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PACKARD, Mrs. Olive A. - Spring Creek twp (page Ixxiv, Brief Personals *)

Mrs. Olive A. Packard was born in Garland, Warren county, in 1842. She was a daughter of Elias and Margaret (McCue) Miller. Her father Elias Miller died in 1864, aged forty-six years. Olive B. was married in 1861 to Uri Jackson, who died leaving one daughter. She married her second husband, Marshall Packard in 1873. He is a farmer and a manufacturer of broom handles, and all kinds of apiarian supplies.




PARKER, Charles - Lander p. o., Farmington twp (page Ixxiv, Brief Personals *)

Charles Parker is a farmer and was born in what is now known as Farmington, February 19, 1834. He was a son of Laten and Maria (Thompson) Parker. The former was a native of Connecticut and the latter was born in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess county, N. Y. They settled in Farmington in 1831 on the farm which is now owned by Sylvester Clark, and later on the farm which is now owned and occupied by S. H. Parker, which they cleared and improved and upon which they resided until the time of their deaths. They had a family of six children, who grew to maturity—Charles, John, Henry, Hiram, Louisa, and Almon, who was born October 7, 1847, died November 6, 1849. Charles Parker located on the farm he now owns and occupies in 1855, all of which he has cleared and improved himself. He has been married twice. His first wife was Sarah J. King, a daughter of Lorenzo and Eliza (Ely) King, of Farmington, by whom he had two children—Sumner H. and Ramah C.. His second wife was Olive Clark, a daughter of John D. and Polly (Hollenbeck) Clark, of Farmington.




PATCH, Perry - Irvinton p. o., Brokenstraw twp (pages Ixxiv-lxxv, Brief Personals *)

Perry Patch was born in Brokenstraw township in 1846. In 1874 he married Mary L. Houghton, daughter of Warren Houghton, of Hornellsville, N. Y.; they have two children—Rex L. and Vinnie M.. Perry was a son of Alonzo and Sarah Patch, who had three children—Levy, Perry, and Elizabeth. Alonzo died in 1877, aged sixty-one years. Mary L. had one son by her first husband —George W. Patch. Perry Patch embarked in the stave, heading, shingle and sawed lumber business in 1878, under the firm name of Patch & Walter, and in 1882 the firm dissolved, Perry continuing the same business alone.




PATCHEN, Francis P., Matthew's Run p. o., Sugar Grove twp (page Ixxiv, Brief Personals *)

Francis P. Patchen was born in Sugar Grove, and is a son of Aaron D. and Polly Pierce Patchen. Aaron was born in Onondaga county, N. Y., and Polly was from Busti, N. Y. They were married in 1840; settled the same year in Sugar Grove, and had a family of eight children—Stephen L., Francis Pulaski, Lemuel E., Aaron D., Mary A., Sybil P., Clarissa F., and Polly Mildred. Aaron was a son of Zebulon and Polly Cohoon Patchen of Greenbush, Washington county, N. Y. Francis P. Patchen married, in 1870, Harriet Mattison, of Sugar Grove. She was a daughter of Thomas and Emeline Hale Mattison—he of Kingsbury, N. Y., and she of Chautauqua county, N. Y.; they were married in 1845, and had but one daughter—Harriet. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Patchen have one son—Frank Merrels. Mr. P. is a general farmer, and is school director.




PATCHEN, William F. - Spring Creek twp (page Ixxiv, Brief Personals *)

William F. Patchen was born in Cayuga county, N. Y., in 1827. He is a farmer and now owns and occupies a farm of sixty-five acres. He was a son of Noah and Sarah (Jenney) Patchen. Noah served in the War of 1812. He was a carpenter and builder by trade and died in 1836. William F. Patchen married Mary Ann Jobs in 1851, and to them have been born six children, five of whom are now living— Almeda C., Amelia M. (who was accidentally shot and killed at the age of fifteen years), Z. D., William L., Adella May, Sadie A.




PEARCE, Mrs. Eliza M. - Columbus borough, Columbus twp (page Ixxv, Brief Personals *)

Mrs. Eliza M. Pearce was born in Jefferson county, N. Y., in 1823. She was a daughter of Luther P. and Gabrielle B. (Balmat) Mather. Gabrielle was born in Paris, August 22, 1791, and came to America with her parents in 1797, and died January 15, 1881. She was best known by her second name; she went about among the sick, and was familiarly known as "Aunt Bridget." Luther was born in Bennington, Vt., and died in June, 1842. They were married at Wilna, Jefferson county, N. Y., in 1811, and settled in Columbus borough in 1825, where Luther built a custom mill in 1826. He purchased his land and built a saw-mill in 1824, one year before his family settled here. They had a family of six children born to them, five of whom are now living—Harriet, Jedediah P., Joseph V., Eliza M., and Arvilla. The mill which was first built by Luther is now owned by a Mr. Francis, and was the first mill built in the township. Luther was a well-known and prominent man in his town and county. Eliza was married in 1842 to Loren Pearce, who was born in Madison county, N. Y., in 1815. They had one daughter born to them—Ellen—who died in 1864, and one adopted son—Charles R. P.—who married and died, leaving one son. Loren Pearce died in 1880. In early life he was a carpenter and builder, but in later life he became engaged in farming.




