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Brokenstraw Township

Map showing Brokenstraw township in Warren county


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Brokenstraw township was organized as "Number Four" on March 8, 1821.


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Census & Tax Records

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Early Histories

Early History - 1887, edited by J.S. Schenck

Early History - 1918, compiled by Emma Siggins White

History of Youngsville

Family Histories & Biographies


  • 1896 Township Map
  • USGS Topo Map (based on 1/24,000 maps dated 1954 through 1969)




"Brokenstraw, the original township of the county, was formed and ordered to be at once organized by the Crawford County Court of Quarter Sessions, at October term in 1800. It then embraced all that part of Warren county lying west of the Allegheny River and Conewango Creek."

From History of Warren County, J.S. Schenck & W.S. Rann, Syracuse, New York: D. Mason, 1887


E. Main St., Youngsville, Warren County, PA

Photo courtesy of Kay LeGrand Steere, on FamilyOldPhotos.com.


The links, below, are to the Brokenstraw Township section in the Schenck History where the individual's name first appears; however, many of these pioneers are mentioned numerous times throughout this site. To find these additional entries, use the Find (Ctrl-F) search feature for this page or the Google search box on the Warren County Genealogy homepage to search the entire site.

Pioneers and those who came later...

Those with a * after the name moved away.
  • AGRELIUS, Isaac, b. 1809 (see son's biography)
    • AGRELIUS, Inga Christina (PETERSON), wife of Isaac, b. 1810
    • AGRELIUS, Charles Gustavus, son of Isaac
    • AGRELIUS, Andrew Peter, son of Isaac
    • AGRELIUS, Eva C., daughter of Isaac
    • AGRELIUS, Clara T., daughter of Isaac
    • AGRELIUS, Otto M., son of Isaac
    • AGRELIUS, Eugene, son of Isaac
    • AGRELIUS, Frank O., son of Isaac
    • AGRELIUS, John W., son of Isaac, 1838-1916 (see also biography), buried Youngsville Cemetery
      • AGRELIUS, Sarah Jane "Jennie" (DEMMON), wife of John W., 1845-1910, buried Youngsville Cemetery (see also DEMMON, Pine Grove twp)
      • AGRELIUS, Alice B., daughter of John W.
      • AGRELIUS, Grace G., daughter of John W.
      • AGRELIUS, Blanch B., daughter of John W.
      • AGRELIUS, Raymond V., son of John W.
  • AKINS, John M., b. 1809 (more, but in Sugar Grove twp)
    • AKINS, John A., b. 1843, son of John M. (see biography)
      • AKINS, Matilda C. (SAMUELSON), wife of John A.
      • AKINS, John Frank, son of John A.
      • AKINS, Edwin James, son of John A.
      • AKINS, Bertha Belle, daughter of John A.
      • AKINS, Clyde Raymond, son of John A.
      • AKINS, Emma May, daughter of John A.
      • AKINS, Ethel, daughter of John A.
  • ALGER, Madison, b. 1828 (see biography)
    • ALGER, Ziltha (HOLLADAY), wife of Madison
    • ALGER, Elva, daughter of Madison
    • ALGER, Ward, son of Madison
      • ALGER, Kate (JORDAN), wife of Ward
    • ALGER, Julia, daughter of Madison
  • ANDREWS, Robert
  • ARTHUR, William
    • ARTHUR, William Callender, son of William
  • AXTELL, Doctor A. C., b. 1828 (see also biography)
    • AXTELL, Fanny (WHITE), wife of A.C.
    • AXTELL, Mary, daughter of A.C.
    • AXTELL, Emma, daughter of A.C.
    • AXTELL, Willie, son of A.C., d. 1881
    • AXTELL, Hattie, daughter of A.C.
    • AXTELL, Charles S., son of A.C.
  • BABCOCK, The Rev. John R., 1860-1930, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • BABCOCK, Helen DeEtte (MEAD), wife of John, 1854-1939 (see MEAD below)
  • BATES, Charles E., b. 1818
