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Sunderland Family


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Hannah Maria Hamilton holding a young boy, probably Robert Lawrence Sunderland (15 July 1871 - 2 June 1950), the youngest of her eight children.
Hannah Maria Hamilton, (27 April 1831--13 February 1891)  She married Adam H. Sunderland  (25 June 1822-26 - April 1877), no known photo available.
Robert Lawrence Sunderland ?? as a young man. I don't know for sure if this is my grandfather. The tintype was in his family album and there is significant resemblance to the photos of him when he is older. What do the experts think?
Robert Lawrence Sunderland in "midlife"
Robert Lawrence Sunderland and his second wife, Maude Estella Rhodes (3 October 1885 - 12 March 1946), in their later years. Photo was probably taken about 1940.
Four generation photo: Robert Lawrence Sunderland, son Robert Markley Sunderland (16 April 1908 - 8 November 1980), Robert Glen Sunderland (7 October 1925 - 27 February 1994), and Glen Lawrence Sunderland (born 19 March 1947)
Mary Jane Hamilton (18 January 1830 - 4 May 1906) is the sister of Hannah Maria Hamilton. Mary Jane first married John Bice (probably the same John Bice who emigrated from England in 1840 and lived with the James Bice family). John died in early 1865, and then on 29 October 1868 Mary Jane married George W. Sunderland (27 January 1826 - 14 April 1882), brother of Adam H. Sunderland. To make things really complicated, George W. Sunderland had been previously married to Lucinda Hamilton (abt 1838 - abt 1865), a sister of Mary Jane and Hannah Maria.


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