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Reference Look-up Services

If anyone is willing to look up references, please send me your name and email address. Please provide a full citation of the reference books available and any restrictions you wish to place upon requests.
David N. Blauch

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No effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the information presented here; however, for each record the contributor is identified.

Contributions to the Lebanon County, Pennsylvania PAGenWeb site are welcome.

Notice to Contributors: Whenever possible, please submit exact transcriptions of the original records. Please do not alter, condense, or interpret the original information. Editorial comments are acceptable but should be clearly identified as such and should be kept separate from the original information.

I do not live in Lebanon County nor am I easily able to obtain information from Lebanon County. My role is to maintain this web site. Please do not send me requests for information.

Please send comments, contributions, and corrections to David N. Blauch.

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