    • BATES, Ruth (DAVIS), wife of Charles, b. 1823 (See Isaac DAVIS, below)
    • BATES, Sarah D., daughter of Charles (see Thomas BROWN, Sugar Grove township)
    • BATES, J. Byron, son of Charles
    • BATES, Walter H., son of Charles
    • BATES, Seldon D., son of Charles
    • BATES, Maggie A., daughter of Charles
    • BATES, Clara C., daughter of Charles
  • BATES, Henry R., d. 1874
    • BATES, Betsey (WHITE), wife of Henry
    • BATES, Morgan M., son of Henry
    • BATES, George H., son of Henry, b. 1837 (see biography)
      • BATES, Agnes A. (HAMBLIN), wife of George H.
      • BATES, Frank A., son of George H., 1860-1919, buried Youngsville Cemetery
      • BATES, George, son of George H.
      • BATES, Wilder D., son of George H.
      • BATES, Clara A., daughter of George H.
    • BATES, Rebecca, daughter of Henry
    • BATES, Wm. H., son of Henry
    • BATES, Cordelia, daughter of Henry
    • BATES, Ransom, son of Henry
  • BLODGETT, Dr. Alanson Clark, 1821-1904, buried Youngsville Cemetery (see biography)
    • BLODGETT, Mary Elizabeth (LITTLEFIELD), 1st wife of Alanson
      • BLODGETT, Frank Hamilton, son of Alanson, 1854-1923
        • BLODGETT, Mary Louise (BOWERS), wife of Frank, b. 1855
        • BLODGETT, Royal Scott, son of Frank, b. 1874
      • BLODGETT, Lynn, son of Alanson, d. 1861, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • BLODGETT, Venice C. (CULBERTSON), 2nd wife of Alanson, 1852-1912, buried Youngsville Cemetery
  • BROWN, John, 1784 or 1793 - 1871 or 1880 (see also Arthur McKINNEY biography and Oliver Perry BROWN biography)
    • BROWN, Matilda Jane "Jennie" (McCRAY), wife of John, d. 1870 or 1871
    • BROWN, George W., son of John, b. 1827 (see biography)
      • BROWN, (Mrs.) Sarah C. (WHITING), wife of George W.
    • BROWN, Anna Mary, daughter of John (married Arthur McKINNEY, see below)
    • BROWN, Alexander, son of John, b. 1833 (see biography)
      • BROWN, (Mrs.) Samantha (HEMAN), wife of Alexander
    • BROWN, Oliver Perry, son of John, b. 1841 (see biography)
      • BROWN, Marion Delphina (PATCHIN), wife of Oliver
      • BROWN, Guy Livingston, son of Oliver
      • BROWN, Kyle Agasiz, son of Oliver
      • BROWN, Oliver Lyal, son of Oliver
      • BROWN, Iris Florentine, daughter of Oliver
  • CARPENTER, William
  • COCHRAN, Matthew G., 1837-1927, buried Garland Methodist Cemetery (see obituary)
  • COONEY, John (see biography)
    • COONEY, Bridget (COLLINS), wife of John
  • CORNEN, C. A. (see biography)
  • CROCKER, Michael McKinney (see biography)
  • CURRIE, Joshua Turner (see biography)
    • CURRIE, Jane (IRWIN), wife of Joshua
  • DAVIS, Elijah, 1762-1823, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • DAVIS, Desiah (LITTELL), wife of Elijah
    • DAVIS, Abraham, son of Elijah, 1782-1863, buried Youngsville Cemetery
      • DAVIS, Ruth (MEAD), wife of Abraham, 1789-1867
      • DAVIS, Elsie, daughter of Abraham, 1808-1850
      • DAVIS, Susan, daughter of Abraham, b. 1809
      • DAVIS, Elijah, son of Abraham, b. 1813
      • DAVIS, Darius, son of Abraham, b. 1815
      • DAVIS, William A., son of Abraham, b. 1818 (see biography)
        • DAVIS, Prudence A. (BLAKESLEE), wife of Wm. A., b. 1820
        • DAVIS, Robert E., son of Wm. A., b. 1839
          • DAVIS, Harriet A. (HAMBLIN), wife of Robert
        • DAVIS, Reuben P., son of Wm. A., b. 1842
          • DAVIS, Agnes A. (CARRIE), wife of Reuben
        • DAVIS, John W., son of Wm. A., b. 1844
          • DAVIS, Sarah (HOLT), wife of John
        • DAVIS, Laura A., daughter of Wm. A., b. 1848
        • DAVIS, Susan H., daughter of Wm. A., b. 1853
        • DAVIS, Charles L., son of Wm. A., b. 1868
