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Rachel Elizabeth Barben was born in 1866, in Wayne Township. She was the daughter of Alexander and Susan Barben, and the wife of Maurice Burlew.
Susan Garen Barben was the wife of Alexander Barben. 
Alexander Barben, 1824-1903. Alexander was a farmer and resident of Wayne Township. He and his wife, Susan, raised nine children in the Newton Hamilton area.  
This photograph is of Josephine Barben and David F. Cassady, taken around 1880. Josephine and David were married in Mifflin County about 1868 and raised fourteen children in Wayne Twp., where David was a farmer, a township assessor, and school director. 
Ralph B. Cassady and his wife, Arly.   Ralph was born in Wayne Twp. in 1885. He was the son of Owen and Mattie
Kathryn Grace Cassady Norris, 1878-1953, from Wayne Twp. Kathryn was the daughter of Charles Cassady and the wife of William Herman Norris.
Joseph Jackson Barben (1860-1937) was born in Wayne Twp. He was the son of Alexander and Susan Barben, and the husband of Martha Secrist.

Wedding Announcement
JJ Barben Obituary - below
Obituary of Martha Secrist Barben - below

Owen J. and Martha (Mattie) Barben Cassady.   Owen and Mattie were married in Wayne Township where Owen was a farmer for many years. Mattie was the daughter of Alexander and Susan Barben.

Resolution of Respect in honor of Mattie B. Cassady

1930 Barben-Cassady Family Reunion in Newton-Hamilton.  Some IDs known by submitter.
Joseph and Emma Barben Shade.  Emma was born in Wayne Twp., in 1863.  She was the daughter of Alexander and Susan Barben.
James Alexander Cassady and his wife, Mary Etta Kauffman, at their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1943. James was born in Wayne Twp., in 1871. He was the son of David Cassady and Josephine Barben. Mary Etta was born in Mapleton, in 1874. She was the daughter of David C. Kauffman and Permelia "Millie" Thompson.


Barben & Cassady Family Obituaries & News


Contributor: Sue Smith


Obituary of Mrs. J. J. Barben

Mount Union, Pennsylvania

June, 1932


Mrs. Martha Margaret (Secrist) Barben, wife of Joseph J. Barben, and one of Mount Union’s most esteemed citizens, died at her home, 118 Market street on Wednesday, June 29, 1932, at 3:45 in the morning, after an illness of ten months from complications.

Mrs. Barben was born in Wayne Township, Mifflin County, October 19, 1858, and was the daughter of Samuel Secrist and Nancy (Gilliland) Secrist. She was united in marriage with Mr. Barben at Newton Hamilton on December 31, 1886. After her marriage she resided in Newton Hamilton until 23 years ago when she moved with her family to this city. She was a devoted member of the First Methodist Church, a member of the home department of the Church School, and was faithful to her family and her home. She was a good neighbor, and her quiet ministrations will not be forgotten by those who shared them.

Mrs. Barben is survived by her husband, two sons, John K. Barben, of Huntingdon, and Edward C. Barben, of Market and Shaver streets, and one daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Barnes, at home. She is also survived by her twin brother, Matthew T. Secrist, of East Shirley street and three grandchildren, Robert and Joanne of Huntingdon, and Edward S. Barben, of this city.

Funeral services will be held from her late home, Friday afternoon, July 1, at 2:30 o’clock, and will be in charge of her pastor, Rev. Dr. R. Skyles Oyler, assisted, by the Rev. Frederick Curtis Fowler, Jr., pastor of the First Presbyterian church. Burial will follow in the Odd Fellows cemetery under the direction of W. Q. Blatt. 


Obituary of Joseph Jackson Barben

Mount Union, Pennsylvania
September 21, 1937


Mount Union, Sept. 22. Joseph Jackson Barben, one of Mount Union’s most substantial and highly respected citizens died at his late home, West Market street, Tuesday evening, September 21, 1937, at 6:40 after an illness that confined him to his home four weeks. He had been in failing health for some months. At the time of death Mr. Barben was aged 77 years, 1 month and 29 days.

