Place Names - P to Z

Location Type Township
Old Shade Furnace Poplulated Place
Oven Run stream
P W & S Junction Station Locale
Packhorse Mountain summit
Paddytown Poplulated Place
Paint Poplulated Place
Paint, Borough of Civil
Paint, Township of Civil
Panther Run stream
Panther Run stream
Parson Run stream
Paterson Spring spring
Patriot Street Elementary School school
Peck School (historical) school
Philson Poplulated Place
Philson School school
Pickings Run stream
Pike Cemetery Cemetery
Pike Run Church Church
Pikes Peak summit
Pilltown Poplulated Place
Pine Grove School school
Pine Grove School school
Pine Hill Poplulated Place
Pine Hill Mine Number 1 Station Locale
Pine Hill Mine Number 2 Station Locale
Pine Hill Post Office (historical) Post Office
Pine Hill Station Locale
Pine Run stream
Pine School school
Pine Springs Camp Locale
Pines Church (historical) Church
Piney Creek stream
Piney Creek stream
Piney Run stream
Piney Run stream
Piney Run Golf Course Locale
Pinkerton Poplulated Place
Plank Road School school
Plank Road School (historical) school
Plateau De Mount Ski Area Locale
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Church Church
Pleasant Hill School school
Pleasant Hill School school
Pleasant Union Poplulated Place
Pleasant Valley School school
Pocahontas Poplulated Place
Pokey Church Church
Polk Hill summit
Poorbaugh Run stream
Powder Run stream
Puzzley Run stream
Puzzley Run stream
Pyles School school
Quecreek Poplulated Place
Quemahoning Creek stream
Quemahoning Junction Station Locale
Quemahoning, Township of Civil
Ralphton Poplulated Place
Randolph Poplulated Place
Rayman Church Church
Reading Junction Station Locale
Reading Number Three Poplulated Place
Reels Corners Poplulated Place
Reformed Cemetery Cemetery
Reitz Poplulated Place
Reitz 3 and 4 Mines Station Locale
Reitz Creek stream
Rhoades Creek stream
Rhoades School school
Rhoads Creek stream
Rice Run stream
Ridge School school
Ridge School (historical) school
Riffle Run stream
Ringer Hill summit
Roaring Fork stream
Roaring Run stream
Roaring Run Camp Locale
Roberts Poplulated Place
Rockwood Poplulated Place
Rockwood Junction Station Locale
Rockwood Station Poplulated Place
Rockwood, Borough of Civil
Roddys Station Locale
Romania Poplulated Place
Rowena Poplulated Place
Roxbury Poplulated Place
Roytown Poplulated Place
Rummel Poplulated Place
Rush Run stream
Saint Anthonys Church Church
Saint Davids Church Church
Saint Francis in the Fields Church Church
Saint Gregorys Church Church
Saint James Church Church
Saint Johns Cemetery Cemetery
Saint Johns Church Church
Saint Johns Church Church
Saint Johns Church Church
Saint Johns Church Church
Saint Johns School school
Saint Josephs Cemetery Cemetery
Saint Josephs Church Church
Saint Lukes Church Church
Saint Marks Church (historical) Church
Saint Marys Cemetery Cemetery
Saint Marys Church Church
Saint Michaels Church Church
Saint Michaels Church Church
Saint Michaels Church Church
Saint Paul Poplulated Place
Saint Pauls Cemetery Cemetery
Saint Pauls Church Church
Saint Pauls Church Church
Saint Pauls Church Church
Saint Peters Church Church
Saint Peters School school
Saint Stanislaus Cemetery Cemetery
Saint Thomas Church Church
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery Cemetery
Salco Poplulated Place
Salco Mines Locale
Salem Church Church
Salem Church Church
Salisbury Poplulated Place
Salisbury Junction Poplulated Place
Salisbury, Borough of Civil
Samuels Church Church
Samuels School school
Sand Patch Poplulated Place
Sandy Hollow School school
Sandy Hollow School (historical) school
Sandy Run stream
Sandy Run stream
Sarver Church Church
Savage Poplulated Place
Savage Run stream
Saylor School school
Scalp Level School school
Schrock Run stream
Schweibinzville Poplulated Place
Scullton Poplulated Place
Seanor Poplulated Place
Seese Run stream
Seven Springs Poplulated Place
Seven Springs Mountain Resort Locale
Seven Springs Resort Golf Course Locale
Seven Springs, Borough of Civil
Shade Church Church
Shade Creek stream
Shade Furnace Post Office (historical) Post Office
