Class of 1901
St. Basil the Great High School
Dushore, PA
L to r: Lucy Cunningham, Marguerite Finan Curley, Tom Carroll, Clare Cadden McDonald,
Martha Dunn Devers, Theodore Farrell, Katherine Cummiskey McTigue
Photo Contributed by Bettyan Sick Goodyear

St. Basil the Great Graduates

St. Basil the Great Parish in Dushore sponsored a high school from 1901 through 1966, when the school dropped the high school grades. There was a "middle" school graduating class of eighth graders from 1967-1969. In 1970, the school closed altogether. This page is dedicated to the history of that school and the teachers and students who created and benefited from its educational benefits. We are deeply grateful to Bettyann Sick Goodyear for assembling the photos of each graduating class and for creating the class lists which appear in the captions for each picture. We also could not have created this record without the technical expertise of Lynn Franklin in processing negatives of the original photos into digital format for the internet. You will notice that, for some years, there are question marks as to identities of some of the students. If you can confirm any of these identities or you wish to make any other comments, please address them to Bettyann or to Lynn's husband, Bob Sweeney, the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page Adminsitrator.

The first or founding class is shown above. The others appear in order below. Due to the large capacity requirements of these photos, the images are presented on four consecutive separate pages that you can access either from the list immediately below this paragraph, or by clicking on the link at the end of each page. Note that there were no graduating classes in 1909, 1910 or 1915. Also, where someone other than a student, for example, the parish priest, is included in a photo, we have bolded their name in the caption.

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Finally, you can go to a chronological listing of the classes and their members at St. Basil's Graduates: Records and Notes, where Bettyann has provided notes such as the subsequent married names of class members. At the end, there is a list of all the class members in Grades 8-11 for 1966, the last year in which all grades were present.


Years 1902-1918

Class of 1902
Seated, l to r: Lucy Farrell, John Quinn, Don Reeser, Marcella Brogan
Standing, l to r:
Agnes Carroll, Pat Donahue, Alma Farrell, Tom Coyle,
Julia Coyle, Charles Gahan, Ella Rouse, Alice Deegan, John Brennan, Elizabeth Brogan

Class of 1903
Seated, l to r: Unknown, Margare Doyle, Suzanne Rouse, James Brennan (?), Mary Cain, Katherine Donahue
Standing, l to r: Rose Minier, Unknown, Unknown, Agnes Walsh, William P. Sick, Margaret Dempsey

Class of 1904
Seated, first row,l to r: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Mary V. Thall, Martha Rouse
Middle, l to r: Mary Donahue, Unknown, Mary McDermott, Mary Daily, Unknown
Standing, l to r: Mary Leonard, Ben Carroll (?), Mary Cawley, Maurice Harrington, Alice Richlin, Leonard McKernan, Emma Tourscher

Class of 1905
Seated, l to r: Mary Ruddick, James McGee (?), Margaret Brennan, Kathryn Brislin *, Thad Litzelman,
Alice Keating Frawley, Charles Doyle, Agnes Jordan, Harry House, Unknown
Standing, l to r: Unknown, Lucy Kaier, Unknown, James McMahon, Unknown, Maurice Sullivan (?), Alice Sweeney,
William Gilmore, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Elizabeth McKernan
* Editor's Note: In 2024, we heard from Sharon Kotan, who grew up in Binghamton, NY, but now lies in Florida. Per Sharon: "In Catherine Brislin's 1905 class photo, she is the woman third from the left in the first row, listed as Margaret Brennan. She is mistakenly identified as the fourth woman from the left, with the name of Margaret Brennan. Also, her first name should be spelled "Catherine", as it is on her Diploma. For interested parties, she can also be seen in a later Photo where she is identified by Sharon's mother as the last person on the right in the group photo.

Class of 1906
Seated, l to r: Mary Harrington, Mary Cain, Clarence Lusch, Zeta Hope Second row, l to r: Margaret Lane, Agnes Leahy, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Standing, l to r: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Joseph Minier, Anna Minier, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Class of 1907
Seated, l to r: Florence Walsh, Frances Kelly, Martin Doyle, Mary White, Pauline Obert, James Cavanaugh, Unknown, Emma Cook
Standing, l to r: Unknown, Margaret Lane, Nora Donahue, Ellen Dorner, Unknown, Peter Kelly, Agnes Broschart, Agnes Cowley, Zeta Hope, Francis Murray

Class of 1908
Seated, l to r: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Genevieve Daly
Middle, seated, l to r: Margaret Kelly, Aloysius Rouse, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Back, standing and seated, l to r: Unknown, Unknown, Blanche North, Jim Collins, Unknown, Ray Rouse, Unknown, Unknown, Mary Sick (Sister Hildegarde), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Class of 1911
Back, l to r: Mary Smith, Mary T. Rouss, Mary Sullivan, Mary Scanlin
Middle, l to r: William Ryan, Regina White, Geraldine Murphy, Martin Obert
Front, l to r: Amelia Litzelman, Mary Collins

Class of 1912
Back, l to r: Matilda Rheinbold, Kathryn Walsh, Bridget Donahue, Eugenia Minier
Middle, l to r: Francis Bergan, Joseph Coyle
Front, l to r: Elizabeth Finan, Winifred Cowley, Helen Walsh, Ralph Saxer, Mary Collins, Mary Crimmins, Bessie Farrell

Class of 1913
Back, l to r: Lydia Bowman, Anna O'Mara, John B. Wright, Tom McDermott, John Walsh, Mildred Thayer, Elizabeth Whalen
Front, l to r: Jennie Farrell, Mary Brogan, Marie Bahl, Helen O'Neill, Mary Carroll, Clara Whalen
Not present: Mildred Harrington

Class of 1914
Back, l to r: Marcella Kelly, Rachael Cummings, Margaret Walsh, Grace Whalen, Blanche Kelly
Front, l to r: Charles Broschart, Raymond Rush, William Minier, Joseph Wright

Class of 1916
Back, l to r: Rita Cowley, Dewey Wright, Harry Obert, Henry Cain, Mollie Thayer
Front, l to r: Agnes Donahue, Florence Kelly, Mildred Martin

Class of 1917
Back, l to r: Ambrose Doyle, Paul Rush
Front, l to r: Veronica Whalen, Beatrice Minier, Catherine Farrell, Regina McDermott

Class of 1918
Back, l to r: Eugene McDonald, Owen Donahue, Edward Grace
Front, l to r: Helen McMahon, Clara Kernan, Rev. James A. Boland, Madeline McDermott, Nora Cavanaugh, Geraldine Dempsey

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