Fayette County Genealogy Project

Gates Shacklett Cemetery - Georges Twp.

Transcribed from tombstones by Ken O'Neal

Directions: In Smithfield, take Water Street southeast (it eventually changes to Ruble Mill Road) for a little less than 2 miles to a car repair shop on the left. Turn left onto Seghis Road. Travel past Seghis fishing lakes and continue about 300 yards. The cemetery is located in a clump of trees in the field on the left, on top of a small hill about 1/2 mile away. Continue up the road to the farm and ask about the cemetery. Depending on conditions, you might be able to drive within 1/4 mile of cemetery.

Most of the marked stones are on the ground and partially buried. I believe there are more buried stones in this cemetery.

GPS Location:

39.77729 N

79.78330 W

Surname Given Name(s) Born Died Notes
Sarah S May 14, 1701 Aug. 21, 1780
D(erry) B(azil) 1793 M(ay) 29, 1879
Dorazio Katlin M. 1995 1995
Gates Barbara D. 1818 1882 “His wife”
Gates John C. 1811 1889
Hartman John January? 1860? Stone almost illegible.
Shacklet B.
T. M. 1782