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Sheffield Township

Map showing Sheffield township in Warren County


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Sheffield Township was formed from Kinzua, on June 7, 1833.

Boroughs and Villages

  • Barnes
  • Cherry Run
  • Donaldson
  • Henrys Mills
  • Hoover
  • Milltown
  • Roystone
  • Saybrook
  • Sheffield


Church Records

Early Histories


Early History of Sheffield Township - Contributed by Jane Dunkle

Historical information based on the book: "Historical Collections of Sheffield Township"


Family Histories & Biographies


Photographs and Postcards




Sign for the city of Sheffield


The links, below, are to the Sheffield Township section in the Schenck History where the individual's name first appears; however, many of these pioneers are mentioned numerous times throughout this site. To find these additional entries, use the Find (Ctrl-F) search feature for this page or the Google search box on the Warren County Genealogy homepage to search the entire site.

Pioneers and those who came later...

Those with a * after the name moved away.
  • ARNETT, James *
  • BARLOW, Cabot
  • BARNES, Timothy, 1786-1878
    • BARNES, Betsey (maiden name unknown), wife of Timothy
    • BARNES, Erastus, son of Timothy, 1811-1894, buried Barnes Cemetery (see biography)
      • BARNES, Eliza (EDDY), wife of Erastus
      • BARNES, Rose, daughter of Erastus
      • BARNES, Timothy E., son of Erastus
        • BARNES, Ada (HOUGHTON), wife of Timothy
      • BARNES, Eunice Letitia, daughter of Erastus (see George HORTON, below)
      • BARNES, Catharine, daughter of Erastus
    • BARNES, Asa H., son of Timothy, 1817-1875 (see biography)
      • BARNES, Letetia M. (FORCE), wife of Asa
      • BARNES, Amy, daughter of Asa (married Curtis GILSON, Sheffield)
      • BARNES, Erastus, son of Asa
      • BARNES, Edward, son of Asa
      • BARNES, Eliza, daughter of Asa (married Doctor BADGER),
      • BARNES, Frank, son of Asa
      • BARNES, Cole, son of Asa
      • BARNES, William, son of Asa
      • BARNES, Ellsworth, son of Asa
  • BARTON, William
  • BOWERS, Daniel *
  • BROWN, John *
  • CARLSON, Algot, b. 1864-1953, buried Sheffield Cemetery
    • CARLSON, Florence (Munson), wife of Algot, b. 1875
    • CARLSON, Mabel, daughter of Algot, b. 1893
    • CARLSON, Carl E., son of Algot, b. 1896
    • CARLSON, Evelyn E., daughter of Algot, b. 1898
    • CARLSON, Miner, son of Algot
    • CARLSON, Harry, son of Algot, 1902-1918 (see obituary)
    • CARLSON, Clarence, son of Algot
    • CARLSON, Carrie, daughter of Algot
    • CARLSON, Mildred, daughter of Algot
    • CARLSON, Roy, son of Algot
    • CARLSON, Edith, daughter of Algot
  • CARVER, Joseph (see also Borough of Warren)
  • CARVER, Stephen (see also Borough of Warren)
  • CRARY, Jerry, 1842-1936, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • CRARY, Laura Antoinette "Nettie" (DUNHAM), wife of Jerry, 1846-1930, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • CRARY, Horace Allen, son of Jerry, 1873-1961
      • CRARY, Elizabeth (STONE), 1st wife of Horace, 1874-1943, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • CRARY, Helen M. (LAUFFENBURGER), 2nd wife of Horace, 1901-1977
    • CRARY, Miner Dunham, son of Jerry, 1875-1956, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • CRARY, Edith (INGRAHAM), 1st wife of Miner, 1884-1939, buried Oakland Cemetery
        • CRARY, Winifred A., daughter of Miner, b. abt 1918 *
        • CRARY, Miner Dunham, Jr., son of Miner, b. abt 1921 *
        • CRARY, Horace I., son of Miner, b. abt 1925 *
      • CRARY, Margaret (CAMERON), 2nd wife of Miner, 1891-1982, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • CRARY, Clarence "Clare" J., son of Jerry, 1879-1975, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • CRARY, Irene (HORTON), 1st wife of Clare, 1881-1942, buried Oakland Cemetery
