Place Names - A to H

Location Type Township
Acosta Populated Place
Adams Station Locale
Addison Poplulated Place
Addison Post Office (historical) Post Office
Addison, Borough of Civil
Addison, Township of Civil
Alex Run stream
Allegheny Mines mine
Allegheny, Township of Civil
Allen Creek stream
Allenvale Poplulated Place
Allwine Creek stream
Althouse Poplulated Place
Ankeny Poplulated Place
Ankeny School (historical) school
Ansell Run stream
Arrow Locale
Ashtola Poplulated Place
Ashtola School school
Babcock Creek stream
Bakersville Poplulated Place
Bald Knob summit
Barklie School school
Barron Church (historical) Church
Barronvale Poplulated Place
Base Rock Quarry mine
Baughman Rocks summit
Baughman Spring spring
Beachdale Poplulated Place
Beachley Mine mine
Beachly Poplulated Place
Beam Church Church
Beam Run stream
Bear Run stream
Bearwallow Mountain summit
Beaverdam Creek stream
Beaverdam Creek stream
Beaverdam Run stream
Beaverdam Run stream
Beck Springs spring
Beisecker School (historical) school
Bens Creek Poplulated Place
Bens Creek stream
Bens Creek Church Church
Benson Poplulated Place
Benson, Borough of Civil
Berkleys Mill Poplulated Place
Berlin Poplulated Place
Berlin, Borough of Civil
Berlin-Brothersvalley Joint Schools school
Best Lookout Locale
Bethany Church Church
Bethel Church Church
Bethel Church (historical) Church
Beulah Church Church
Beulah School (historical) school
Big Savage Mountain summit
Big Spring spring
Bigby Creek stream
Bittners Mill Poplulated Place
Black, Township of Civil
Blackfield Poplulated Place
Blough Poplulated Place
Blough Church Church
Blough School school
Blue Hole Creek stream
Blue Hole Spring spring
Blue Lick Creek stream
Boone Poplulated Place
Boone Run stream
Border Locale
Boswell Poplulated Place
Boswell, Borough of Civil
Bowman School school
Boynton Poplulated Place
Braddocks Run stream
Bradigum School school
Breastwork Run stream
Breastwork School school
Brier Knob summit
Bromm Run stream
Bromm School (historical) school
Bromm School (historical) school
Brothersvalley, Township of Civil
Brotherton Poplulated Place
Bruck Run stream
Brush Creek stream
Brush Creek School school
Brushtown School school
Bryant Church Church
Buck Run stream
Buck Run stream
Buck Run Camp Locale
Bucks Run stream
Bucks Run stream
Buckstown Poplulated Place
Buckstown School school
Buffalo Creek stream
Buffalo Station Locale
Burkhelder Poplulated Place
Cairnbrook Poplulated Place
Calendars Run stream
California School (historical) school
Callimont Poplulated Place
Calvary Church Church
Cambria Four Mine Station Locale
Camp Hamilton Locale
Camp Harmony Locale
Camp Sequanota Locale
Camp Soles Locale
Card Machine Run stream
Casebeer School (historical) school
Casselman Poplulated Place
Casselman River stream
Casselman River stream
Casselman, Borough of Civil
Centennial Church (historical) Church
Center Church Church
Center Church Church
Central City Poplulated Place
Central City Vista summit
Central City, Borough of Civil
Central School school
Christ Casebeer Church Church
Christner Hill summit
Christner Run stream
City School (historical) school
Clear Run stream
Clear Run stream
Clear Shade Creek stream
Coal Junction Poplulated Place
Coal Run stream
Coal Run stream
Coal Run Poplulated Place
Coffee Hill School school
Coffin Rock Church Church
Cold Spring School (historical) school
Cole Run stream
Coleman Poplulated Place
Coleman School school
Comps Crossroads Poplulated Place
Compton Poplulated Place
Conemaugh, Township of Civil
Conestoga Camp Locale
Confluence Poplulated Place
Confluence Oakland Junction Station Locale
Confluence, Borough of Civil
Conner Post Office (historical) Post Office
Cooper School school
Cove Run stream
Cover Hill summit
Coxes Creek stream
