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The photo was e-mailed to our newsletter (MCHS) and appears here courtesy of Jeannette Molson.


Edward Banks Molson, Sr., the son of Samuel D. Molson, is the gentleman seated with a young child (Jeannette Molson's grandfather: Edward Banks Molson, Jr.) on his lap.


Query appeared in Jan/Feb 2001 newsletter, Notes from Monument Square, Vol. XXVII No. 1

Dear Editor: I am Samuel D. Molson's great great granddaughter. I have had the pleasure of visiting my great great grandfather's birthplace (in Mifflin County) twice, once in 1985, and again in 1992 with my father.


Now for the reason for my letter. I have, for over the last 20+ years, been researching the Molson's of Lewistown. I have copies of information that has been provided to me by researchers in your county. The late Dr. Charles Eater sent me copies of clippings on my great great grandfather's involvement in the emigration to Haiti. There was mention of a ship The Flight that sailed for Haiti. I have been trying to learn who actually sailed on that ship but to no avail. Your article mentions that there were 'names of fourteen families and nine individuals' listed. Is it possible for someone to provide me with the names of those individuals? I have attempted to locate this information through the NY Journal of Commerce and other sources but have come up blank. Evidently passports were not required at that time.


This was not the only member of my family who emigrated to another country. Many African Americans left the U. S. prior to the Civil War to go to Africa. There are descendants, living today in the U. S., who are direct dependents of Mary Ann Molson Deputie, sister to George, Samuel D., John, and William Molson, all of Lewistown. Please contact Jeannette L. Molson, P.O. Box 1406, Davis, CA 95617 or e-mail:


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