Place Names - I to O

Locations Type Township
Indian Lake Populated Place  
Indian Lake, Borough of Civil
Indiantown Poplulated Place
Isers Run stream
Jacobs Hill summit
Jefferson, Township of Civil
Jenner, Township of Civil
Jenners Poplulated Place
Jenners Crossroads Poplulated Place
Jennerstown Poplulated Place
Jennerstown, Borough of Civil
Jerome Poplulated Place
Jerome Junction Poplulated Place
Jersey Church Church
Jimtown Poplulated Place
Johnsburg Poplulated Place
Johnstown School school
Jones Mill Run stream
Kantner Poplulated Place
Kaufman Cemetery Cemetery
Kaufman Church Church
Kaufman Run stream
Kaufman School (historical) school
Keafer School school
Keller Run stream
Kennells Mill Poplulated Place
Kesslerville Locale
Keystone Poplulated Place
Kimberly Run stream
Kimmel Poplulated Place
Kimmel Run stream
Kimmelton Poplulated Place
King School school
King School school
Kings Bridge Locale
Kings Mountain Country Club Locale
Kingwood Poplulated Place
Kingwood School school
Klines Mill Poplulated Place
Knepper School (historical) school
Kooser Run stream
Kooser Spring spring
Korns School (historical) school
Kregar School (historical) school
Krings Poplulated Place
Lamberts Run stream
Lambertsville Poplulated Place
Landstreet Poplulated Place
Larimer, Township of Civil
Laurel Church Church
Laurel Falls Poplulated Place
Laurel Hill Creek stream
Laurel Hill Tabernacle Church
Laurel Hill Village Locale
Laurel Mount Chapel Church
Laurel Mountain Village Poplulated Place
Laurel Run stream
Laurel Run stream
Laurel Run stream
Laurel Run stream
Laurel Run stream
Laurel Run stream
Laurel Summit Poplulated Place
Lavansville Poplulated Place
Leapley Run stream
Lease Hill summit
Lebanon Cemetery Cemetery
Lebanon Church Church
Lichty Cemetery Cemetery
Lichty School school
Lick Run stream
Lick Run School (historical) school
Licking Run stream
Lincoln Siding Station Locale
Lincoln, Township of Civil
Listie Poplulated Place
Listie Cemetery Cemetery
Listonburg Poplulated Place
Little Allegheny Mountain summit
Little Dark Shade Creek stream
Little Glade Run stream
Little Piney Creek stream
Little Savage Mountain summit
Long School (historical) school
Lost Creek stream
Lost Run stream
Lower Turkeyfoot, Township of Civil
Loyalhanna 6 Mile Stations Locale
Macdonaldton Poplulated Place
Mance Poplulated Place
Maple Glen Church Church
Maple Grove School school
Maple Grove School (historical) school
Maple Ridge Poplulated Place
Maple Ridge Elementary School school
Maple Springs Church Church
Marker School school
Markleton Poplulated Place
Master School school
Maurer School school
Maust Hill summit
May Run stream
McClintock Run stream
McGregor Mines mine
Meadow Run stream
Meadow Run stream
Meadowdale Poplulated Place
Metzler Poplulated Place
Meyersdale Poplulated Place
Meyersdale High School school
Meyersdale, Borough of Civil
Middle Creek stream
Middle Creek Church Church
Middlecreek Golf Course Locale
Middlecreek, Township of Civil
Milford Poplulated Place
Milford Church (historical) Church
Milford Station Locale
Milford, Township of Civil
Miller Run stream
Miller Run stream
Miller Run stream
Miller Run Station Locale
Miller School school
Miller School school
Miller School school
Miller School (historical) school
Miller School (historical) school
Millers Run stream
Mine Number 36 mine
Mineral Spring Poplulated Place
Mishler Locale
Mizpah Church Church
Moore Run stream
Moore School school
Morgans Mills Locale
Mose King Run stream
Mostoller Poplulated Place
Mostoller School (historical) school
Mount Calvary Church Church
Mount Calvary Church Church
Mount Carmel Cemetery Cemetery
Mount Carmel Church Church
Mount Davis Recreational Camp Locale
Mount Gospel Tabernacle Church
Mount Healthy Post Office (historical) Post Office
Mount Olive Church Church
Mount Olivet Church Church
Mount Tabor Church Church
Mount Union Church Church
Mount Union School school
Mount Zion Locale
Mount Zion Church Church
Mount Zion Church Church
Mount Zion-Hays Cemetery Cemetery
Mountain Calvary Church Church
Mountain Run stream
Mountain School school
Mountain View Church Church
Mountain View School (historical) school
Muller School school
Murdock Poplulated Place
New Baltimore Poplulated Place
New Baltimore Post Office (historical) Post Office
New Baltimore, Borough of Civil
New Centerville Poplulated Place
New Centerville, Borough of Civil
New Fountain School (historical) school
New Lexington Poplulated Place
Niver Junction Poplulated Place
Niverton Poplulated Place
North Branch Quemahoning Creek stream
North Branch South Fork Bens Creek stream
North Fork Bens Creek stream
North Fork Country Club Locale
Northampton, Township of Civil
Number 38 Locale
Oakbrook Golf Course Locale
Ober School school
Ogle, Township of Civil
Ogletown Poplulated Place
Old Bethel Church Church
Old Calvary Cemetery Cemetery


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