Joseph Jackson Barben was born July 22, 1860 in Wayne township, Mifflin County. He was the son of Alexander and Susan Barben. On December 21, 1886 he was untied in marriage with Miss Martha Secrist at Newton Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Barben and family moved to Mount Union about thirty years ago. Mrs. Barben died June 29, 1932. Following her death Mr. Barben and his only daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Barnes, resided in their West Market street home. He was a retired employee of the Harbison-Walker Refractories Company. He was a carpenter by trade and a very good one.

Mr. Barben was a splendid Christian gentleman. In his death Mount Union has lost a valuable citizen. First Methodist Church has lost a faithful official and member and the Barben home has lost a devoted and wise counselor. He was a member of the church, a steward of the official board and a member of the Brotherhood Class of the Sunday School.

Surviving are three children, John K. Barben of Huntingdon, Mrs. Elizabeth Barnes at home and Edward C. Barben of Shirleysburg. Three grandchildren also survive as well as three sisters. They are Mrs. Elizabeth Burlew of Mount Union, Mrs. Emma Shade of Lewistown and Mrs. Alice Stayner of Newton Hamilton.

Funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon, September 24, from the Barben home.


The Wedding Announcement of Maggie Secrist and J. Jackson Barben

December 21, 1886


On Tuesday evening last, a few invited guests gathered at H. C. Kinsloe’s the late home of Miss Maggie Secrist, to witness her marriage to Mr. Jackson Barbin. The hour fixed for the ceremony was five o’clock and promptly at that time the bride and groom was lead into the room by Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Kinsloe, to where the Rev. A. S. Bald stood in waiting, who, in just three minutes by the clock, recited the ritual service that joined for life these two happy hearts. They received the hearty congratulations of the company present and happiness pervaded throughout, with but one exception. Master John Kinsloe was quite heavy hearted during the entire evening and as he, quite manfully, stepped out to extend his congratulations the bride stooped down and kissed him; this was the short straw, etc. He could stand it no longer. The thought of his loss overcame him.
The presents were fine and serviceable.
The necessary wedding feast was next in order and was excellent.
We wish our young friends a happy and prosperous journey through life.


Obituary of Alexander Barben
Newton Hamilton, Pennsylvania
September 2, 1903


On Wednesday at 8:45 a.m. Alexander Barben, one of Newton Hamilton’s honored and aged citizens passed peacefully away, surrounded by his family, after one month’s serious illness. Mr. Barben had not been well since in the spring, but was able to be around until one month ago when he took his room from which his remains were carried out on Friday at 10:30 a.m. to the M. E. church where the last rites of a Christian funeral were conducted by Rev. D. D. Kauffman. Mr. Barben was aged 79 years and was the father of eight children – Mrs. David Cassady and John Barben both dead. The living are Mrs. Ed. Cassady of Mt. Union, Mrs. O. J. Cassady of Mt. Union, J. J. Barben of Newton Hamilton, Mrs. Jos. Shade of Wayne township, Mrs. Morris Burlew of Iowa and Mrs. James Stayner of Newton Hamilton. He leaves a loving wife who constantly ministered to his every want. He also leaves 38 grand children and 10 great grand children. Thus another old landmark has been obliterated. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved widow and family.


Obituary of Susan Garen Barben
Newton Hamilton, Pennsylvania
March 10, 1910


Mrs. Susan Barben died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James J. Stayner, on Church street, this place, Thursday, March 10, 1910, at 9 p.m. She was born October 23, 1827, and was therefore, aged 82 years, 5 months, and 7 days. She was the widow of Alexander Barben, Sr., and was the mother of nine children, grandmother of forty children and great-grandmother of twenty-one children. Of her own children there is living one son and five daughters as follows: J. J. Barben, Mrs. Mattie Cassady, and Mrs. Lizzie Burlew, of Mt.Union; Mrs. Ellen Swisher, of Wayne township; Mrs. Emma Shade of Vira, and Mrs. Alice Stayner of Newton Hamilton. Twenty-eight grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren survive her. Mrs. Barben united with the Methodist Episcopal church in early life, was a consistent Christian woman and loved to attend church services when in health. None ever entered her home without a warm welcome nor left without feeling the warmth of a genuine hospitality, so characteristic of the people of her ancestry. Impressive funeral services were held in the M.E. church last Sunday morning, conducted by her pastor, Rev. David Y. Brouse, after which all that was mortal of this grand old mother in Isreal was tenderly conveyed to Memorial cemetery where, by the side of a devoted husband, she now rests in peace.
Among those from a distance in attendance at the funeral where Mr. Hooper and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Rohm, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cassady and son, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Barben and family, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Cassady, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Burlew, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cassady, and Milton Fields and daughter, of Mt. Union; Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain and son, Mr. Otis Pinson, Mr. David Cassady and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cassady, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Norris and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James Cassady and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brumbaugh, of Altoona; Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Shade of Vira, and Mr. and Mrs. Owen Swisher of Burnham.