      • DAVIS, John, son of Abraham, 1819-1840
      • DAVIS, Anna, daughter of Abraham, b. 1820
      • DAVIS, Asahel, son of Abraham, b. 1824
      • DAVIS, P. Fillmore, son of Abraham, b. 1825
      • DAVIS, Willard J., son of Abraham, b. 1828 (see biography)
        • DAVIS, Laura (LITTLEFIELD), 1st wife of Willard, 1829-1868
          • DAVIS, Walter L., son of Willard
          • DAVIS, Homer F., son of Willard
          • DAVIS, Mary Alice, daughter of Willard
        • DAVIS, Meada (ROOT), 2nd wife of Willard
          • DAVIS, Grace, daughter of Willard, b. 1870
          • DAVIS, Joe, son of Willard
    • DAVIS, James, son of Elijah, b. 1804, buried Youngsville Cemetery
  • DAVIS, Isaac
    • DAVIS, Margaret (ANDREWS), wife of Isaac
    • DAVIS, Ruth, daughter of Isaac, b. 1823 (see Charles BATES, above)
  • DAVIS, William W., b. 1798
    • DAVIS, Mary A. (Blakesley), wife of Wm. W., 1806-1881
    • DAVIS, Emeline, daughter of Wm. (married Wm. H. SHORTT, see below)
    • DAVIS, Charles C., son of Wm.
    • DAVIS, Cyrus B., son of Wm., b. 1829
      • DAVIS, Laura (HULL), wife of Cyrus
    • DAVIS, Prudence, daughter of Wm.
    • DAVIS, Selden L., son of Wm.
    • DAVIS, Erastus A., son of Wm., b. 1837 (see biography)
      • DAVIS, Adelia (HAMBLIN), wife of Erastus
      • DAVIS, Minnie C., daughter of Erastus
      • DAVIS, Emma H., daughter of Erastus
      • DAVIS, Archie G, son of Erastus
    • DAVIS, Ruben B., son of Wm.
    • DAVIS, William P., son of Wm.
    • DAVIS, Cordelia A., daughter of Wm.
  • DIEFENDORF, Doctor S. C., b. 1847 (see biography)
    • DIEFENDORF, Hattie A. (SMITH), wife of S. C.
  • DUPREE, Richard, 1787-1847
    • DUPREE, Elizabeth (MILLER), wife of Richard, d. 1864
    • DUPREE, Hugh, son of Richard, b. 1810 (see biography)
    • DUPREE, John, buried Chandler's Valley Cemetery
      • DUPREE, Samantha (EVENS), wife of John, b. 1820
      • DUPREE, Deforest, son of John, b. 1840
      • DUPREE, Richard M., son of John, 1843-, (see biography and Sugar Grove twp)
      • DUPREE, Loana, daughter of John, b. 1846
    • DUPREE, Benjamin F., son of Richard
    • DUPREE, Enoch, son of Richard, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • DUPREE, Josiah W., son of Richard
    • DUPREE, Ann, daughter of Richard (see Irvine JOHNSTON, below)
    • DUPREE, Susan, daughter of Richard
    • DUPREE, Martha L., daughter of Richard, b. 1837
  • GARFIELD, Samuel, b. 1851 (see biography)
    • GARFIELD, Agnes (BROWN), wife of Samuel
  • GARNER, John, d. 1870
  • GREEN, Thomas (see biography)
  • GREGORY, Charles H., b. 1834 (see biography)
    • GREGORY, Delia (SMITH), 1st wife of Charles, d. 1857
      • GREGORY, infant, died age 10 months
    • GREGORY, Mrs. Rosetta H.(MAIDEN NAME UNKNOWN) (GREGORY), 2nd wife of Charles, d. 1860
    • GREGORY, Mrs. Elvira (SPENCER)(DAVIS), 3rd wife of Charles, d. 1862
    • GREGORY, Mrs. Lucy (SOULES), 4th wife of Charles
  • HAZARD, David G., 1810-1874 (see biography)
    • HAZARD, Drusilla (MEAD), wife of David, 1820-1897
    • HAZARD, Armitta A., daughter of David
    • HAZARD, Francilla A., daughter of David
    • HAZARD, Cassius A., son of David
      • HAZARD, Cora L. (SABIN), 1st wife of Cassius
      • HAZARD, Emma I., 2nd wife of Cassius (see obituary)
        • HAZARD, Guy F., son of Cassius, b. 1894
        • HAZARD, Harold D., son of Cassius, 1895-1897 (see mother's obituary)
      • HAZARD, Jennie E. (MORE), 3rd wife of Cassius
  • HULL, Chester
    • HULL, Sally (COMSTOCK), wife of Chester
    • HULL, John, b. 1807 (see biography)
  • IRVINE, Callender, 1775-1841
    • IRVINE, Patience (ELLIOTT), wife of Callender