Shade, Township of Civil
Shafer Run stream
Shafer Run stream
Shaffer Church Church
Shaffers Run stream
Shaft Poplulated Place
Shaft School (historical) school
Shamrock Poplulated Place
Shanks Run stream
Shanksville Poplulated Place
Shanksville Post Office (historical) Post Office
Shanksville, Borough of Civil
Shanksville-Stonycreek School school
Shaulis School (historical) school
Shaw Mines Poplulated Place
Shingle Run stream
Shipley Brothers Mine mine
Shober Poplulated Place
Shocky Hill summit
Shoemaker Hill summit
Shoemaker Run stream
Showman Run stream
Shunck Run stream
Shunk school
Silbaugh School school
Sillbaugh Church Church
Sinne Sawmill (historical) Locale
Sipesville Poplulated Place
Sipesville Elementary School school
Sipesville Post Office (historical) Post Office
Slabtown Poplulated Place
Snydersville Poplulated Place
Somerfield Poplulated Place
Somerset Poplulated Place
Somerset Area Junior High School school
Somerset Area Senior High School school
Somerset Country Club Locale
Somerset County Civil
Somerset Mall Locale
Somerset Plaza Locale
Somerset Township High School school
Somerset, Borough of Civil
Somerset, Township of Civil
South Fork Beaverdam Creek stream
South Fork Bens Creek stream
South Glade Creek stream
South Side School school
Southampton Mills Locale
Southampton School school
Southampton, Township of Civil
Spook Run stream
Springs Poplulated Place
Spruce Run stream
Spruce Run stream
Spruce Run stream
Stahl Church Church
Stahls Locale
Stanton Mills Locale
Stone Bridge Locale
Stony Batter Run stream
Stony Creek Post Office (historical) Post Office
Stonycreek River stream
Stonycreek, Township of Civil
Stoyestown Station Locale
Stoystown Poplulated Place
Stoystown Post Office (historical) Post Office
Stoystown, Borough of Civil
Stumn Run stream
Sugar Grove School school
Suhrie School (historical) school
Summit Mills Poplulated Place
Summit Post Office (historical) Post Office
Summit School school
Summit School (historical) school
Summit Station Locale
Summit, Township of Civil
Swamp Creek stream
Sylvan Lane Poplulated Place
Temple School (historical) school
Texas School (historical) school
Thomas Church Church
Thomas Mill Poplulated Place
Thomasdale Poplulated Place
Thomasdale School school
Three Lick Run stream
Tire Hill Poplulated Place
Town Line Run stream
Trent Poplulated Place
Tub Mill Run stream
Tubs Run stream
Turkeyfoot Valley School school
Turney Cemetery Cemetery
Twomile Run stream
Unamis Poplulated Place
Union Cemetery Cemetery
Union Cemetery Cemetery
Union Gospel Mission Church
Union Street School school
Upper Turkeyfoot, Township of Civil
Ursina Poplulated Place
Ursina Locale
Ursina, Borough of Civil
VanDyke Spring spring
Vang Junction Station Locale
Vietersburg Locale
Vogel Mine mine
Vought Rock summit
Vought Run stream
Waggaman School school
Walker Cemetery Cemetery
Walker School school
Walker School (historical) school
Walkers Mill Locale
Walnut Hill Locale
Walnut Hill School (historical) school
Wambaugh Run stream
Ware Run stream
Warner School school
Warrens Mill Poplulated Place
Weaver Run stream
Weimer Run stream
Weimer School school
Welch Station Locale
Weller Cemetery Cemetery
Wellersburg Poplulated Place
Wellersburg, Borough of Civil
Wells Creek stream
Wells Creek Poplulated Place
Wertz School (historical) school
Wesley Chapel Church
West Branch Coxes Creek stream
West End School school
West Meyersdale Poplulated Place
West Salisbury Poplulated Place
Whipkey Run stream
White Oak Church Church
White Oak Church Church
Whites Creek stream
Wilbur Poplulated Place
Williams Poplulated Place
Wills Church Church
Wills Run stream
Wills School (historical) school
Wilson Creek stream
Wilson Creek Poplulated Place
Wilson Creek Mines mine
Wilson Creek Station Locale
Windber Poplulated Place
Windber, Borough of Civil
Witt School school
Wittenberg Poplulated Place
Wittenberg Post Office (historical) Post Office
Younkin Cemetery Cemetery
Younkin School school
Zehner Run stream
Zehner Run stream
Zimmerman Poplulated Place
Zion, Mount summit
Zufall Locale


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