November, 1922


David F. Cassady, a well known retired Pennsy shopman, died at the residence of his son, James A. Cassady, in Altoona, on Sunday of this week, November 26th of a complication of diseases incident to advanced age. Mr. Cassady was a native of Vermont where he was born in 1845. His parents were natives of Ireland. In early life he worked at farming and then he went to New York and later came to Pennsylvania. He worked in Mifflin County as a farm hand, cradling wheat while the farmer’s daughter raked the grain after him.. He married this same girl and has lived in this same state ever since.
In Mifflin County, he engaged in farming, the farm being located between Mount Union and Newton Hamilton. He served for two terms as a school director in Wayne Township and was township assessor for the same length of time. He was the father of fourteen children. Six are living, five sons and a daughter surviving him. His wife died twenty eight years ago. Mr. Cassady entered the employ of the Penny in 1895 as a blacksmith helper in the Juniata shops. He worked continuously for the company until he was retired on December 1, 1920.
The children who survive are as follows: James A, Thomas I. John W., Milton H., all of Altoona, Dr. Ray D. Cassady of Pittsburgh and Mrs. Flora Brumbaugh of Lakemont Terrace, also by the following brothers and sisters: O. J. of Mount Union, James of Huntingdon, Joseph of Canada, and Mrs. Ellen Snyder of Mount Union.
Brief services were held from the home of his son at 1312 Third Avenue, where he died on Monday evening and Tuesday morning the remains were taken to Newton Hamilton for internment.


December, 1896?



*This article does not have a publication date or source. It is likely to be December 10, 1896 in celebration of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Alexander and Susan Barben in Newton Hamilton, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.


A most delightful surprise party was held at the residence and for the benefit of Mr. And Mrs. Alexander Barben on Wednesday evening. About 6 o’clock Mr. And Mrs. Barben’s children and grandchildren, together with several invited guests, met at H. C. Kinsloe’s store and marched to the residence of Father Barben on Church street. When the procession Marched into the home to say that they were surprised does not half tell it. There had not a single thought been expressed in their hearing that would lead them to suspect of receiving any visitors on that evening. With the children came basket after basket filled to overflowing with the good things that the daughters had prepared for the occasion, and about 7 o’clock, by request, Rev. Hartzell offered up an earnest petition to the Father of us all, thanking Him for preserving the lives and health of this aged couple and for a continuance of the same for many years to come. After which supper was announced and soon the large tables were surrounded by the invited guests with Father and Mother Barben occupying the seats of honor. Such a supper was a surprise to the guests as much as the guests were a surprise to Mr. and Mrs. Barben. The table almost groaned beneath the burden of good things prepared by the daughters, all of whom, to our knowledge, are experts in the culinary art. The second table and the third table was filled with guests and the family and yet there was enough left for several tables more.


Mr. Alexander Barben was born 70 years ago and Mrs. Barben 66 years ago. When Mr. Barben was 15 years old, he being the oldest of six children, his father died, leaving him to take charge and rear the younger children. He married in 1846 and is the father of 9 children – 7 girls and 2 boys – 8 of which are still living and doing well. Three of the daughters married brothers – David, Edward, and Owen Cassady. Mr. Barben had 37 grand-children, 29 are still living and 1 great grandchild. Twenty-four of the grand children are boys, also the great grandchild. The children present were Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cassady, Mr. and Mrs. George Swisher, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Cassady, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barbin, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shade, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Burlew, and Miss Alice Barben. The invited guests present were Rev. C. V. Hartzell, Miss Alice Norton, Mrs. Annie Secrist, Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Kinsloe, Geo. Burlew, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder of Mount Union, and Mr. And Mrs. B. E. Morrison, all of whom spent a very pleasant evening, which will be remembered so long as we do live. May a kind providence deal gently with our esteemed friends, and that they be blessed with good health and a long and happy life is the best wish of the writer.



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