      • IRVINE, Dr. William A., son of Callender, 1803-1886 (see biography too)
      • IRVINE, Sarah Jane (DUNCAN), wife of Wm. A., d. 1839
      • IRVINE, Margaret Ellis, daughter of Wm. A., 1835-1925 (married Thomas Montgomery BIDDLE)
      • IRVINE, Callender, son of Wm. A., 1838-1851
      • IRVINE, Sarah Duncan, daughter of Wm. A., b. 1839 (married Thomas NEWBOLD)
  • JOHNSTON, Irvine, d. 1885
    • JOHNSTON, Ann M. (Dupree), wife of Irvine
    • JOHNSTON, Richard M., son of Irvine, b. 1848 (see biography)
      • JOHNSTON, Ellen (JONES), wife of Richard
      • JOHNSTON, Irvine, son of Richard
      • JOHNSTON, Waldemar, son of Richard
    • JOHNSTON, Elizabeth, daughter of Irvine
    • JOHNSTON, George, son of Irvine
    • JOHNSTON, Ida, daughter of Irvine
  • KAY, Thomas
    • KAY, Frank, son of Thomas, d. 1900 (see obituary)
    • KAY, Charles, son of Thomas
    • KAY, Allan, son of Thomas
    • KAY, Marion, son of Thomas
    • KAY, Frederick, son of Thomas
  • KINNEAR, Henry, 1764-1826, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • KINNEAR, Margaret (maiden name unknown), wife of Henry, 1776-1856
    • KINNEAR, James, son of Henry
    • KINNEAR, Ann, daughter of Henry
    • KINNEAR, Margaret, daughter of Henry
    • KINNEAR, Rebecca, daughter of Henry
    • KINNEAR, Judge Carter V., son of Henry, 1808-1884, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • KINNEAR, Robert, son of Henry
    • KINNEAR, Charles, son of Henry
    • KINNEAR, unnamed child who died in infancy
    • KINNEAR, Hon. Henry P., son of Henry, 1816-1886 (see biography)
      • KINNEAR, Abigail (MORGAN), wife of Henry P.
      • KINNEAR, George W., son of Henry P.
      • KINNEAR, Harry C., son of Henry P.
      • KINNEAR, C. F. L., child of Henry P.
      • KINNEAR, Florence D., daughter of Henry P.
  • MARSH, Alden, d. 1874, buried Youngsville Cemetery (see obituary)
  • McKINNEY, John, 1770-1841, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • McKINNEY, Rebecca (ARTHUR), wife of John, 1784-1852
    • McKINNEY, John Jr., son of John, 1804-1879, buried Youngsville Cemetery
      • McKINNEY, Loranda (SIMMONS), wife of John Jr., 1806-1888
      • McKINNEY, Arthur, son of John Jr., 1831-1910, buried Youngsville Cemetery (see biography)
        • McKINNEY, Anna Mary (BROWN), wife of Arthur, 1831-1915
        • McKINNEY, William S., son of Arthur 1856-1935
        • McKINNEY, Harriet A., daughter of Arthur
        • McKINNEY, Nellie B., daughter of Arthur, 1862-1955 (married unknown first name JACKSON)
        • McKINNEY, Fred Oliver, son of Arthur, 1865-1912
      • McKINNEY, James, son of John Jr., b. 1850 (see biography)
        • McKINNEY, Olive (BROWN), wife of James
    • McKINNEY, James, son of John, 1810-1894 (see obituary)
      • McKINNEY, name unknown, wife of James
      • McKINNEY, John L., son of James
      • McKINNEY, James C., son of James
      • McKINNEY, George R., son of James
      • McKINNEY, Henry B., son of James
      • McKINNEY, Herbert, son of James
      • McKINNEY, first name unknown, daughter of James (married first name unknown CLAUSEN)
    • McKINNEY, Susan, daughter of John (married first name unknown WADE)
    • McKINNEY, Arthur, son of John, b. 1814 (see biography)
      • McKINNEY, Susan (ARTHUR), wife of Arthur, 1819-1885
      • McKINNEY, John W., son of Arthur, b. 1843
      • McKINNEY, Mary, daughter of Arthur, b. 1850
      • McKINNEY, Calender A., son of Arthur
        • McKINNEY, Bertha M. (TUTTLE), wife of Calender, 1862-1943
        • McKINNEY, Guy Arthur, son of Calender, 1885-1907
        • McKINNEY, Alton L., 1894-1946
          • McKINNEY, Hester (HIMROD), wife of Alton
