St. Basil the Great High School Graduates

Years 1955-1966


Class of 1955
Back, l to r: Rev. William M. Mellody, Stephen Charnitski, William Bryan, Joseph Stabryla, Rev. Leo Granahan
Middle, l to r: Agnes Hochberg *, Jean Holcombe, Catherine Barry, Jacqueline Quinn
Front, l to r: Sheila Tourscher, Christine Ambs, Norma Obert, Lynn Andrews
* Agnes later married William Bryan, shown here in the top row. Here is a link to her Obituary.

Class of 1956
Boys, l to r: Rev. Leo Granahan, John Gainer, Daniel Tourscher, Eugene McDonald, Donna Middendorf, John Richlin, Gerald Finan, Charles Thomas, Edward Lakowski, Harry Fries, Richard Richart, Rev. William M. Mellody
Girls, l to r: Rose Taffe, Rose Ann Borick, Gwen Park, Theresa Bryan, Theresa Buzako, Genevieve Thayer, Mae Barth, Marjorie Holcombe, Amelia Finan

Class of 1957
Back, l to r: Rev. William M. Mellody, Catherine Lane, Mary Lou McMahon, Patricia Curtin, Arthur Quinn, Frank Barnosky, Patricia Finan, Alice Taylor, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Front, l to r: Regina Coyle, Catherine Bryan, Jean Tourscher, Catherine Taffe, Jean Barry, Catherine Cullen, Mary Jane Litzelman

Class of 1958
Back, l to r: Rev. William M. Mellody, Teresa McCarty, Floyd Bahr, William Marshall, Claire MacElhaney, Pauline McCarthy, Thomas Foley, Gerald Coyle, Mary Frances Diehl, Michelle Hydock, William Charnitski, Rose Mary Dieffenbach, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Front, l to r: Helen Cullen, Mary Sick, Lorraine Waldron, Sarah Bernatavitz, Jane Flynn, Marcella Richart, Eleanor Richley, Irene Hochberg, Margaret White, Joan Marie O'Donnell

Class of 1959
Boys, l to r; Rev. William M. Mellody, Ronald Green, John Litzelman, Edward Dailey, Richard Farrell, Peter Radencic, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Girls, l to r: Ann Cobb, Donna Waples, Lucille Tubach, Catherine Radencic, Carol Walters, Margaret Ann Fries

Class of 1960
Back, l to r: Rev. Joseph P. Gilgallon, Martin Waldron, Carl Fritsch, Edward Sick, Agnes Rose Bahl, William Rouse, Ronald Hembury, Mary Dailey, Edward Kelly, Richard Taylor, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Front, l to r: Elizabeth Bahr, Rita Cullen, Elizabeth Randall, Regina Cullen, Gretchen Diehl, Karen Meehan, Carole Waldron, Kay Waldron, Patricia Hatches, Mark Kay Holcombe

Class of 1961
Back, l to r: Rev. Joseph P. Gilgallon, George Radencic, Raymond McDonald, Brian Tourscher, Lawrence Connell, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Front, l to r: Gerald Sick, John Gerrity, Mary Elizabeth Zawacki, Germaine Lukowski, John Bagley, Joseph Litzelman

Class of 1962
Back, l to r: Rev. Joseph P. Gilgallon, Gerald McDonald, Gerald McCarty, Thomas Fritsch, Thomas Diehl, Walter Barnosky, Frederick Dunn, Thomas Cullen, Edward Flynn, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Front, l to r: Thomas Curtin, Gail Tourscher, Jennifer Andrews, Mary Bryan, Mary Lou Walsh, Daniel Kelly

Class of 1963
Back, l to r: Rev. Joseph P. Gilgallon, Paul Bird, Ronald Coleman, Robert Bahr, Mark Andrews, Mary Ann Baer, Kathleen Kelly, David Getz, Elizabeth Halupka, Marie Radencic, Kerry Meehan, John Hanzoc, Raymond Green, Rev. Edward F. Rouse, C. M., Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Front, l to r: Sarah Fries, Theresa Finan, Doris Marshall, Joan Flynn, Patricia McMahon, Ann Marie Muller, Catherine Obert, Elizabeth Ann Sick, Kathleen McCarty, Kathleen Rouse

Class of 1964
Back, l to r: Rev. Joseph P. Gilgallon, Joseph Spako, Dane Tourscher, Jan Charnitski, Eric Obert, David Fritsch, Robert Jankowsky, Robert Taylor, Joseph Soden, John Sweeney, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Kathleen Gerrity, Corinne Lukowski, Rose Mary Rouse, Carole Murphy, Eileen North, Mary Jo Fries

Class of 1965
Back, l to r: Rev. Eugene Bilski, Robert Green, Gerald Farrell, Edward Thall, Walter Manley, Larry Yonkin, Gerald Soden, John Cummiskey, Robert Radencic, Luke Andrews, Patrick Bagley, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett
Front, l to r: Eileen Cullen, Susan Dailey, Marian Barnosky, Catherine Bahr, Ann Zawacki, Andrea Jankowsky

Class of 1966
Back, l to r: Rev. Eugene Bilski, Raymond Farrell, Robert Getz, P. Dean Homer, Ronald Fries, Donn Tourscher, Joel Flynn, Joseph Ambs, Patrick Rush, Thomas Yonkin, Paul McMahon, Rev. Joh Brennan
Front, l to r: Rev. Francis A. Dobrydnio, Mary Ann Dunn, Janice Obert, Janice Marshall, Mary Frances Tubach, Linda Farrell, Josephine Broschart, Joan Sweeney, Rev. Joseph G. Barrett


Grades Eight Through Twelve
May 1966
Sixth row: l to r: James Farrell, Leo Cullen, Stephen Soden, Jerome Ryan, Patrick Rush, Donn Tourscher, Joel Flynn,
Joseph Ambs, Michael Lane, David Lane, James Rouse, Wayne Sick
Fifth row, l to r: P. Dean Homer, Thomas Yonkin, Patrick Gerrity, Francis Yonkin, Michael Klein,
Thomas McDonald, Stephen Dailey, William Sweeney, Paul McMahon, Leo Bagley, Robert Getz
Fourth row, l to r: Vincent Lynch, Michael McMahon, Michael Litzelman, Patrick Taylor, David Cullen,
Mark Obert, Matthew Novosel, Bradley Battin, Raymond Farrell, Paul Cummiskey, Alan Kaier
Third row, l to r: Marie Calaman, Judy Tourscher, Ann Broschart, Janice Obert, Ellen Cullen, Barbara McCarty,
Elizabeth Harvey, Agnes Thall, Katherine Yonkin, Patricia Bowers, Detra Dieffenbach, Josephine Broschart
Second row, l to r: Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Sally Sick, Mary Lambert, Catherine Ambs, Joan McCarty, Patricia Taylor,
Josephine Ryan, Joan Sweeney, Mary Anne Dunn, Paula Rush, Rita Lambert, Demetria Andrews
First row, l to r: Gabrielle Andrews, Ann Foley, Janice Marshall, Cheryl Bliss, Kathryn Flynn, Mary Francis Tubach,
Mary Halupka, Martina Harvey, Linda Farrell, Patrica Fries.
Note: Ronald Fries was absent when photo taken.

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