St. Basil the Great High School Graduates

Years 1937-1954


Class of 1937
Boys, l to r: Joseph W. Ryan, John Carroll, George Kaier, Francis Lambert, Alfred Taylor, Joseph Obert
Girls: l to r: Margaret Kernan, Rita Foley
Rev. John J. King

Class of 1938
Back, l to r: Teresa Connors, Thomas Ryan, Rita Saxe, John Foley, Geraldine Finan, Leo Kerr, Catherine Fries, Thomas Carroll
Front: l to r: Rose Mary Connors, Rev. Edward F. Rouse, C. M., Rev. John J. King, Rev. Daniel A. McCarthy, Geraldine Smith

Class of 1939
Back, l to r: Robert Lambert, Mary Elizabeth Yonkin, Robert Murray, Mary Lynch, Robert Hickey, Helen Rouse, Edward Lavey
Front: l to r: Dorothy Kernan, Rev. John J. King, Rev. Donald Fallon, Margaret Walsh

Class of 1940
Back, l to r: Francis Fitzgerald, Catherine Fitzgerald, Howard Kerr, Rose Mary Gainer, C. William Sick
Front: l to r: Elizabeth McMahon, Rev. Cyril Cosgrove, Genevieve Kaier, Rev. John J. King, Margaret Connell

Class of 1941
Back, l to r: Rose North, Rose Obert, Catherine Carroll, Rose Gates, Mary Coyle, Helen Fitzgerald
Middle, l to r: Robert Dempsey, Mary Ellen Gainer, Kathleen Yonkin, Jean Stein, Marguerite Smith, Catherine Ryan, Francis Tourscher
Front: l to r: Rev. Edmund Byrne, Rev. John J. King, Agatha Hembury, Geraldine Hembury

Class of 1942
Back, l to r: Charles Taylor, Robert Taylor, Robert Obert, Robert Cain, Francis Cain
Front: l to r: Mary Francis Baker, Rev. John J. King, Rev. John A. Carroll, Lucille Richlin

Class of 1943
Back, l to r: Frank Snyder, Margarita Coyle *, Dennis Ryan, Mary Carroll, Joseph Lynch
Middle, l to r: Jean Gallagher, Mary Lane, Josephine McMahon, Agnes Lavey
Front: l to r: James Deegan, Mary Fitzgerald, Rev. John A. Carroll, Marie Dempsey, Paul Rush

* Identified by her daughter Cathleen McClintic in 2023

Class of 1944
Back, l to r: James Lane, Jane Fitzgerald, Betty Lou Murray, Rose McMahon, Mary Theresa Gilmore, Catherine Rush, Richard Obert
Front: l to r: Mary Barry, George Lambert, Ann Donovan, John Yonkin, Catherine Deegan, Arthur McMahon

Class of 1945
Back, l to r: Patrick Ryan, Eugene Thayer, Carl Wagner, Francis Ambs
Front: l to r: Eugene Dempsey, Theresa Scanlin, Helen Deegan, Dolores Hamer, William Gilmore

Class of 1946
Back, l to r: Clare Yonkin, Mary Dempsey, Shirley Hollenback, Jean Marshall
Front: l to r: Helen Tourscher, James McGroarty, Daniel Donovan, Jane Meehan

Class of 1947
Back, l to r: John Rush, Robert Waples, Jerome Lane, James Sick, Joseph Ambs
Front: l to r: Rosemary Marcy, Dennis Fitzgerald, Eleanor Finan,John Smith, Mary Catherine McGroarty

Class of 1948
Back, l to r: Ellery Weaver, John Sick, John GIlmore, Rev. Peter Alisauskas, Paul Fitzgerald, Philip McDermott, Richard Weaver
Front: l to r: Kathleen Burke, Annabelle Meehan, Rev. Aloysius J. Rafferty, Catherine Murray, Theresa Thayer

Class of 1949
Back, l to r: Charles Rush, William Gainer, Leo McMahon, James Snyder, Peter Donovan, Arthur Yonkin
Middle, l to r: Rev. Harold Kennedy, Mary Kracoski, Jeanne Tubach, Rita Burke, Ann Leahy, Rev. Peter Alisauskas
Front: l to r: Donna Rouse, Mary Ambs, Mary Ann Ryan

Class of 1950
Back, l to r: James Coyle, Leo Gainer, Joseph Middendorf, Robert Hochberg, James McGee, William Barth, William Farrell
Middle, l to r: Rev. Peter Alisauskas. Theresa Fitzgerald, Ann Munley, Ann McDonald, Marlene O'Neill, Patricia Ambs, Rev. Daniel Langan
Front: l to r: Patricia Cooner, Mary McCarthy, Martha Barry, Ruby Betz

Class of 1951
Boys, l to r: Daniel Clark, Salvadore Zangara, James Dempsey, Rev. Peter Alisauskas, Wayne Tubach, John Bryan, Peter Bryan
Girls: l to r: Joanne Gainer, Ann Sick, Barbara Obert, Alice Meehan, Helen Middendorf

Class of 1952
Back, l to r: Mary Curtin, Catherine Weaver, Caroline Case, Joan Kracoski, Patricia Marcy, JoAnn Thomas
Middle, l to r: Rev. Joseph Griffin, Ruth Park, Bernard Barry, James McMahon, Charles Barnosky, Robert Vitali, John McMahon, Loretta Hochberg, Rev. Peter Alisauskas
Front: l to r: Truman Giffin, Richard Thayer, James Dunn, Peter Fitzgerald

Class of 1953
Back, l to r: Rev. Peter Alisauskas, Jairus Tourscher, Robert McDonald, Robert O'Neill, Joseph McCarthy, John Curtin, Joseph Bryan, Robert Panichi
Middle, l to r: Rev. Leo Granahan, Mary Irene Holcombe, Rose McDonald, Celia Fitzgerald, Mary Lynn O'Neill, William Fitzgerald, Margaret Ryan, Roseanne Finan, Joyce Barry, Marlene Bahr
Front: l to r: Joseph McDonald, Rita Gainer, Betty Tourscher, Irene Chesonis, Mary Ellen Marshall, John Barnosky

Class of 1954
Back, l to r: James McDonald, Richard Maus, Richard Foley, Richard Middendorf, Richard Hollenback, Thomas Bernatavitz
Middle, l to r: Rev. William Mellody, Carol Rouse, Francis Lane, Paul Tubach, John Obert,
Edward Stout, Donald Panichi, Roseanne McGroarty, Rev. Leo Granahan
Front: l to r: Mary Margaret Snyder, Dorothy Maximiak, Agnes Ambs, Lucille Dunn, Ann Marie Coyle, Marjorie Taylor, Mae Weaver

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