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City of Warren
Glade Township

Map showing the city of Warren in Warren county


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Census Records


Early History - edited by J.S. Schenck, 1887

Early History - by Emma Siggins White, 1918

Family Histories and Biographies


  • 1896 Township Map
  • USGS Topo Map (based on 1/24,000 maps dated 1954 through 1969)

Photographs and Postcards





Warren's iconic landmark - the flatiron National City Bank building.
Flat Iron Building, Warren
Built in 1891 between Second and Pennylvania Avenue.


Warren County Courthouse Complex
Photograph taken about 1877
Warren Courthouse, 1877
Photograph courtesy of the Warren Library Association
Located at the corner of Market Street and Fourth Avenue,
the buildings housed the county courthouse,
the jail, and the sheriff's residence.


The links, below, are to the Pleasant Township section in the Schenck History where the individual's name first appears; however, many of these pioneers are mentioned numerous times throughout this site. To find these additional entries, use the Find (Ctrl-F) search feature for this page or the Google search box on the Warren County Genealogy homepage to search the entire site.

Pioneers and those who came later...

Those with a * after the name moved away.
  • ARNOLD, Christian (see son John's biography)
    • ARNOLD, Katherine M. (MATHIS), wife of Christian
    • ARNOLD, John, son of Christian (see Conewango twp)
    • ARNOLD, Christian, son of Christian
    • ARNOLD, Mathis, son of Christian
  • BEATY, David, 1811-1889 (see biography)
    • BEATY, Abigail (MEAD), wife of David, 1820-1889
    • BEATY, Orris Weston, son of David, 1845-1905
    • BEATY, Albert Boone, son of David, 1848-1851
    • BEATY, David William, son of David, 1859-1925
  • BINDER, John, 1833-1914 (buried Oakland Cemetery)
  • BROWN, George
    • BROWN, Rasselas, son of George (see also biography)
      • BROWN, Elizabeth (SILL), wife of Rasselas
      • BROWN, Ada, daughter of Rasselas
      • BROWN, H. E., son of Rasselas
      • BROWN, George R., son of Rasselas
      • BROWN, Epp E., son of Rasselas
    • BROWN, Martha L., daughter of George
  • CARVER, Stephen, 1802-1884, buried Oakland Cemetery
  • CLEMONS, Thomas
  • CLINGER, William Floyd
    • CLINGER, Lella May (HUNTER), wife of Wm., 1894-1973, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • CLINGER, Dorothy Hunter, daughter of Wm. (married James VAUGHN, April 20, 1940)
    • CLINGER, Elizabeth, daughter of Wm.
  • CRARY family (see Sheffield township)
  • DAVIS, Alpheus J. (see biography)
  • DINSMOOR, Charles (see biography)
    • DINSMOOR, Elizabeth (MORRISON), wife of Charles
    • DINSMOOR, Imogen G., daughter of Charles, b. 1867 (married C. M. MORRIS)
    • DINSMOOR, Loten A., son of Charles, 1870-1898 (see obituary)
    • DINSMOOR, Harry, son of Charles, 1873-1874
    • DINSMOOR, Frederick C., son of Charles, 1875-1946, buried Oakland Cemetery
  • DUNHAM, Minor B. (see also biography, photo)
    • DUNHAM, Mary (PERSON), wife of Minor
    • DUNHAM, Clara E., daughter of Minor, 1853-1875
    • DUNHAM, George H., son of Minor, b. 1854
    • DUNHAM, Frank, son of Minor, 1856-1857
    • DUNHAM, Jessie M., daughter of Minor, b. 1862
  • DUNN, Henry
  • EDDY, Zachariah, d. 1872, buried Oakland Cemetery
  • FALCONER, Robert
  • FLODINE, August, 1850-1916 (see obituary)
    • FLODINE, Ida C., wife of August, 1855-1898 (see obituary)
    • FLODINE, Florence, daughter of August, 1878-1888, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • FLODINE, Charles Elmer, son of August, 1880-1924, buried Oakland Cemetery
  • FORD, Nathan
    • FORD, Charlotte, wife of Nathan
    • FORD, Eben N., son of Nathan
    • FORD, Nancy, daughter of Nathan (see Lucien HOFFMAN, below)
  • GILSON, John, Sr. - d. 1811
  • HAAG, Gottlieb, 1851-1934, buried Smith Cemetery (includes obituary and foto)
  • HACKNEY, 'Colonel' Joseph, 1763-1832
  • HALL, Chapin, 1816-1879 (see biography)
    • HALL, Susan (BOSTWICK), wife of Chapin
    • HALL, Rose E., daughter of Chapin (married Charles WETMORE, see below; later A. M. KENT)
  • HALL, Orris, 1804-1881, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography)