        • McKINNEY, Emily, daughter of Calender, d. 1877 (married George REAVELY)
      • McKINNEY, Charles E., son of Arthur, b. 1856
        • McKINNEY, Jennie (McGUIRE), wife of Charles
      • McKINNEY, Ellery, son of Arthur, 1859-1939
        • McKINNEY, Sarah (SWEETWOOD), wife of Ellery
      • McKINNEY, Grace, daughter of Arthur, b. 1862 (married unknown ETHRIDGE)
  • MEAD, Darius , b. 1824 (see also biography)
    • MEAD, David, son of Darius
    • MEAD, John, son of Darius
    • MEAD, Darius Jr., son of Darius
    • MEAD, Joseph, son of Darius, d. 1846
  • MEAD, Philip, 1794 or 1795-1861, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • MEAD, Mary (COOVER), wife of Philip, 1793-1883
    • MEAD, William A., son of Philip (see biography)
      • MEAD, Margaret E. (STRANAHAN), wife of Wm.
        • MEAD, Bessy F., daughter of Wm.
        • MEAD, Gibson P., son of Wm.
        • MEAD, Louesa J., daughter of Wm.
        • MEAD, Chester K., son of Wm. *
    • MEAD, Benjamin M., son of Philip, 1819-1845, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • MEAD, Susan D., daughter of Philip, 1821-1865 (married Chester KINGSLEY), buried Quincy Rural Cemetery, Ripley, NY *
    • MEAD, Gleason Fillmore, son of Philip, 1827-1907, buried Youngsville Cemetery (see biography)
      • MEAD, Caroline (HOTCHKISS), wife of Fillmore, b. abt 1834
        • MEAD, Helen De Ette, daughter of Fillmore, 1854-1939 (married John BABCOCK, see above)
        • MEAD, Knighton T., son of Fillmore, b. abt 1857
        • MEAD, Mary A., daughter of Fillmore, b. abt 1860
        • MEAD, Arlie Carletta, daughter of Fillmore, 1863-1889 (married David THOBURN), buried Youngsville Cemetery
        • MEAD, Carry L., daughter of Fillmore, b. abt 1876
        • MEAD, Gaylord F., son of Fillmore, 1878-1907
    • MEAD, Wilbur F., son of Philip, 1830-1899, buried Youngsville Cemetery (see biography)
      • MEAD, Chloe A. (SMITH), 1st wife of Wilber, 1839-1884
        • MEAD, Orion Smith, son of Wilber, 1861-1862
        • MEAD, Dee W., son of Wilber, 1863-1924
        • MEAD, Jasper L., son of Wilber, 1865-1945
        • MEAD, Rollin K., son of Wilber
        • MEAD, Edna C., daughter of Wilber, 1875-1955
        • MEAD, Marcia M., daughter of Wilber, 1879-1967
        • MEAD, infant, son of Wilber
      • MEAD, Adeline (BENOIT), 2nd wife of Wilber
    • MEAD, Stephen L., son of Philip
    • MEAD, Ulysses, son of Philip, 1834-1920
      • MEAD, Amelia D. (DEWEY), wife of Ulysses, 1843-1917, buried Youngsville Cemetery
      • MEAD, Jessie, daughter of Ulysses
  • MEAD, William, 1784-1852 (see David Hazard biography)(see also son John's biography)
    • MEAD, Susannah (DAVIS), wife of Wm, 1784-1865
    • MEAD, John, son of Wm, b. 1808 (see biography)
      • MEAD, Mary (RANSOM), wife of John
    • MEAD, Julia A., daughter of Wm, b. 1813
    • MEAD, Drusilla, daughter of Wm, b. 1820 (married David HAZARD, see above)
    • MEAD, Susan, daughter of Wm, b. 1823 (see Hiram WAITE, below)
  • METZGER, William H., b. 1834 (see biography)
  • MURRAY, George K. (see also biography)
    • MURRAY, Mollie (WOOD), wife of George
  • PATCH, Perry, b. 1846 (see biography)
    • PATCH, Mary L. Houghton), wife of Perry
    • PATCH, Rex L., son of Perry
    • PATCH, Vinnie M., son of Perry
  • PHILLIPS, Jesse B., 1809-1889, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • PHILLIPS, Mary Ann (TURNER), wife of Jesse, 1822-1885, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • PHILLIPS, James D., son of Jesse
    • PHILLIPS, Alma E., daughter of Jesse (married W. P. NUTTING)
    • PHILLIPS, Willis B., son of Jesse, 1858-1928, buried Youngsville Cemetery (see biography)