PECK, David B. - Lander p. o., Farmington twp (page Ixxv, Brief Personals *)

David B. Peck is a farmer, and was born in what is now Farmington, March 1, 1839. He was a son of Samuel and Clarissa (Knapp) Peck, who settled on Thompson's Hill, Farmington township, about 1832, and in 1842 they settled on the farm which is now owned and occupied by David B. Peck. They built a log house on the same, and cleared and improved it. Their children were George W. (who died while in the service of the Union during the late War of the Rebellion), Emily (now Mrs. George Love), David B., and Comfort. David B. now resides on the old homestead. He was married in 1867 to Myra White, a daughter of Orange and Nancy (Robbins) White, of Farmington. They have had a family of four children born to them—Ina D., Clara B., Lizzie J., and Samuel G.. Mr. Peck has served one term as county auditor, and in politics he is a Republican.




PERRY, Jason A. - Enterprise p. o., South West twp (page Ixxv, Brief Personals *)

Jason A. Perry was born in Southwest, July 4, 1831. He was a son of Warner and Sarah (Sumner) Perry, who were natives of Woodstock, Conn. They were married and settled in Enterprise in 1824. They had a family of six children born to them, two of whom are now living—Hiram and Jason. Warner was county commissioner in 1844, was justice of the peace for many years, and also postmaster. He was an early lumber manufacturer, and died in 1863. Warner Perry built and carried on the first hotel in Enterprise, in 1846. It was burned in 1870. Jason A. was married in 1852 to Angeline Dunham. She died in 1880, leaving a widower and a family of four children—Harriet, George C., Herbert R., and Clara E.. Jason A. has held many of the offices of the town. He was assessor for eleven years, and has also been deputy sheriff and constable.




PETERSON, Charles - Chandler's Valley p. o., Sugar Grove twp (page Ixxv, Brief Personals *)

Charles Peterson was born in Sweden in 1817. His father was Peter, his military name, given him by the king when he became a soldier being Proset. Charles married in 1842 Anna Louise Fredrickson, who was born in 1820. They immigrated to America in 1852; they have a family of three children— Matilda, born in 1843; Christina, born in 1846; and John A., born in 1849. John enlisted in 1864, aged fifteen years, and served to the close of the war. Matilda married Jedd Darrow, and Christina married Morris Southwick. Charles worked for Mr. Sherman at farm work for six years, and in 1861 purchased his present homestead of fifty acres, which he has cleared.




PETERSON, C. O. - Sugar Grove p. o., Freehold twp (page Ixxv, Brief Personals *)

C. O. Peterson was born in Chautauqua county, N. Y., in 1855, and settled in Warren county in 1864. He married Minnie Buckstrand, who was born in Sweden. They had a family of two children born to them—Jennie Annette, and Amelia. Mr. Peterson is a large and prosperous farmer. His father, Andrew P. Peterson, was born in Sweden, and came to America in 1852 and settled in Chautauqua county, N. Y. He had a family of eight children, six of whom are now living.

[Warren County coordinator's note: the following wedding announcement is from the February 22, 1908 edition of the Warren Evening Mirror, page 5, column 2:


A very pretty home wedding was solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Peterson of Sugar Grove, Pa. February 19th, when their daughter, Mollie Wilhelmina, was united in marriage to John W. Maddox, of Jamestown, N. Y. At 12:30, the bridal couple entered the parlor to the strains of Lohengrin's bridal march which was played by Miss Lalla, a sister of the bride, and took their places under an archway of smilax banked with ferns and potted plants. The ceremony was performed by Rev. O. J. Gage of Chandlers Valley, Pa. The full ring ceremony being used.

After the congratulations were extended, the guests adjourned to the tastefully decorated dining-room, where an elegant four course dinner was served. The covers of the bridal table being laid for fourteen. The bride received a great many useful and beautiful presents.

