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An Estate Notice & Select Marriage Announcements
1856 - 1880
Pine Grove Township


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Contributed by Jessica Franks

"I’m doing a lot of research in Warren County, PA, specifically Pine Grove from about 1855 through 1886. I obtained some marriage announcements printed in the Warren Mail and Warren Ledger from the Warren Public Library and would like to share those on the web. One of the notices is an Estate Notice and not a Marriage Notice."

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January 8, 1856

MARRIED:  In Warren, Jan. 6, by John Ditmars, Esq. Sylvanas Martin to Rosette Stanard.

In Limestone tp., by John A. Warner Esq. C. W. Delong to Miss Betsey Baw.

In Deerfield tp., by the same, Michael Linch to Miss Mary Gibson.

Source: Warren Ledger, page 3, column 3



January 2_, 1861

Administrator’s Notice – Whereas Letters of Administration to the estate of Alvin Stanard, late of Pine Grove township, deceased, have been granted to the subscriber and persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment and those having claims or demands against the said deceased will make known the _?_ without delay to the undersigned at his residence in Pine Grove.  P.S.Cole Adm.

Source: Warren Mail, page 3, column 1



May 10, 1878

In New Castel, Del., April 30, 1878, at Emanuel Church, by Rev. Mr. Spencer, Mr. Henry P. Hunter, of Warren, PA. to Miss Clara Merritt, of new Castel, Del.

In Warren, May 5, 1878, at District Attorney Schnur’s office, by D. J. Hodge, J. P., Mr. Samuel W. Lering, of Buffalo, to Miss Sophia Ann Hoskins, of Warren.

Columbus, May 1, 1878, by Rev. J. T. Edwards, D.D., of Randolph, N.Y., Mr. D. F. A. Sheelock, of Lottsville, to Miss S. L. R. C. Smith, of Columbus.

Union City, April 23, 1878, by Rev. W. L. Riley, Mr. Will S. McKinney, of Youngsville, to Miss Emma C. Chamberlain, of Union City.

In Warren, April 30, 1878, at the M. E. Parsonage, by Rev. R. M. Warren, Mr. W. W. Bowman, of Newmansville, Pa. to Miss Mary P. Williams, of Linesville, Pa.

By the Rev. E . F. Warren, May 1, 1878, Mr. John G. Denison to Miss Nellie G. Stannard, all of Pine Grove, Pa.

In this Borough, May 2, 1878, by D. W. C. James, Esq., Mr. James Davidson and Miss Alice Lewis, both of Ridgeway, Pa.

Source: Warren Ledger, page 3, column 5




November 2, 1880

MARRIED:  Thomas – Stannard.
Warren, Oct. 27, 1880, in the Presbyterian Church, by Rev. W. A. Rankin, Mr. John Thomas to Miss E. Stannard, both of Glade.

Source: Warren Mail, page 3, column 6


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