Cemetery - Springhill Twp.

Transcribed from tombstones by Ken O'Neal

Directions: Starting at the intersection of Rt 119 and New Geneva Road (Rt 166) at the north end of the bridge over the Cheat River in Point Marion, go north on Rt 119 2.9 miles to a 90 degree left turn. Go straight on Gans Road for 2.8 miles and turn right on Bunker Hill Road. Go 2.1 miles to 334 Bunker Hill Road on the right. Get permission at the house. An ATV trail goes downhill opposite the driveway. Go down it turning sharp left and then sharp right to the cemetery which has a pipe fence around it. Recorded May 13, 2002.

GPS Location:

39.72458 N

79.83900 W

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Harvey Calvin 6-4-1893 age 52y 7m 4d
Harvey Howard 8-23-1873 9-20-1911 Father
Harvey Jane 8-8-1842 3-4-1909 w/o Calvin; Mother
Holt Elizabeth 1815 1903 w/Samuel, Susan, Lincoln
Holt John 1769 1853 w/Susanna
Holt Lincoln 1863 1870 w/Samuel, Susan, Elizabeth
Holt Mary Susan 1853 1906 d/o Thomas & Jane; our sister
Holt Samuel 1815 1891 w/Susan, Elizabeth, Lincoln
Holt Susan 1820 1872 w/Samuel, Elizabeth, Lincoln
Holt Susanna Coburn 1776 1850 w/John; "They Founded a Notable American Family"
Jones Alfred J. 11-1-1846 4-12-1902
Jones Hiram S. 11-24-1858 age 57y 15d

Jones Nancy A. 10-13-1813 4-9-1902 w/o Hiram