    • HALL, Eliza (HACKNEY), wife of Orris, 1809-1885, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • HALL, Sebastion, son of Orris, 1831-1896, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • HALL, Josephine, daughter of Orris, 1833-1898, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • HALL, Eliza, daughter of Orris, b. abt 1834
    • HALL, Orris, son of Orris, b. abt 1836
    • HALL, Roscoe, son of Orris, 1837-1862, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • HALL, Richard, son of Orris, b. abt 1839
    • HALL, Galbraith A. I., son of Orris, b. abt 1841 (see Sheffield twp)
    • HALL, Lydia A., daughter of Orris, b. abt 1844
    • HALL, George A., son of Orris, b. abt 1847
    • HALL, Rose Ann, daughter of Orris, b. abt 1848
  • HERTZEL, Andrew, b. 1829 (see biography)
  • HOFFMAN, Lucien (aka Lewis), 1824-1897, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • HOFFMAN, unknown, 1st wife of Lucien
    • HOFFMAN, Nancy L. (FORD)(LUDLOW), 2nd wife of Lucien, 1834-1895, buried Oakland Cemetery (see her obituary)
  • HULL, S. H. (see Wm GIBBS biography)
    • HULL, Nancy (GIBBS), wife of S. H.
  • HUNTER, Oliver Henry, 1823-1899, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography)
    • HUNTER, Betsey Jane (KING), 1st wife of O. H., 1825-1862, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • HUNTER, Betsey, daughter of O. H., b. abt 1850
      • HUNTER, Henry P., son of O. H., b. abt 1851 (see marriage announcement)
      • HUNTER, Lilly D., daughter of O. H., b. abt 1854
      • HUNTER, Charles F., son of O. H., b. abt 1857
    • HUNTER, Lucy B. (MATHEWS), 2nd wife of O. H., 1835-1895, buried Oakland Cemetery
  • IRVINE, Guy C.
  • JACKSON, Daniel, d. 1830
  • JAMIESON, Hugh A., b. 1835 (see biography)
  • JOHNSON, Samuel P., b. 1809 (see biography)
    • JOHNSON, Martha (HAZELTINE), first wife of Samuel, d. 1858
      • JOHNSON, Robert H., son of Samuel, b. abt 1839
      • JOHNSON, Louisa, daughter of Samuel, b. abt 1842
      • JOHNSON, Alice, daughter of Samuel, b. abt 1850
      • JOHNSON, Samuel K., son of Samuel, b. abt 1854
    • JOHNSON, Martha L. (BROWN) (PARMLEE), second wife of Samuel, b. abt 1821 (see also George Brown, above, and Aaron Parmlee, below)
      • JOHNSON, Martha, daughter of Samuel, b. abt 1862
  • JONES, Harvey, d. 1826
  • KING, John, d. 1842
    • KING, Betsey (GILSON), wife of John King, d. 1873
  • KING, Rufus P.
  • MEAD, Climena (OWENS), wife of David, 1804-1825, buried Oakland Cemetery
  • MORRISON, James, Jr.
  • NESMITH, John, d. abt 1826
    • NESMITH, Hannah (SHIRLEY), wife of John, d. abt 1827
    • NESMITH, Benjamin, son of John, b. 1820 (see biography)
      • NESMITH, Louisa (DICKINSON), 1st wife of Benjamin, d. 1848
        • NESMITH, Alonzo, son of Benjamin
        • NESMITH, Ozro, son of Benjamin
      • NESMITH, Arrilla Norton, 2nd wife of Benjamin
        • NESMITH, Lurinda, daughter of Benjamin
  • NEWMAN, Dr. H. S.
  • OFFERLE, Adam, 1842-1921, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography)
    • OFFERLE, Ann Elizabeth (ZEIGLER), wife of Adam, 1844-1931, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • OFFERLE, Margaret S., daughter of Adam, b. abt 1867
    • OFFERLE, Ada "Addie" E., daughter of Adam, 1869-1952, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • OFFERLE, Ethel C. "Carrie E." , daughter of Adam, 1875-1966, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • OFFERLE, Andrew Merton, son of Adam, 1876-1917, buried Oakland Cemetery
  • ORR, Henry, b. 1806
  • ORR, Richard S. 1810 - (see biography)
    • ORR, Jane (BOSTWICK), wife of Richard S.
    • ORR, Richard B., son of Richard S., 1841-1899
    • ORR, Sumner E., son of Richard S., b. 1842
    • ORR, Henry S., son of Richard S., 1844-1845
    • ORR, George P., son of Richard S., b. 1846
    • ORR, Frank Henry, son of Richard S., 1855-1856
  • OWENS, John, d. 1843 (see tombstone photo)
  • PARMLEE, Aaron S., 1815-1847, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • PARMLEE, Martha L. (BROWN), wife of Aaron (see also George Brown and Samuel Johnson, both above)
    • PARMLEE, James O., son of Aaron, 1845-1903, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • PARMLEE, Honor S. (maiden name unknown), wife of James
