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FALCONER, James A. - Chandler's Valley p. o., Sugar Grove twp (page xxxi, Brief Personals *)

James A. Falconer was born in Sugar Grove in 1840. He was a son of James and Christina (Stuart) Falconer, who were born in Scotland, where they were married in 1833, and with two children settled in Sugar Grove in 1837. They had a family of six children born to them, four children now living — Mrs. Christina Weld, Mrs. May Clark, James A., and Penuel. James Falconer, sr., was born in 1799 and died in 1886. His wife was born in 1803. James A. Falconer married Clarissa Jane Morley, who was born in Harmony, Chautauqua county, N. Y., in 1839. They were married February 9, 1869, and have had a family of five children born to them— Patrick Archibald (born in 1870), Sarah Ann (born in 1873), Ida Rebecca (born in 1875), Rose Christina (born in 1877), Francis Morley (born in 1880). Clarissa J. was a daughter of Vilas and Rebecca (Bowe) Morley. He was born in Cayuga county, N. Y., and his wife was born in Rutland county, Vt.




FARNSWORTH, Sr., Thomas - Sheffield, Sheffield twp (page xxxi, Brief Personals *)

Thomas Farnsworth, sr. was born in Cayuga county, N. Y., and his young life was spent there. He died in 1841, and his wife, Nancy, died in 1879, aged eighty-three years. He had a family of twelve children by Nancy Heron, whom he married at an early day. Of these children, Thomas, jr., was the fourth child. The family came to Sheffield in 1838, where Thomas, jr., married Malvina Corwin, of Bradford, and by whom he had eleven children, nine of whom are now living. He is a substantial and self-made man, and has, until late years, been a farmer and lumberman; but during the last few years he has operated in oil, producing the same from his own farm, in the north part of the town. Of these wells fourteen are on other lands, leased to other producers, from which he derives a royalty. The others were sunk and are operated by himself.




FISHER, Samuel H. - Enterprise p. o., Southwest twp (pages xxxi-xxxii, Brief Personals *)

Samuel H. Fisher was born in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y., in 1821. He was a son of Abner and Rebecca (Morse) Fisher. Abner died in Chautauqua county, N. Y., and his wife, Rebecca, died in Genesee county, leaving a family of five children. Samuel H. Fisher was married in 1842 to Ulyssa E. Fuller. They have had three children born to them — Rebecca (who married John Keeler, and died, leaving one daughter—Ulyssa), Rosalie M., and John W.. Mr. Fisher settled on his farm of 150 acres in 1863. He enlisted in the 211th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, in 1864, and was discharged at the close of the war. He was wounded in the front at Petersburg, and now receives a pension.




FLASHER, William S., Pittsfield p. o., Deerfield twp (page xxxii, Brief Personals *)

William S. Flasher was born in Mercer county in 1853. He married Esther L. Chambers in 1876. They have a family of three children — George Albert, William Stewart, and Benjamin Leroy. Mrs. Flasher was a daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Chambers, of Crawford county. Mr. Chambers enlisted in the army in 1861, and was killed in battle. William at an early age learned the cabinet trade, and purchased his present homestead farm in 1880. He was a son of Benjamin and Fanny (Price) Flasher, who were born in Center county and settled in Warren county. They had a family of four children, two now living—William S. and Mary Jane.




FLATT, Amos - Corydon p. o., Corydon twp (page xxxii, Brief Personals *)

Amos Flatt was born in Muncey, Lycoming county, November 28, 1803, and came to Corydon about 1828. He married Nancy Morrison, the oldest daughter of Abel Morrison, by whom he had five children, as follows: A son who died in infancy, May 19, 1837, unnamed; John W., Morrison, Louis De F., Francis E.. John W. was born May 9, 1838. He enlisted August 5, 1862, in Company C, Ind. Pa. Vols., and served to the close of the war; then married S. A. Lyle, of Kinzua, by whom he had three children. Morrison was born March 24, and married Ellen J. Forbes, of Corydon, by whom he had six children. Louis De F. Flatt married Celia Lyle, of Kinzua, by whom he had seven children. Louis De F. enlisted September 11, 1861, in Company D, First Pennsylvania Rifles, 13th Pennsylvania R. V. C.; was wounded June 27, 1862, at Gaines's Mills, Va., and captured and confined in the rebel prisons at Libby and Belle Island. He was paroled August 3,1862.