Crab Run stream
Crab Run stream
Cranberry Glade Run stream
Cranberry Run stream
Crise Run stream
Crossroad School school
Crossroad School school
Crossroads Cemetery Cemetery
Crossroads Church Church
Crumb Poplulated Place
Cub Run stream
Cucumber Run stream
Custer Cemetery Cemetery
Daley Poplulated Place
Dark Shade Creek stream
Davey Station Locale
Davidsville Poplulated Place
Davis, Mount summit
De Hay School school
Deer Valley Camp Locale
Deeters Gap Locale
Dempsey Run stream
Dividing Ridge Locale
Downey Poplulated Place
Drake Run stream
Draketown Poplulated Place
Dubstardt School (historical) school
Dumas Poplulated Place
Dumas School school
East Branch Coxes Creek stream
East End (subdivision) Poplulated Place
East Liberty Locale
Edgewood Grove Station Locale
Edie Poplulated Place
Elk Lick Post Office (historical) Post Office
Elk Lick, Township of Civil
Elklick Creek stream
Emrick School (historical) school
End South Forkbranch Station Locale
Engles Mill Poplulated Place
Enoch Poplulated Place
Enos Run stream
Eureka 33 Mine Station Locale
Eureka 36 Mine Station Locale
Eureka Stores Station Locale
Factory School school
Fairhope Poplulated Place
Fairhope, Township of Civil
Fairoaks Church Church
Fairview Poplulated Place
Fairview School (historical) school
Faith Chapel Church
Fall Creek stream
Fallen Timber Run stream
Ferrellton Poplulated Place
Findley Spring spring
Flag Run stream
Flat Run stream
Flaugherty Creek stream
Flickinger School school
Foley Poplulated Place
Forbes High School school
Fort Hill summit
Fort Hill Poplulated Place
Fort Hill Church Church
Fort Hill School school
Forward Poplulated Place
Forwardstown Poplulated Place
Foustwell Poplulated Place
Fraziers Pass Locale
Friedens Poplulated Place
Friedens Elementary School school
Gahagen Poplulated Place
Gangney School (historical) school
Garden of Memories Cemetery Cemetery
Garrett Poplulated Place
Garrett Cemetery Cemetery
Garrett Slope Station Locale
Garrett, Borough of Civil
Garys Run stream
Gebhart Poplulated Place
Geiger Poplulated Place
Geiger School school
Geiger Station Locale
Gideon Poplulated Place
Gillette Locale
Glade Poplulated Place
Glade City Poplulated Place
Glade Knob Ski Slope Locale
Glade Mountain summit
Glade Run stream
Gladehurst School school
Glades Creek stream
Glen Savage Poplulated Place
Glencoe Poplulated Place
Glessner Poplulated Place
Glessner School school
Goodtown Poplulated Place
Grace Church Church
Gray Poplulated Place
Green King Run stream
Greenville Church Church
Greenville School school
Greenville, Township of Civil
Gross Run stream
Grove Creek stream
Grove Run stream
Gum Run stream
Hagero Poplulated Place
Handwork School (historical) school
Harbaugh Run stream
Harbaugh School (historical) school
Hare School school
Harnedsville Poplulated Place
Hays Mill Poplulated Place
Hays Run stream
Hays School (historical) school
Herman School (historical) school
Hidden Valley Ski Area Locale
Higgins Run stream
High Point Lookout Locale
Highland Cemetery Cemetery
Hillcrest Grange Locale
Hillegas Run stream
Hillsboro Poplulated Place
Hinson Run stream
Hiyasota Locale
Hocking Locale
Hoffman Run stream
Hoffman Zion Church Church
Hollsopple Poplulated Place
Holy Child Church Church
Hooversville Poplulated Place
Hooversville Post Office (historical) Post Office
Hooversville, Borough of Civil
Hopewell Church Church
Horner Church Church
Horner Run stream
Horners Church Church
Hostetter Church Church
Hostetter School school
Houston School (historical) school
Hoy Run stream
Huksin 3 4 and 6 Mines Station Locale
Humbert Poplulated Place
Hunsrick Summit summit
Hunter School (historical) school
Husband Poplulated Place
Husband Cemetery Cemetery
Huston Poplulated Place


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