  • PARMLEE, Lathrop G., brother of William S., 1819-1907
    • PARMLEE, Abbie (BABCOCK), wife of Lathrop
  • PARMLEE, William S., brother of Lathrop, 1817-1892, buried Oakland Cemetery
  • SCOFIELD, Glenni W., 1817-1891, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography)
    • SCOFIELD, Laura M. (TANNER), wife of Glenni, 1823-1909, buried Oakland Cemetery (see obituary)
    • SCOFIELD, Ellie G., daughter of Glenni, d. 1920, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • SCOFIELD, Mary M., daughter of Glenni
    • SCOFIELD, Archibald T., son of Glenni
  • SHIRLEY, John, d. abt 1826
  • STEWART, Dr. Richard Benson, 1861-1934, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • STEWART, Jessie M. (DUNHAM), wife of Richard (see DUNHAM, Sheffield township)
    • STEWART, Minor Benson, son of Richard, 1884-1932, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • STEWART, Louise C. (HAMILTON), wife of Minor, 1883-1967, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • STEWART, Jane Hamilton, daughter of Minor
    • STEWART, Dr. Paul Bryant, son of Richard, b. 1886
      • STEWART, Helen Alice (SEIGFRED), wife of Paul
      • STEWART, Richard Seigfred, son of Paul
      • STEWART, John Seigfred, son of Paul
  • STONE, Charles W., 1843-1912, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography)
    • STONE, Elizabeth (MOORHEAD), wife of Charles, 1844-1917, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • STONE, Grace Mary, daughter of Charles, b. 1869
    • STONE, Annie Isabel, daughter of Charles
    • STONE, Ralph Warren, son of Charles, 1872-1934, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • STONE, Elizabeth Moorhead, daughter of Charles, b. 1874
    • STONE, John Lyon, son of Charles, 1879-1972, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • STONE, Clara Rebecca, daughter of Charles
  • TANNER, Archibald, 1786-1861
    • TANNER, Margaretta, wife of Archibald, d. 1825
    • TANNER, Laura M., daughter of Archibald (see Glenni SCOFIELD, above)
  • WALLACE, Caleb, d. 1824
  • WATSON, Lewis F., 1819-1890 (see biography, photo)
  • WETMORE, Lansing, 1792-1857, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography)
    • WETMORE, Caroline (DITMARS), wife of Lansing, 1798-1878, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • WETMORE, Lansing Ditmars, son of Lansing, 1818-1905, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography, photo)
      • WETMORE, Betsey (WETHERBY/WEATHERBY), 1st wife of Lansing, 1829-1856, buried Oakland Cemetery
        • WETMORE, Alice, d. 1914, buried Oakland Cemetery (married Lientenant J. P. JEFFERSON)
      • WETMORE, Maria C. (SHATTUCK), 2nd wife of Lansing,
    • WETMORE, Jerome W., son of Lansing
    • WETMORE, Augustus P., son of Lansing, d. 1896, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • WETMORE, Sidney A., son of Lansing, 1825-1898, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • WETMORE, Amelia (BROOKFIELD), wife of Sidney, 1827-1897, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • WETMORE, Brookfield, son of Sidney, b. 1859
    • WETMORE, Albert A., son of Lansing, d. 1828, age 11 months, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • WETMORE, Caroline L., daughter of Lansing
    • WETMORE, Charles C., son of Lansing, 1829-1867, buried Oakland Cemetery (see biography)
      • WETMORE, Rose E. (HALL), wife of Charles, 1838-1912 (later married A. M. KENT), buried Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown, N. Y.
      • WETMORE, Chapin Hall, son of Charles, 1859-1902, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • WETMORE, Charles Delevan, son of Charles, 1866-1941, buried Oakland Cemetery (includes foto and brief biography)
    • WETMORE, Sarah M., daughter of Lansing, 1831-1921, buried Oakland Cemetery (married Charles REESE)
    • WETMORE, Caroline Louisa, daughter of Lansing, 1834-1837, buried Oakland Cemetery
    • WETMORE, Catharine B., daughter of Lansing (married [first name unknown] HUTCHINSON)
    • WETMORE, George R., son of Lansing, 1841-1890, buried Oakland Cemetery
      • WETMORE, Anna Eliza (STRUTHERS), wife of George, 1848-1880, buried Oakland Cemetery (includes obituary)
      • WETMORE, Thomas Struthers, son of George, 1872-1886