[Warren County coordinator's note: Read more about "Lewis D. Flatt" as a member of the "Bucktails."]




FLETCHER, John G. - North Warren p. o., Farmington twp (page xxxii, Brief Personals *)

John G. Fletcher is a farmer, and was born in Sterlingshire, Scotland, April 28, 1820. He was a son of John and Jeanette (Graham) Fletcher. He immigrated to the United States in 1850 and located in Warren county in 1854, and settled on the farm which he now occupies, most of which he has cleared, and upon which he has made all of the improvements in the buildings. He was married June 11, 1841, to Jeanette Taylor, a daughter of David and Mary (Thompson) Taylor, of Glasgow, Scotland, by whom he has had a family of four children — Jeanette (now Mrs. Wesley King), Ida (Mrs. S. Clark), Archie, and Lizzie (who is now Mrs. Stephen Bradley).




FORBES, Alfred - Corydon twp (page xxxii, Brief Personals *)

Alfred Forbes was a native of New York State, and came with his family to Corydon in March, 1832. The children were Salona, Belvin, Diantha, Jarvis L., Laura, Levi, Porter, and Almeda. Jarvis L. Forbes married Martha Morrison, a daughter of Abel Morrison, and was the first white female child born in Corydon. The children born to this marriage were Laura (who married George Howard), Hector, Herbert, Francis (who married Hiram Lloyd), Nellie (who married Ben Barnett), and Minnie (who married Dr. Miller, of Clarendon). Alfred Forbes, the pioneer, went to Iowa in 1843, taking all of the family, with the exception of Jarvis L.. Belvin, another son, has since returned from the West. Jarvis Forbes has been a carpenter by trade for many years. He is a Democrat naturally, but inclines toward prohibition. Alfred Forbes, the father, was a practicing physician and surgeon during his residence at Corydon.




FOSTER, Nathan A. - Lander p. o., Farmington twp (page xxxii, Brief Personals *)

Nathan A. Foster is a farmer, and was born in Virgil, Cortland county, N. Y., October 21, 1839. He was a son of Nathan and Polly (Olmstead) Foster, who were of Puritan stock. He located in Farmington in 1860. In May, 1886, he bought Elihu Johnson's farm, containing seventy acres, where he now resides, one-fourth of a mile east of Farmington Center; he now owns the two farms. He has been married twice. His first wife was Jane Putnam, a daughter of Edson and Lizie (Knapp) Putnam, or [sic] Farmington, by whom he had two children — Mary L. and Bessie A.. His second wife was Mary A. Johnson, a daughter of Elihu and Salintha (Jones) Johnson, of Farmington.




FOX, Joseph H. - Russellburg p. o., Pine Grove twp (page xxxiii, Brief Personals *)

Joseph H. Fox was born in Onondaga county, N. Y., May 1, 1813. Lorinda Akeley, his wife, was born in Plymouth, Vt., February 11, 1822. They were married in 1840. Joseph H. Fox came to Pine Grove about the year 1830. The locality in which the family has since lived is in the east part of the town, on high ground, and is generally known as "Fox Hill." The children born to them are as follows: George, born June 7, 1842, died from accidental causes in September, 1877; Addison, born October 5, 1843; Fanny, born March 12, 1845, married A. D. Blood; Levi, January 17, 1847; Lewis, June 13, 1848; Herbert, March 13, 1850, died April, 1851; Alice, born September 20, 1851, married J. B. Holt, of Glade; Hubert, born June 17, 1853; Herman, July 10, 1855; Elva, born December 14, 1857, died during infancy; Thurston, born July 20, 1858; Rollin, born October 7, 1861; and Eva L., born January 15, 1863. Joseph H. Fox died on February 8, 1868, from injuries received from a falling limb only two days before his death. He was a man who was highly respected and successful in life, and died possessed of considerable real and personal estate.




