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Some Descendants of John and Martha Stine


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Jacob Stine (22 Sep 1803 - 23 Aug 1877), father of 11 children, including Samuel B. Stine. According to the Stine Family records at the Mifflin County Historical Society, Jacob is one of 11 children of John Stine (born 4 June 1773 in Germany, died 11 December 1860) and Martha Sprecht (15 July 1778 15 Feb 1844). One of Jacob's sisters is Elizabeth Stine, wife of Thomas Johnston.
Margaret French (22 Oct 1805 - 8 Mar 1889), wife of Jacob Stine and mother of Samuel B. Stine.
Samuel B. Stine (20 Oct 1831 - 3 Dec 1902), Oliver Township, Mifflin County Tax Collector for many years. Probably lived on the farm later occupied by his son Edward P. Stine, on the north side of Route 22, just east of the Wayne/Oliver Township line.
Hannah C. Shade (22 Jun 1845 - 11 Aug 1907), second wife of Samuel B. Stine, and mother of Bertha E. Stine Sunderland, Grace E. Stine Bailey, and Jessie M. Stine, who died as a baby.
Thomas Winchester Stine (6 Jan 1866 - 2 Dec 1904), son of Samuel B. Stine and his first wife Sarah R. Johnston (24 June 1835-26 November 1869).
Thomas Winchester Stine and one of his three wives. His first wife was Lydia E. Carson (24 Dec 1867 - 24 Oct 1895). His second was Mary A. McCormick (9 April 1881 - 26 March 1903) whom he married 4 October 1900 and to whom a son Chester Edward Stine was born in October 1901. On 20 April 1904, Thomas Stine married his third wife, Mary J. Rambler, who was born in May of 1886.
Edward P. Stine (9 October 1867 - 7 April 1942), son of Samuel B. Stine and Sarah R. Johnston, grandson of John and Martha Stine.
Ed Stine with his wife Margaret Elsie Sunderland (19 January 1863 - 3 January 1950)
Ed Stine in "mid-life"
Ed Stine on the farm with his nephew, Blair Harold Sunderland (30 April 1916 - 31 May 1976), probably taken around 1930.
Henry Bailey (16 March 1872 1 July 1922).
Grace E. Stine (16 August 1877 24 December 1927), wife of Henry Bailey and daughter of Samuel B. Stine and Hannah Catherine Shade.
Tressie Bailey, a daughter of Henry Bailey and Grace E. Stine.


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