Google map of the city of Warren


If you have any City of Warren genealogy information you wish to share, please email the Warren County coordinator.




Early History


The following are selected excerpts from the book Genealogical Gleanings of Siggins, and other Pennsylvania Families A Volume of History, Biography and Colonial, Revolutionary, Civil and Other War Records Including Names of Many Other Warren County Pioneers, compiled by Emma Siggins White, assisted by Martha Humphreys Maltby, excerpts pages 15 - 16; published by Tiernan-Dart Printing Co., 1918. To aid in finding your ancestor, names are in bold.

"Warren Borough was laid out by General William Irvine and Andrew Ellicott about 1795 and incorporated April 3, 1882. Stephen Gilson, son of Gideon, was the first white child born in the town. Another of the first settlers was David Jackson, a native of Connecticut, but he came from Ithaca, N.Y., to this place in 1797 and settled on what was later known as the Wetmore Farm; he came by way of Buffalo and Erie to Waterford and thence by canoe down French Creek to the Allegheny River. He built the first frame house in the town. Here he kept an Inn for a number of years.

Archibald Tanner erected a brick block on this same lot in 1849-50. In 1800 Jackson completed one of the first saw mills in the county, from which the first raft of pine timber was floated down the Allegheny River and safely landed at Pittsburgh between the years 1799 and 1801. It contained about thirty thousand feet of lumber and was guided by sitting-poles instead of oars. The saw mill built by the Meads on the Brokenstraw was erected about the same time and was thought by some of the old settlers to take precedence of the Jackson mill. David Jackson died June 20, 1830; his children were Daniel, Rachel, David, Jr., Ethan Ebenezer and Sylvia.

John King another early settler, married Betsy, daughter of John Gilson, Sr., in 1811. She died in 1873. Their children were J. born 1812; George W.; Rufus P., Mrs. Harmon of Warren; J.E. King, M.D. of Buffalo; Mrs. Evelyn Mead (wife of John Mead of Youngsville) who later married Thomas W. Jackson--their sons were John A., Byron J., Gilson A., and a daughter Sarah who married Mr. Davis; Mrs. Betsy Hunter and Mrs. Malvina Cowan of Warren.

John King served as County Treasurer in 1827-28. Rufus P. King filled the same office 1843-47 and also served as Associate Judge of Warren County.

George W. Fenton, father of Hon. Reuben E. Fenton, taught the first school in a room of Daniel Jackson's house. He married Elsey Owen of Carroll, a niece of John King's wife.

Thomas Beaty of Beaver County, was another of the substantial pioneer farmers of Western Pennsylvania who became one of the best of patriotic citizens. he tilled the soil and taught habits of frugality and industry to his children. When the call came for troops in 1812, he offered his services and was stationed with the Penna. troops at Fort Erie.

David, one of his fourteen children, was born in Beaver County in 1811. He was also a farmer, by industry and frugality he accumulated considerable property in Forest and Warren Counties. He engaged in the lumber business and later when oil was discovered in Warren County, he began operations in that industry. He made his home in Warren where his two sons also lived. The older O.W. Beaty became a partner of his father in the oil business; and from 1889 until the time of his death, he served as Vice President of the Warren Savings Bank."




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