Fayette County Genealogy Project

King Cemetery - Upper Tyrone Twp.

Transcribed from tombstones by Ken O'Neal

This cemetery is called the KING cemetery from what I have been told, but I did not find any King stones. I found the cemetery April 2007, took pictures of stones I found. Went back in March 2008 and found more stones and was able to read stones I had dug out in 2007. This cemetery is in very bad shape, and apparently part of the cemetery was destroyed when the landowner cleared the land for a house. There are several unmarked fieldstones and several illegible.

Directions: Take the Broadford Road to Owensdale. Turn onto Kings Road (this is a dead end road). Go 0.15 miles to a steep gravel driveway on the left that goes off the road at about a 45 angle. The cemetery is in the woods to the left of house. Get permission at the house. Recorded March 2008.

GPS Location:

40.07643 N

79.60058 W

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Boyd Frances 5-1-1799 8-28-1879 wife of James
Boyd Isabella 3-26-1842 age 5y 9m 12d
Boyd James 1-17-1842 age 50y 10d
Boyd Martha 9-9-1865 wife of George W.; Age illegible
Boyd Sarah 9-13-1829 7-13-1885
Boyd Thomas J. 4-1823 age 2y 1m
Hurst A. L. age 3m
Hurst Bella 7-16-1831 or 1837 age 30y; wife of John
Hurst James B. 10-23-1843 age 45y
Hurst John 3-22-1839 age 34y
Hurst Martha O. or C. Jan. or Jun. 6, 1873 Dau of W. V. & M. E.
Hurst Presley 8-23-1838 age 17m