      • PHILLIPS, Minnie S. (MARTIN), wife of Willis, 1863-1893, buried Youngsville Cemetery
      • PHILLIPS, Jesse W., son of Willis
      • PHILLIPS, Willis Glen, son of Willis
    • PHILLIPS, Andrew J., son of Jesse, 1843-1862, buried Youngsville Cemetery
    • PHILLIPS, Ernest H., son of Jesse
    • PHILLIPS, West S., son of Jesse
  • ROWLEY, Solomon, d. 1866, buried York Hill Cemetery
    • ROWLEY, Pleadus (HENRY), wife of Solomon, d. 1875
    • ROWLEY, Fanny M., daughter of Solomon
    • ROWLEY, Joanna, daughter of Solomon
    • ROWLEY, Lucy, daughter of Solomon
    • ROWLEY, Sarah S., daughter of Solomon
    • ROWLEY, Levy H., son of Solomon, b. 1824 (see biography)
      • ROWLEY, Eliza (BLACK), wife of Levy, b. 1838
      • ROWLEY, William, son of Levy
      • ROWLEY, Bertie, child of Levy
    • ROWLEY, Louisa, daughter of Solomon
  • SHORTT, Robert, d. 1857
    • SHORTT, Hon. William Hamilton, son of Robert, b. 1822 (see biography)
      • SHORTT, Emaline (DAVIS), wife of Wm.
      • SHORTT, Mary A., daughter of Wm., b. 1845
      • SHORTT, Agnes, daughter of Wm., 1847-1851
      • SHORTT, Charles M., son of Wm., b. 1850
      • SHORTT, James W., son of Wm., 1853-1886
      • SHORTT, Emma Irene, daughter of Wm., b. 1855
      • SHORTT, Ida May, daughter of Wm., b. 1857
      • SHORTT, Nettie, daughter of Wm., 1862-1864
      • SHORTT, Mattie, daughter of Wm., b. 1864
  • SHUTT, William
    • SHUTT, Adam, Sr., son of William, d. 1835
      • SHUTT, Mary (STEIN), wife of Adam
    • SHUTT, John, 1816-1874 (see biography)
      • SHUTT, Elizabeth (WATTS), wife of John
    • SHUTT, Elizabeth
    • SHUTT, Susan
    • SHUTT, Frederick
    • SHUTT, William G., b. 1823 (see Pittsfield township)
    • SHUTT, Adam, Jr., b. 1825 (see Conewango township)
    • SHUTT, Jacob D.
    • SHUTT, Mary
    • SHUTT, James
  • SIGGINS, Alexander 1793-1858, buried Youngsville Cemetery
  • SIGGINS, John
  • SIGGINS, Judge William, 1789-1875, buried Youngsville Cemetery
  • SMITH, Chauncey, 1809-1886, buried Youngsville Cemetery (see biography)
    • SMITH, Mercy C. (MELLEN), wife of Chauncey
  • SOMERS, George H., b. 1853 (see biography)
    • SOMERS, Alice (BABCOCK), wife of George (see Almon BABCOCK, Conewango twp)
  • THACHER, Alvin, 1813-1881
    • THACHER, Jane (SALISBURY), wife of Alvin, b. 1820
    • THACHER, W. M., son of Alvin. b. 1840 (see biography)
      • THACHER, Jennie (HENTON), wife of W.M., d. 1885
      • THACHER, Ada, daughter of W.M.
      • THACHER, Minnie, daughter of W.M.
      • THACHER, Ally P., daughter of W.M.
    • THACHER, William, son of Alvin
  • THOMPSON, Robert, 1816-1877 (see two biographies), buried Westview Cemetery
  • TRASK, Samuel, 1788-1873, buried Youngsville Cemetery
  • WAITE, Hiram B., b. 1826 (see biography)
    • WAITE, Susan D. (MEAD), wife of Hiram, b. 1823 (see father Wm. MEAD, above)
    • WAITE, Garello, son of Hiram, b. abt 1856
    • WAITE, Emma L., daughter of Hiram (married Julius BOURQUIN, see Deerfield twp)
  • WALTER, Jacob
    • WALTER, Burlena, wife of Jacob
    • WALTER, Frederick, son of Jacob
    • WALTER, Lewis, son of Jacob
    • WALTER, Henry, son of Jacob, b. 1857 (see biography)
      • WALTER, Bertha (WIEDERHOLD), wife of Henry
    • WALTER, Samuel, son of Jacob
    • WALTER, Jacob, son of Jacob
    • WALTER, Kate, daughter of Jacob
    • WALTER, Mary, daughter of Jacob
  • WIEDERHOLD, George, b. 1826 (see biography)
    • WIEDERHOLD, Barbara (SMITH), wife of George, b. 1842
  • WILSON, Hugh, d. 1846
  • YORK, Nehemiah, d. 1873, buried York Hill Cemetery (there are 13 others with the surname York buried in this cemetery)
  • YOUNG, Mathew, d. 1825, buried Youngsville Cemetery


