From: Biographical Annals of Lebanon County, J.H. Beers & Co., Chicago, 1904, pp 140-2.
Submitted by Anthony Kapolka
Submitter's Note: The last name Halstein should be spelled Holstein.

EDWARD SCHMALTZ, whose attractive, well improved farm stands in one of the pleasant suburbs of Richland, is a man of great energy and marked business ability. Starting life with nothing but his own brains and muscles to depend upon, he has in the steady pursuit of one main industry_farming_amassed considerable property and won a leading place among agriculturists of his section. He was born in Bern township, Berks county, March 18, 1836, son of John and Rebecca (Spatz) Schmaltz.

Samuel Schmaltz, grandfather of Edward, came from Germany to the Colonies some time prior to 1775. As a loyal, patriotic American, when the Revolutionary war broke out he enlisted, and as a man of marked military ability served as captain under George Washington. By his marriage there were two sons: Benjamin and John, the latter mentioned below.

John Schmaltz, father of Edward, was one of the prominent agriculturist of Millcreek township. In a well-ordered home he received careful rearing, and at an early age was given practical experience in farm management. Both environment and education decided him upon reaching manhood to devote his altention to agriculture, and becoming successful he continued it for the most part throughout his business life. During his young manhood Mr. Schmaltz married Rebecca Spatz, who was a faithful helpmeet for many years. She is now deceased. By this union there were eight children, three of whom married as follows: Annie E., to Ludwig Fisher, of Berks county (she died in 1901 ); Elmyra, to Israel Shirk, a farmer of Berks county; and Ella to Peter Steiner, of Pottstown; Edward is mentioned below; John is a farmer of Berks county; Franklin is a resident of Jackson township, this county; and James, of Myerstown; Rebecca married B. W. Bennage, of Jackson township. The father of these children settled upon a farm in Millcreek township about 1849, and there passed the rest of his life, engaged in agricultural pursuits. He improved the property, kept the place thoroughly intact, and was considered one of the prosperous, progressive farmers of the county. He died at the age of sixty-seven years.

Mr. Schmaltz was energetic, thrifty and capable, and won the respect not only of agriculturists, but of the business and professional men in his community. He took an active part in the public affairs of his township, and in politics affiliated with the Republicans. He was a man of marked integrity of character, and the Reformed Church counted him among its most consistent members.

Edward Schmaltz was about fourteen years old when his parents settled upon the Millcreek farm. He received the ordinary rearing of a farmer's boy of his day_plenty of practical discipline in the everyday work of the homestead, and in the free schools of his neighborhood thorough trainingin the rudiments of knowledge, and in self-control and attention. A wholesome regard for agriculture decided him upon reaching manhood to engage in that pursuit, and having natural ability and practical knowledge of thcwork his efforts were crowned with success. When twenty-four years old, September I3, 18~, Mr. Schmaltz married Mariah Halstein, of Millbach, who was born in I84I, daughter of John and Mary (Moyer) Halstein, who are mentioned below. To Mr. and Mrs. Schmaltz have been born nine children: Mary, who married George Peiffer, of Berks county; Calvin, a resident of Richland, who married Mary Brown; John, who assists his fatheron the home place, and who married Noma Light; Henry, a resident of Richland; Adam, who is living at home, and who married Clara Grenawalt; Emma, who married William Rauch, of Richland; Edward, a resident of Palmyra, Pa.; Penrose, who is living at home; and Monroe, who is also at home.

After his marriage Mr. Schmaltz settled upon a seventy-acre farm within a quarter of a mile of Richland, and there he has since resided. He has improved the property, kept the buildings in good condition, and has carried on a very successful business. Wise in his management, his welI cultivated fields have produced abundant harvests, and, always finding a ready market for his products, he has not had the misfortune of seeing things go to waste. His farm is now one of the most attractive and valuable pieces of property for its size in the township, and there he is still enjoying the results of his years of hard labor.

Mr. Schmaltz's well directed efforts, and his keen intelligence, have brought him to the front in the public affairs of the community, and for many years he has acted as school director, filling the position with marked ability. In religious circles he is highly esteemed, and is now deacon and trustee of the Tulpehocken Reformed Church, of Richland. He is strictly honest, square in all his dealings with his fellow men, and entirely worthy of the trust imposed in him. Politically he affiliates with the Democrats.

The Halstein family, of which Mrs. Schmaltz is a member, were among the pioneers of Millcreek township. Her father, John Halstein, married Mary Moyer, and they had five children: Mariah (Mrs. Schmaltz), who has been mentioned; John, a resident of Millbach; Retisa, who married John Bomberger, of South Lebanon township; Emma, the wife of John Reist, of Heidelberg township; and Hiram, a resident of Lebanon.

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