        • CRARY, Calvert Horton, son of Clare, 1908-2002, buried Oakland Cemetery (link includes obituary) *
          • CRARY, Catherine (SNELL), 1st wife of Calvert, 1909-1974, buried Oakland Cemetery
          • CRARY, Pamela (PAGET), 2nd wife of Calvert, 1921-2009, buried Oakland Cemetery
        • CRARY, Douglas Dunham, son of Clare *
        • CRARY, Stephen Trowbridge, son of Clare *
      • CRARY, Gene Alden (WALKER), 2nd wife of Clare, 1898-1988, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • CRARY, Marion A., daughter of Jerry, b. 1880 *
  • DONALDSON, Andrew 1800-1867, buried Barnes Cemetery (see biography)
  • DUNHAM, Richard, 1802-1870, buried Oakland Cemetery (see also son's biography)
    • DUNHAM, Laura (ALLEN), wife of Richard, 1805-1891, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • DUNHAM, Albert, son of Richard, 1827-1854, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • DUNHAM, Minor B., son of Richard, 1829-1902, buried Oakland Cemetery (includes a long biography from Volume 10, Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania biography as well as his obituary)(see also biography, 1887)
      • DUNHAM, Mary M. (PERSON), wife of Minor, 1831-1925, buried Oakland Cemetery
        • DUNHAM, Clara Ellen, daughter of Minor, 1853-1875, buried Oakland Cemetery
        • DUNHAM, George H., son of Minor, 1854-1940, buried Oakland Cemetery
          • DUNHAM, Fanny (CROSBY), wife of George
        • DUNHAM, Francis (aka Frank), son of Minor, 1856-1857, buried Oakland Cemetery
        • DUNHAM, Jessie M., daughter of Minor, b. 1862 (see Dr. Richard B. STEWART, City of Warren)
    • DUNHAM, Delilah, daughter of Richard, b. abt 1834
    • DUNHAM, Harlow, son of Richard, b. abt 1836
    • DUNHAM, Electa, daughter of Richard, 1840-1912
    • DUNHAM, Catherine Maria, daughter of Richard, 1842-1919 (married George W. SNYDER)
    • DUNHAM, Aurelia M., daughter of Richard, 1844-1923 (married James M. MEAD)
    • DUNHAM, Laura Antoinette, daughter of Richard, 1846-1930 (see Jerry CRARY, above)
  • GATY, James
  • GILSON, John
    • GILSON, Rufus P., son of John, b. 1833 (see biography)
      • GILSON, Martha L. (BLANCHARD), wife of Rufus
      • GILSON, Charles, son of Rufus
      • GILSON, Alma N., daughter of Rufus, (married Thomas MATTHEWSON)
      • GILSON, Delia, daughter of Rufus, (married George NOBLET)
      • GILSON, Carver, son of Rufus
      • GILSON, Cemer T., son of Rufus
  • HALL, Galbraith A. I., 1841-1893, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography)
    • HALL, Flora (BELL), wife of Galbraith, 1843-1924, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • HALL, Orris P., son of Galbraith
    • HALL, Belle E., daughter of Galbraith
    • HALL, Mary Ella, daughter of Galbraith
    • HALL, Josephine M., daughter of Galbraith
    • HALL, Galbraith A. I., jr., son of Galbraith, 1877-1972, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • HALL, Katie V., daughter of Galbraith
  • HORTON family
  • HORTON, Ovid, 1821-1887, buried Sheffield Cemetery
    • HORTON, Catharine (HOLLIDAY), wife of Ovid, 1825-1909, buried Sheffield Cemetery
    • HORTON, George, 1848-1893, buried Sheffield Cemetery
    • HORTON, Celia, daughter of Ovid, 1855-1939, buried Sheffield Cemetery
    • HORTON, Catharine "Kate," daughter of Ovid, d. 1940, buried Sheffield Cemetery
    • HORTON, James Holliday, son of Ovid
  • HORTON, Walter, 1832-1891, buried Sheffield Cemetery (see also biography)
    • HORTON, Harriett "Hattie", (maiden name unknown), wife of Walter, 1837-1915, buried Sheffield Cemetery
    • HORTON, Cora, daughter of Walter, 1859-1865, buried Sheffield Cemetery
    • HORTON, Myra, daughter of Walter
  • HOUGHTON, Hiram T., b. 1816 (see biography)
  • INGLESBY, John
  • JONES, George *
  • KIDDER, Asahel