If you have any Brokenstraw Township genealogy information you wish to share, please email the Warren County coordinator.



The Second Early History


The following are selected excerpts from the book "Genealogical Gleanings of Siggins, and other Pennsylvania Families A Volume of History, Biography and Colonial, Revolutionary, Civil and Other War Records Including Names of Many Other Warren County Pioneers," compiled by Emma Siggins White, assisted by Martha Humphreys Maltby, excerpts pages 27-29; published by Tiernan-Dart Printing Co., 1918. To aid in finding your ancestor, names are in bold.

Youngsville Borough is the largest town in Brokenstraw township, and is located about the center of the township, which was organized as "Number Four" March 8, 1821. The name Brokenstraw it seems is taken from the Indian word--Cushanadauga--bestowed upon this region from the fact that the flats along the creek once bore a grass which in the fall would break and bend over.

Youngsville is located on what was the site of a big Indian village known as Buckaloon, from here the Indians floated down the creek to the river in their canoies and committed many depredations on the settlements along the Allegheny river.

In 1781 they were overpowered by an expedition under Col. Broadhead and the village of Buckaloon destroyed, to fortify his position and enable him to keep the Indians away, Col Boradhead built a Fort on the hillside between Irvine and Youngsville, the ruins of which may still be seen.

Robert Andrews was the pioneer settler in the Brokenstraw Valley, coming a short time before John W. McKinney; McKinney was an importation from Ireland, he was married in Lancaster to a Miss Arthur who returned to the Brokenstraw region with him and their home was a place of welcome for all wayfarers and a general gathering place for the settlers of the vicinity.

In 1796 Matthew Young, a Scotchman and a bachelor settled on the site of the town that was afterward name for him--Youngsville, he made his home with John McKinney, teaching the children in the evenings in return for his board, he was well educated and a favorite with the children, he also taught several terms of school in the neighborhood--was the second county treasurer 1821-23--built the first saw-mill in 1807--died in Deerfield Township in 1825. He was buried in Youngsville. He is described as being tall, slender and erect, and of very light complexion--he was simple in his characher, earnest in his purposes and eccentric in his habits with a kind heart for all and an integrity that was never tarnished.

Matthew Young laid out many of the streets of Youngsville and seemed to have a prophetic vision of its relative importance in the county, in 1849 it had grown to be quite a village and was incorporated September 4, 1849, it was organized on the 15th of February, following by the election of Archibald Alexander as burgess; William Siggins and John Hull as councilmen; Philip Mead as treasurer; Henry P. Kinnear as clerk; John Siggins as tax collector. James Davis is quoted as authority for the statement that as early as 1800, Matthew Young carved the quaint word "YUNGVAL" on a large flat stone which stood for many years turned upright so that all who ran might read.

The first merchant was Henry Kinnear, Sr., and the next was Henry McCullough who started a store in 1830.

The first tavern in town was the unpretentious hostelry of John McKinney. Matthew Young built the next hotel. This was replaced by the Wade House. The Fairmount House first saw the light in 1851 being built by John Siggins.

The first resident physician in Brokenstraw township was Dr. John W. Irvine who settled at Irvineton, and the first physician in Youngsville was Dr. James A. Alexander who came in 1826 and was in active practice until 1853.




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