The guests from out of town were Mrs. F. A. Gron, Miss Edna Gron, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maddox, Mr and Mrs. Will Maddox, and the Misses Mary and Mabel Schied of Jamestown; Miss Emma Baker, Mrs. Richard Evans, Miss Florinda Samuelson and Master Kenneth Slingluff, of Warren, Mr and Mrs. A. F. Peterson, of Youngsville, and Mrs. Chas, Johnson, Mr and Mrs. Frank Johnson of Chandlers Valley.

See marriage record # 503B in Book 5.]




PETERSON, John - Chandler's Valley p. o., Sugar Grove twp (page Ixxvi, Brief Personals *)

John Peterson is a farmer, and was born in Sweden, in 1820. He was a son of Peter and Mary Peterson. John married in 1847 Sarah Johnson, who was born in Sweden in 1819. With two children they immigrated to America in 1852. They were fourteen weeks on the passage, during which one of their children—Adolph—died and was buried at sea. They have four children living— Matilda, Oscar, Christina, and Janet; Albert died, aged sixteen years. Mr. Peterson purchased his present farm of sixty acres in 1858, then a timber lot, but now one of the best farms in the town. Janet Peterson married William Hagrain; and Matilda married John Gunn.




PHILLIPS, Lorenzo D. - Lander p. o., Farmington twp (page Ixxvi, Brief Personals *)

Lorenzo D. Phillips is a farmer, and was born in Farmington, April 22, 1831. He was a son of Levi and Phebe (Marsh) Phillips. His paternal grandfather, Squire Phillips, was a native of Vermont, and a pioneer of Pine Grove, and later of Farmington, where he resided until his death. He settled on the farm which is now owned and occupied by Alexander Houghwoht, and cleared and improved it. He had a family of twelve children—Sally, Elisha, Loren, Darius, Lucy, Jonathan, Lydia, Levi, Anna, Maria, Elijah, and Albert. His maternal grandfather was Hugh Marsh, a native of New Jersey, who settled in Farmington, in 1798. Levi Phillips, father of Lorenzo D. Phillips, began life in Pine Grove, lived on the Houghwoht farm for a time in Farmington, and later removed to the farm which is now occupied by the Stantons. He cleared and improved the latter and resided on it the greater part of his lifetime. He had a family of ten children—Hiram L., Nancy, Rachel (deceased), Lorenzo D., Alonzo I., Pierson C., Mary Jane, Andrew, Phebe Ann, and Daniel W.. Lorenzo D. always resided in Farmington. He was married in 1862 to Malvina Hudson, a daughter of William and Olive (Badger) Hudson, of Pine Grove. They have had a family of two children born to them—Herbert L. and Milton L.. He settled on the farm which he now owns and occupies in 1865, and erected all of the present buildings. The farm was originally settled by Hugh Marsh.




PHILLIPS, Willis B., Youngsville p. o., Brokenstraw twp (page Ixxvi, Brief Personals *)

Willis B. Phillips was born in Youngsville in 1858, and was married in September, 1883, to Minnie S. Martin, of Jamestown, N. Y. They have two sons—Jesse W. and Willis Glen. Willis B. Phillips embarked in the manufacture of harness, and deals in all horse and carriage furniture, giving employment to one or two hands the year around. He turns out from handwork the best of goods, as his samples will show. His business was organized in 1869, he becoming successor to his brother, J. D. Phillips. He is a son of Jesse B. and Mary Ann (Turner) Phillips. She was born in Saratoga county, N. Y., in 1822, and died in April, 1885; her husband was born in Genoa, Cayuga county, N. Y., in 1809. He was a son of Buel and Eunice (Belknap) Phillips. Jesse and Mary Ann had a family of six children, three of whom are now living—James D., Alma E. (married W. P. Nutting), and Willis B.; Andrew J., Ernest H., and West S., being dead. Jesse B. Phillips settled in Brokenstraw in 1828, as a farmer and lumberman, which business he followed until 1865, when he retired, only looking after the interests of his farm. His parents were natives of New England.




PIER, William - Dugall p. o., Pittsfield twp (page Ixxvi, Brief Personals *)

William Pier was born in Harmony, Chautauqua county, N. Y., in 1855, and was married April 12, 1879, to Matilda Howard, of Pittsfield. They have had two children born to them—Calvin and Jerome. He was a son of Calvin and Eliza (Hitchcock) Pier. Eliza was born in Harmony, N. Y., and died September 17, 1867, and her husband was born in 1821, and died November 12, 1884. They left a family of four children—Ada (married Roland Brundage), Minerva (who married Henry Ford), Betsey (who is now Mrs. Charles Haupin), and William. His paternal grandfather, Oliver Pier, was an early settler in Chautauqua county, N. Y., and was a great trapper and hunter. He killed one thousand three hundred and twenty-two deer, and the bounty which he received for wolves killed was five hundred doll[ars?] January, 1885, at the advanced age of ninety-one years.




