St. Basil the Great High School Graduates

Years 1919-1936


Class of 1919
Back, l to r: Marguerite Farrell, Marguerite McGee, Rita Donahue, Rose Wright
Front, l to r: Robert Whalen, Ralph Obert, Charles Thall, Edmund McKernan, William Obert

Class of 1920
Standing: Kathleen Saxe, Alice May, Margaret Barry, Catherine Croak, Edna Lambert
Sitting: Josephine Broschart *
* Note: Identifications for 1920 courtesy of Bettyann Sick Goodyear.

Class of 1921
Front: Earl Wright
Back, l to r: Dorothy Farrell, Helen Thall, Rose Wright

Class of 1922
Front, l to r: Helen Drake, Dorothy Tourscher, Celia Farrell, Alice Kelly, Madonna Cain, Mary Byron, Agnes Sweeney, Hazel Dunn
Back, l to r: Joe Drake, James Foley, Leo McEneany, Philip Guy, Eugene Cain

Class of 1923
Front, l to r: Alice Coyle, Mary Brogan, Blanche Caroll
Back, l to r: Joseph Rouse, Paul North, John Dunn, Edward Barry

Class of 1924
Front, l to r: Grace Thayer, Agnes Bird
Back, l to r: Gerald McEneany, Agnes Poye, Jerome Foley, Catherine McEneany

Class of 1925
Boys, l to r: Edward Rouse, Francis Saxe, Edward Dailey, Patrick Farrell, Joe McEneany
Girls, l to r: Madeline Foley, Mary Ann Farley, Agnes Obert, Jane Sick, Lydia Taylor, Mary Harrington, Agnes Saxer, Anna Kernan, Margaret Farley, Mary McKernan, Gertrude Cook

Class of 1926
Boys, l to r: George Litzelman, Joe Doahue, Francis Donahue
Girls, l to r: Jane Sick, Mary Rouse, Mary Donahue, Florence Cook, Catherine Murray, Mary Ann Farley, Madeline Foley, Catherine North

Class of 1927
Back, l to r: Lewis Saxe, John Cain, Jane Wright, Leo Saxe, Mary Coyle, Walter Dunn, Mildred Murphy, Gerald Taylor, Rose Farrell, Donald Fries, William Farrell
Front, l to r: Rose McKernan, Paul Harrington, Marie Hilburt, Caroline Saxe, Gordon Tubach, Margaret McDonald, Catherine Barry, Mary McEneany, Mary O'Neill

Class of 1928
Back, l to r: Thomas Wright, Mary Thayer, May North, Robert Harrington
Front, l to r: Eugene Foley, Agnes Donahue, Francis Donahue, Elizabeth Larson, Eugene Sick

Class of 1929
Back, l to r: Mary McKernan, Mary O'Neill, Mary Cook
Front, l to r: Leona Tubach, Marian Taylor, Paul Dunn, Mary Waldron, Mary Dailey

Class of 1930
Back, l to r: Rita Murphy, Catherine Donahue, Gertrude Foley, Rose O'Neill, Clare McDonald
Front, l to r: Edward Keating, Helen North, Leo Baumgartner, Anna North, John McDonald

Class of 1931
Back, l to r: Frank Fries, Arlene North, Leonard Waldron
Front, l to r: Catherine Connell, Helen Ballentine, Margaret McEneany, Louise Baumgartner

Class of 1932
Boys, l to r: Leo Keating, Don Waples, Tom Connell, George Dailey, James Fries, Paul Rouse
Girls, l to r: Jane Taylor, Helen Dempsey, Florence Finan, Rosina Dailey, Rita White, Rita Murphy, Mary Connell *
* Editor's Note: According to Pat Azadi in March 2011, her mother, Mary Ellen Connell, is actually the second person in this row, from the left, not the last. In March, 2015, Hazel Connell, a daughter-in-law of Mary Ellen Connell, confirmed this identification. She also identified Thomas Connell, Mary Ellen's borhter, as the boy standing behind her in the third position from the left. Their sister, Catherine Connell, was in the preceding year's graduating class (1931). If anyone can help clarify the lineup further, please contact Bob Sweeney.

Class of 1933
Back, l to r: Helen Litzelman, Catherine Ryan, Anna Yonkin, Matilda Novosel, Regina Tubach
Front, l to r: Margaret Foley, Michael Waldron, Elizabeth Foley

Class of 1934
Back, l to r: Rita Green, Ralph Garey, Mildred Kernan, James Kerr, Gerald Cain, Mary Ballentine
Front, l to r: Gerald Murray, Rev. John J. King, Beatrice Baumgartner

Class of 1935
Back, l to r: Paul Keating, Raymond Fries
Front, l to r: Margaret Harrington, Rev. John J. King, Dorothy Waples

Class of 1936
Back, l to r: Elizabeth Kerr, Joseph Hembury, Katherine Radencic, Patrick Byron, Agnes Yonkin, John Ballentine, Regina Dailey
Front, l to r: John North, Mary Obert, Rev. John J. King, Joseph A. Ryan, Rita Cullen, Bernard Obert

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