Family Biography's

History of Luzerne County, Pa.,

by H.C. Bradsby, 1893

Each of the family Genealogies here were taken from the "History of Luzerne County" and are to be used only as a guide and NOT a source.

A Ba-Ber Bi-Bo Br-By Ca-Ch Cl-Co Cr-Cu Da-De Di-Dr Dr-Dy Ea-En En-Ev Fa-Fr Fr-Fy GA-GE GE-Gu HA-HE HI-HU I JA-JO JO-JU KA-KI KL-KY LA-LE LE-LY MC Ma-MI Mi-Mo Mo-My N O P Q Ra-Ri Ri-Ry Sa-Sh Si-So Sp-Sy T U V Wa-Wh Wi-Wy Y Z Addendums

I would like to thank all the volunteers from the Pa-Luzerne Listserver that helped me in typing these up.

They are:

Dalice                Cathy Ailstock
Jane Haver            Brianne Kelly-Bly
Lonnie Foley          Jim & Dianne Naugle
Jacqueline Wolfe      Carol Queen
Will Schaule          Carol Wandel
Sarah                 Sally Peterson
Kathleen McCarthy     Maria Hydock
Lisa  Higgins         Peg 
Mary Oliver           Linda Moss
Mary Clare Fedor      Douglas Weaver
Judy                  Tammy Lamb
Susan Walters         Frank Lafferty
Douglas Weaver        Joyce Smith
Jackie                Patricia Krivak
Tony                  Bill Peck
Carolyn Moering       Richard Reese
Bill Peck             Denise Meador
Pat Dunn              Ken Forbes
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