PIERCE, 1st, Levi - Sanford p. o., Eldred twp (page lxxvii, Brief Personals *)

Levi Pierce was born in Washington county, N. Y., in 1824. He settled in Warren county in 1837, and married Julia A. Main, of Eldred, in 1854. They have eight children—Bertania, Lucretia, Albert B., Ellen E., Julia A., John Jeremiah, Levi J., Jackson, and Luttice A. His father, John L., was born in New Hampshire in 1790, and married Clarissa Bartholomew, who was a niece of General Huntington, of the Revolution; she was born in 1789, and died in 1866; he died in 1863. They had six children, three of whom are now living—Daniel L., Levi, and John—all residents of Warren county.




PIERCE, Levi - Sanford p. o., Eldred twp (page lxxvii, Brief Personals *)

Levi Pierce was born in Chautauqua county, N. Y., in 1830, and settled in Warren county in 1882. He married Sarah E. Wright, of Chautauqua county, N. Y., and they have two children—William and Mary. His father, Luther, was born in New Hampshire in 1800, settled in Pennsylvania in 1828, and married Ardelia Wolcott, of Massachusetts. He died in 1854, and she in 1871. They left three children — Levi, Polly, and Ezra. Levi served in the late war. His business is farming and lumbering, he owning a farm of 100 acres. Levi's son William married Elmira Wilcox, of Crawford county; they have one child—Ardelia.




PLACE, Thomas J. - Sheffield, Sheffield twp (page lxxvii, Brief Personals *)

Thomas J. Place was born in Tioga county, in the year 1829, and at the age of twenty-one years he came to Sheffield. After a residence of three years here he returned to Tioga, where he remained for about two years. He then came to Clarendon, where he lived until about eight years ago, when he moved to the northeast part of Sheffield. He married Laura S. Whitcomb, by whom he has had the following children: Alice, William, Frank, Lucy, Lettie, Thomas, J. P., Nora, Luther, Mary, Robert, and Lorinda. Lettie and Luther are now deceased. His farm, comprising thirty-two acres, was a part of the tract formerly owned by Warren Snapp. The life of Thomas J. Place has been spent In farming and lumbering, in which he has met with a fair measure of success. Four good oil wells are now on the farm, and others are to be put down.




PORTER, Abraham V. - Warren, Conewango twp (page lxxvii, Brief Personals *)

Abraham V. Porter was born in Reading, Steuben county, N. Y., on October 28, 1810, and came to Warren county in 1831, and assisted in building the first stone jail in Warren. He settled in Conewango with his mother in 1832, on the farm he now owns and occupies, all of which he has cleared and improved himself. The log cabin in which he first resided is still standing. He was a son of Robert and Nellie (Houghtaling) Porter. He was married in 1836 to Margaret Snyder, who was a daughter of William and Hannah Snyder, of Glade township. They have had a family of thirteen children born to them, nine of whom have grown to maturity—Maria, Sarah, Alice, Emma J., John W., Norman, William, Delia, and Belle. William now resides on the homestead and carries on the farm. He was married on October 16, 1882, to Maggie Brown, a daughter of Alexander Brown, of Glade township. They have had one child born to them —Clyde.




PORTER, John W. - Warren p. o., Conewango twp (pages lxxvii-Ixxviii, Brief Personals *)

John W. Porter was born in Conewango, on February 14, 1843. He was a son of Abraham V. and Margaret (Snyder) Porter. His father settled in Conewango, on the farm he now occupies, in 1832. John W. Porter has always resided in Conewango. He was married in 1866 to Caroline Gross. They now have five children living — George, Wesley, Maggie, Susie, and Catherine. Mr. Porter settled on the farm on which he now resides in 1872, and cleared and improved it himself.




PORTERFIELD, Robert Austin - Tidioute, Glade twp (page Ixxviii, Brief Personals *)

Mr. Porterfield was born in Venango county, in 1833. He was a son of R. G. and Lucy D. (Lyon) Porterfield. Lucy was born in Boston, Mass., and her husband, R. G., was born in Pennsylvania. They were married in Ohio. R. G. died in Venango county at the age of seventy-seven years; Lucy is now living at the advanced age of eighty-two years. They had a family of nine children born to them, seven of whom are now living. One of their sons, John, enlisted in the Fourth Regiment Cavalry, Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served for four years, and was discharged at the close of the war. Robert A. Porterfield was married in 1854, to Margaret Truby. They settled in Tidioute in 1864, and have had a family of six children born to them—Clara. R., Louis C, Martin T., Willard M., Frank D., and Anna B.. Clara R. married D. W. Clark, jr., and Louis C. married Hattie Clark. Robert A. is a carpenter and builder.




