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Photos of People, Places, Events and Things in Mifflin County


ALMS House  This was the Alms House on Green Ave. My great grandfather who was in Civil War at age 16 ran it when he came home. Then my grandparents took over. The small boy is my father Lewis H. Ruble.  Contributor: Carol Wager 4 Sara Ln. Lewistown, PA


Thomas A. ARNOLD, 1813-1893, and Mary Ann Folk, 1819-1896.  Contributor: Ronald Bruce Hood


BARBEN, CASSADY & Related Families  Contributor: Sue Smith


Bear Hunt in Havice Valley, Mifflin Co.  Contributor:Bonnie Filson


BELLEVILLE  Contributor: Maureen

  Main Street 1

  Main Street 2

  View from Stone Mountain


Rhoda CARNEY  Contributor: Riley Henry


W. H. Bruce CARNEY  Contributor: Riley Henry


DUNMIRE Family  From Left to Right: Florence Irene Gillam, 1904-1968; Violet Rambler Dunmire, 1908-1988; Fern David Dunmire, 1907-1986; Mable Masemore Dunmire; Harry Edward Dunmire, 1902-1996; Walter Earl Dunmire, 1987; Mary E. Manbeck, 1897-1968; Loyd Gilbert Dunmire, 1892-1968; Mary Elizabeth Swigart Dunmire, 1894-1980; Nannie Catherine French Dunmire, 1893-1972; Luther James Dunmire, 1890-1961; Jessee May Rupert Dunmire; John Wesley Kerr, 1894-1971; Roy Rupert Dunmire, 1881-1971

Contributor: Bonnie Filson


EMBASSY THEATRE  Click on the Photo Gallery to see historical photos of the interior and exterior of the building.


EMBASSY THEATRE USHERS - From Left: seated: Charles Sims, Harold Bittinger and Chalres Hackenberry standing: Francis Stumpf, Tommy Tomlinson, Lawrence Jaraskie and George Barnes These employees of the Embassy Theatre, South Main Street, Lewistown, sat for their photograph at uniforms at the Kepler Studio, of 127 E. Market Street, February 1928.


FAWN Family


Unidentified FAWN Album Photos


FILSON Family  Contributor: Bonnie Filson


GIBBONEY & MORRISON Families, Belleville, Union Township: Albert George GIBBONEY and Penninah MORRISON Family:

  Back Row: Howard, Granville, George Cooley (husband of Elizabeth), Elizabeth, William

  Front Row: Samuel, Charles, Albert, George, Penninah, Thomas (on knee)

Contributor: Jim & Chris Morrison


HARSHBARGER [probably] Barn Building  Contributor: Alan Kearns


Aunt Dot HAY  Contributor: Riley Henry


Ellis HAY's Daughters  Contributor: Riley Henry


Rev. Ellis S. HAY  Contributor: Riley Henry


Joseph HARSHBARGER, sons, Caleb, Israel, Milton, and others, hunting, probably in Bratton Twp. circa 1910  Contributor: Alan Kearns


Thomas Nelson KNOUSE, Born in Oriental, Juniata Co, January 5, 1879, died in Lewistown, Mifflin County, May 3, 1947. Mr. Knouse applied the original green finish on Green Gables.  Contributor: Howard Knouse




Edward Banks MOLSON, Sr. (1840 - 1896) and family  Contributor: MCHS


MOLSON Family Notes  Contributor: MCHS and Jeannette Molson


Joseph Henderson MORRISON, lived all his life in Union Twp. Mifflin Co. Born October 22, 1828, Died December 16, 1896  Contributor: Jim & Chris Morrison


Jesse NEVEL; born 12/27/1889, US; died 10/17/1945, Lewistown, Mifflin County; son of Jacob Emanual & Elizabeth Mahala (Klinefelter) Nevel/Nevil  Contributor: Jesse Davis, Davis Family


MATHIS ALBUM - unidentified photos


NO DUCK HUNTING IN THE TOWN SQUARE! It must have been a slow day in town. The jolly jesters from the billiard parlor, struck by the hilarity of the moment, aim their pool cues at a duck instead of an ivory ball. The decoy floats peacefully on the temporary pond, as the bird dog wonders what all the fuss is about! The event drew the barber from J. A. Yocumís for a contemplative look. This Mifflin County Historical Society archive photo dates from 1900, from theewistown Gazette. A front page article from June 14, 1900 noted: Saturday morning the attention of a large number of people was drawn to a large card on a stick placed in one of the mud holes in the Diamond bearing the words: "NO SHOOTING DUCKS HERE." Below the sign a decoy duck was placed. During the day photographer Nolte took a picture of the "lake" around which a number of persons grouped themselves in the attitude of hunters and fisherman. It is a shame that the Diamond has been left in this condition so long. The problem was apparently caused by the trolley company, and the article goes on to condemn the situation, blaming the town council.  Contributor: Cynthia Rosenberry & Mifflin County Historical Society