FRANCIS, Aaron W. - Columbus borough, Columbus twp (page xxxiii, Brief Personals *)

Aaron W. Francis was born in Erie county in 1836, near the line of Columbus. He settled in Columbus borough in 1872. He was married in 1858 to Lovanch A. Spencer, of Warren county. Aaron W. Francis was a son of H. D. and Eliza (Walton) Francis. Eliza was born in Chenango county, N. Y., and died in 1859. Her husband, H. D., died in September, 1884, aged seventy-six years. They had a family of five children born to them, three of whom are living — Aaron W., Clara, and L. H.. Mr. Francis also had one daughter by his second wife, Anna C.. Aaron W. Francis commenced business as a farmer in early life; later he became a railroad contractor and builder, a business which he followed for over nine years, engaged in several important contracts in the West as well as in the East. He purchased the custom and merchant mill of Columbus in 1872. It was originally built in 1824, and is located on the Big Brokenstraw. He now owns several buildings in the borough, and is a large real estate owner in Corry. He conducts a large flour and feed store at Corry.




FRANKLIN, Delos - North Warren p. o., Conewango twp (page xxxiii, Brief Personals *)

Delos Franklin was born in Jefferson, Schoharie county, N. Y., on October 20, 1847. He was a son of Ansel and Rebecca (Shelmadine) Franklin, who settled in Farmington, Warren county, and cleared and improved a farm on which they resided until the time of their death. They had a family of three children—Benjamin, Cordelia (deceased), and Delos. Delos Franklin was brought up in Farmington, and settled in Conewango in 1873, and on the present farm in 1881, which he has partly cleared and improved. He was married in 1876 to Agnes Logan, a daughter of John and Helen Logan, of Farmington. They have had two children born to them — Ella and Ansel.




FRANTZ, Philip - North Warren p. o., Conewango twp (page xxxiii, Brief Personals *)

Philip Frantz was born in Conewango on June 19, 1849. He was a son of George and Barbara (Geiselbricht) Frantz. His parents were natives of Alsace, France, who settled in Conewango in 1848, and his father cleared and improved the farm on which he now resides. He was born on September 24, 1812, and was married twice. His first wife was Barbara Geiselbrecht, by whom he had six children — George, Christian, Barbara, Philip, Emeline, and Mary. His second wife was Salome Witz, by whom he had a family of eight children — Saloma, Fred, Samuel, Albert, Louisa, Christian, William, and Henry. Philip Frantz was married in 1877 to Susanna Gross, and to them have been born three children — Roy E., Ernest F., and Clara L.. Susannah Frantz was a daughter of Christian and Catherine (Swartz) Gross, of Conewango township. Mr. Frantz settled on the farm on which he now resides in 1877, and has cleared and improved a part of it.




FUELLHART, John - Tidioute P.O., Deerfield twp (pages xxxiii-xxxiv, Brief Personals *)

John Fuellhart was born in Grand Duchy Hessen-Earnstaet, Germany, April 15, 1821. In 1842 he married, in Germany, Christine P. Freidenberger, and in 1854 they immigrated to America, settling in New Jersey, where he became employed in the State service as civil engineer for 1855-56, and in 1857 settled in Pennsylvania, and through his friend, Mr. Ferris, became engineer for the P. and E. Railroad for 1862-63. In the fall of 1863 he made the survey for the Oil City and Irvington Railroad, and was commissioned by that company to purchase the right of way; in 1864 he assisted in constructing the road, and in 1866 he retired from public service and purchased his present homestead in Deerfield township, two miles out of Tidioute. He now owns 700 acres of land. They have had eight children, five of whom are now living — Maggie, Julia, Emma, Charles, and Henry; the three who died were William, John C., and William.




FULLER, Jacob C. - Kinzua p. o., Elk twp (page xxxiv, Brief Personals *)

Jacob C. Fuller was born in Sussex county, N. J., in the year 1835. Prior to having attained his majority he was employed on a farm. He afterwards engaged in the flour-mill business. In 1859 he married Pauline Van Scoden, by whom he had one child —Justin. The family came to Kinzua in 1861, when Mr. Fuller purchased the old Merritt home, and by the acquisition of other lands now has a farm of 156 acres, devoted to general agriculture, and of recent years oil producing. Although not an old resident, Mr. Fuller has taken an active part in the affairs of the town, and has held the office ot town commissioner for twelve years. He is a staunch Democrat in politics.




* Source: History Of Warren County Pennsylvania with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, edited by J.S. Schenck, assisted by W.S. Rann; Syracuse, N.Y.; D Mason & Co., Publishers; 1887.



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