PRATT, Adam L. - Sheffield twp (page Ixxviii, Brief Personals *)

Among the early pioneers of Sheffield came Adam L. Pratt, a native of Hector, Schuyler county, N. Y. He first came to this town in the spring of 1832, in company with Richard Dunham and his family. They built a mill on Tionesta Creek, near Dunham's Point. Adam was thrice married; his first wife was Martha Stanton, who bore him one child, Martha A., now Mrs. William Slocum, who now resides in Michigan. After the death of his first wife he married Miranda Spencer by whom he had two sons — Horace R., and Deforest S., both of whom were killed in the late war. His third wife was Betsey Palmer, by whom he had a family of six children — Edward K., Clarence H., John A., Anson L., Edith A., and Joseph H. Adam Pratt commenced life as a poor boy, having no capital except health and strength, but with these powerful factors has always kept pace with the advance of years, and now lives comfortably, surrounded by family and friends.




PRATT, Linus H. - Sugar Grove p. o., Sugar Grove twp (page Ixxvii, Brief Personals *)

Linus H. Pratt was born in Windham, Greene county, N. Y., in 1810. He came to Sugar Grove May 7, 1831, and in 1837 married Julia Catlin, who was born in Ontario, Genesee county, N. Y., in 1814. They have had a family of five children—Edgar R., Lucy E., Marshall S., Florence, and one who died at an early age. Florence, the only one now living, married James Martin. Linus H. Pratt was a son of John B. and Hannah Steadman Pratt, who settled in Sugar Grove in 1833 with a famity of four children—L. H., Lucina (Mrs. Clark), now living, and Mary and Solomon, deceased. Mrs. Julia Pratt was a daughter of Henry and Sally Pratt Catlin. He was from Conway, Mass., and she came from Kingsbury, N. Y.; they were married in Ontario county, N. Y., January 3, 1810, and had a family of twelve children, four of whom —Julia, James, Clarissa, and Henry—are now living. He was born in 1785 and died in 1845; she was born in 1790 and died in 1861. They settled in Sugar Grove in 1816. Linus H. Pratt purchased his homestead and built his first log-house in 1834. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt will long be remembered by the rising generation for their courteous manner to all.




PROPER, L. M. - Grand Valley p. o., Eldred twp (page Ixxviii, Brief Personals *)

Mr. Proper was born in Wyoming county in 1842, and settled in Warren county in 1860. He married Mary J. Emerson, of Erie county, and to them were born nine children, eight of whom are now living—Alta S., Minnie A., Alice A., Mary A., Hattie L., Lilly B., Frederick, George (deceased), and Ray. Mr. Proper owns a farm of one hundred and fifty acres; he is also largely interested in oil. He has held the offices of road commissioner, mercantile appraiser, and is now assessor. His father, Zachariah Proper, was born in Wyoming county, N. Y., in 1819, and died in 1877. His wife was Rhoda Brown, of the same county, who died in 1866, leaving a family of six children.



PUTNAM, Perry B. - Lander, Farmington twp (page Ixxviii, Brief Personals *)

Mr. Putnam is a farmer and was born in Erie county, N. Y., August 8, 1829. He was a son of Daniel and Betsey (Barrett) Putnam; his paternal grandfather was Jesse Putnam, who with two sons, Daniel and Edson, settled in what is now Farmington in 1830. Daniel settled on the farm which is now owned by A. Hinsdale, a part of which he cleared and improved, and afterwards removed to Pine Grove township, two miles east of where he first settled, and resided there until his death. His children were Angeline, Sidney, Mary (deceased), Perry B., Sarah (deceased), Almira, Theodore L., Manly T. (deceased), and Nancy, who grew to maturity. Perry B. Putnam was brought up in Farmington, and settled in Eldred township in 1851, and in 1865 he again returned to Farmington, and settled on the farm which he now occupies. He was married January 1, 1859, to Margaret, a daughter of James and Jane (White) McCray, and a granddaughter of one of the first settlers of Brokenstraw. Mr. Putnam has a family of four children—Mrs. Clara (now Mrs. Herbert White), Grant, Jennie, and Leroy.




* Source: History Of Warren County Pennsylvania with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, edited by J.S. Schenck, assisted by W.S. Rann; Syracuse, N.Y.; D Mason & Co., Publishers; 1887.



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