POSTCARDS - Contributions Welcomed



PEARSON-1, PEARSON-2 - circa 1916, Sarah Eleanor Pearson Fiedler is in the large group photo in 3rd row, 3rd from left holding small child (not her child). Not sure of family, may be Pearsons, Rutherfords or bottorff.  Photos submitted by Cheryl Fiedler Emenhiser (granddaughter of Sarah).


REEDSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL "Brownies" - circa 1942 Reedsville, Brown Township Photo was taken where the Reedsville Playground is today, then it was used as the high school ball field. Thanks goes out to Jay Stuck of Belleville, PA, who appears in the photo. They are, left to right: Front row: Don Gondar, Jim Mann, unknown, Bob Divan, Bill McNitt, Jim Shilling, Jack Walk, John Davey Freed Back row: Mike Rodgers, Henry Fisher, Jay Stuck, Jack Calhoun, Dwayne (Ozzie) Crum, Frank Peters, Frank Walk, coach Al Moore


SIGLERVILLE BAND  A Family Affair in Siglerville, Armagh Township, Mifflin County The Siglerville Band of 1942 was indeed a family affair. Band members from director Charles Ehrenfeldís family included Ehrenfeld and his son Clemens; daughters Shirley, Louise and Jean (shown r to l at right); son-in-law Richard Stumpff; brothers Jesse and Grant; and Grantís son Paul. In addition, Ehrenfeldís youngest brother Frank was a band member, but had previously moved to Philipsburg. Other related band members were brothers Lee and Grant Ramsey and Frank and Howard Fultz plus Howardís son Chester; father and son Walter and Lee Nale; brothers William and Landon Thompson (absent on photo). Many thanks to Louise Ehrenfeld Peters of Reedsville for providing the information accompanying these Kepler Studio photos, all of which are now part of the historical society's collection.  Contributor: Cynthia Rosenberry & Mifflin County Historical Society


SIGLERVILLE BAND  This group photo was taken on the steps of the Presbyterian Church, Milroy, Pennsylvania. It appeared in the program book of the 10th Annual Band Masters Convention held in Lewistown August 8 and 9, 1942. front row: Richard Stumpff - Drum Major, James Fox, Howard Fultz, Chester Fultz, Lee Ramsey, Louise (Ehrenfeld) Peters, Shirley (Ehrenfeld) Teschner, Joe Houser, Walter Nale, Lee Nale, Charles Ehrenfeld - Director. second row: Neal Carstetter, Jesse Ehrenfeld, Doris (Close) Bobb, Hope (Harbeson) Simpson, Grant Ramsey, Edward Harkinson, Paul Ehrenfeld, Blaine Esh. third row: Lee Hoar, William Thompson, Grant Ehrenfeld, Jean (Ehrenfeld) Stumpff, Frank Fultz, Reed Hunt, Richard Rager, John Garver, Clemens Ehrenfeld back row: Ray Hoar, Lee Rhodes, Charles Firth, Richard Havice  Contributor: Cynthia Rosenberry & Mifflin County Historical Society


SIGN - At the End of the Road I Will Meet God - on the road from Harrisburg to Mifflin & Juniata Counties


SIGN - Shade Gap Mill


STINE Family  Contributor: Ben Sunderland


John Hay STROUPE, Age 7, 1943  Contributor:Riley Henry


SUNDERLAND Family  Contributor: Ben Sunderland


TATE Family  Contributor: Walt


UNKNOWN ANCESTOR- This photo from Hess' Studio in Mifflintown was found at a rummage sale.  If you recognize this woman, please let us know.


Wayne United Brethren Church Congregation, circa 1890  Contributor:Ben Sunderland


Yeagertown School, circa 1910. 12, 3.   Photos found with grandfather's (Seth Edward Snook, b. 1896) 8th Grade Certificate. Center young man in photograph 3 is great uncle Joseph Snook (b. 1891).  Contributor: Susan Sillence


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