    • KIDDER, Nathan, son of Asahel
  • LACY, Nathan
  • LACY, Patterson
  • LACY, Silas, 1789-1870 (brother of Nathan)
    • LACY, Nancy (PARKER), wife of Silas
  • LANE, Jeremiah *
  • LEE, Amos
  • MASON, Lorenzo
  • MASTIN, C. C. *
  • MEAD, David *
  • MEAD, Thaddeus *
  • OSGOOD, James T., 1808-1887, buried Barnes Cemetery (see also biography)
  • PLACE, Thomas J., 1829-1897, buried Barnes Cemetery (see biography)
    • PLACE, Laura S. (WHITCOMB), wife of Thomas, 1836-1909
  • PRATT, Adam L. (see also biography)
    • PRATT, Martha (Stanton), 1st wife of Adam
    • PRATT, Miranda (Spencer), 2nd wife of Adam
    • PRATT, Betsey (Palmer), 3rd wife of Adam
  • SCOTT, James
  • SIGEL, Charles, 1836-1904 (see obituary)
  • SMEDLEY, Elijah, 1808-1883 (see biography)
    • SMEDLEY, Catherine (PICKARD), 1st wife of Elijah, d. 1850
      • SMEDLEY, Lydia M., daughter of Elijah
      • SMEDLEY, Polly, daughter of Elijah
      • SMEDLEY, Adam P., son of Elijah
        • SMEDLEY, Sarah (FENTON), wife of Adam
        • SMEDLEY, Millard L., son of Adam, 1860-1953, buried Oakland Cemetery
        • SMEDLEY, Orrin or Orren F., son of Adam, 1868-1948, buried Sheffield Cemetery
        • SMEDLEY, Catherine E., daughter of Adam
      • SMEDLEY, James, son of Elijah
    • SMEDLEY, Phebe (SNAPP), 2nd wife of Elijah
  • SNAPP, Henry
    • SNAPP, Melchi, son of Henry, 1803-1882, buried Barnes Cemetery (see biography)
      • SNAPP, Fannie (SMITH), wife of Melchi, 1805-1864, buried Barnes Cemetery
      • SNAPP, Phebe, daughter of Melchi (see Elijah SMEDLEY, above)
      • SNAPP, William, son of Melchi, 1832-1891, buried Barnes Cemetery
        • SNAPP, Mary O. (FAIRFIELD), wife of Wm.
        • SNAPP, Gholson L., son of Wm., 1860-1948, buried Sheffield Cemetery (see obituary)
          • SNAPP, Lizzie J., wife of Gholson, 1867-1950, buried Sheffield Cemetery
          • SNAPP, Lester H., son of Gholson
        • SNAPP, Frank H., son of Wm
        • SNAPP, Walter M., son of Wm., 1865-1914
          • SNAPP, Lettie (WINGER), wife of Walter
        • SNAPP, Otis F., son of Wm.
        • SNAPP, Ethel Irma, daughter of Wm. (married Harry A. ARP) 1872-1951, buried Barnes Cemetery (see obituary)
      • SNAPP, Ida, daughter of Melchi (married Samuel SMEDLEY)
      • SNAPP, Enos, son of Melchi, 1836-1910, buried Barnes Cemetery (see obituary)
      • SNAPP, Warren, son of Melchi * (moved to Michigan)
      • SNAPP, Charles, son of Melchi, d. 1844, buried Barnes Cemetery
      • SNAPP, John, son of Melchi
      • SNAPP, Melchi, jr., son of Melchi, 1846-1864, buried Barnes Cemetery
        • SNAPP, Winifred (EDWARDS), wife of Melchi, Jr.
      • SNAPP, Laura Janet, daughter of Melchi (married Smith BURROWS), 1850-1893, buried Barnes Cemetery
      • SNAPP, Fauntley or Fantley M., son of Melchi, 1853-1932, buried Barnes Cemetery
  • SNAPP, Henry, Jr.
  • STANTON, Orrin
  • STEDMAN, James
  • STRANGER, Christopher
  • STRANGER, Daniel
  • TAYLOR, Stephen, b. 1796-1878, buried Barnes Cemetery
  • TAYLOR, William H., 1840-1923, buried Barnes Cemetery (see biography)
    • TAYLOR, Helen (SHERWOOD), first wife of Wm. H.
      • TAYLOR, Amos A., son of Wm. H., 1865-1945, buried Barnes Cemetery
        • TAYLOR, Alice E. (EASTON), wife of Amos
      • TAYLOR, William H., jr., son of Wm. H., 1866-1931, buried Barnes Cemetery
      • TAYLOR, Dennis, son of Wm. H.
      • TAYLOR, George, son of Wm. H.
      • TAYLOR, Cassius or Cashus M., son of Wm. H., 1874-1894, buried Barnes Cemetery
      • TAYLOR, Jane, daughter of Wm. H.
      • TAYLOR, Rudolph, son of Wm. H.
    • TAYLOR, Mary N. (RICE), second wife of Wm. H.
      • TAYLOR, Phebe A., daughter of Wm. H.
  • WELSH, James C. (see his obituary)
  • WHITMAN, John, 1810-1893, buried Barnes Cemetery (see biography)
  • WILLIAMS, Samuel

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