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Below is a list of cemeteries that are located in Perry County.

Also, please check our Kathy Fisher's great website; one of her hobbies is to photograph cemeteries and she has listed some Perry County cemeteries.

If the name of a cemetery in the list below appears as a hyper-link, clicking on it will take you to a listing of that particular cemetery's inscriptions.  If the link takes you to the PAGenWeb Archive holdings for Perry County, scroll down the page to the listings of cemeteries.


GPS Listing of Cemeteries

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Acker/Auker Burial Ground Greenwood Twp., Millerstown -
Ackey Cemetery Buffalo Twp. aka- Centre Luth. Chyd.
Allens Cove Burial Ground Howe Twp. aka- Gable-Van Newkirk BG


Barner Union Churchyard Liverpool aka- St. John Lutheran
Barnett Burial Ground Penn Twp. aka- Ogle/Barnett Cemetery
Bealor Cemetery Markelsville, Juniata Twp. aka- St. John's Union Chyd. and/or Markelsville Cem.
Beelen Burial Ground Miller Twp. -
Bethel Evangelical Cemetery Greer's Point aka- Greer's Point Cem.
Bistline's Woods Burial Ground Spring Twp. partially destroyed
Blain Cemetery; New Jackson Twp. This is the 'new' cemetery; addition to the Blain Union Churchyard.
Blain Methodist Episcopal Chuchyard Jackson Twp. aka- Methodist Episcopal Churchyard
Blain Presbyterian Churchyard Jackson Twp. aka Upper/Toboyne Pres. Churchyard
Blain Union Churchyard/Cemetery Jackson Twp. aka Zion Lutheran & Reformed Churchyard
Bloomfield Cemetery New Bloomfield, Centre Twp. (w/i town limits) aka- New Bloomfield Cem.
Brubaker Burial Ground Buffalo Twp. Destroyed; no transcriptions.
Buck's. U. B. Churchyard Buffalo Twp. -
Buffalo Cemetery Saville Twp. aka- Emanuel Lutheran & Reformed Chyd.
Bull Hill Cemetery Tuscarora Twp., Donnally Mills Reportedly began when a man attempted to cross the Tuscarora Mtn. and froze to death and was buried where the cemetery is located.


Casner's Crossroads/Unnamed burial ground Greenwood Twp. Destroyed; exception of 1 stone
Cedar Cemetery Centre Twp. aka- Clouser Burial Ground and/or Foose Cemetery
Centre Lutheran Churchyard Buffalo Twp. aka- Ackey Cemetery
Centre Presbyterian Churchyard Madison Twp. -
Centre Union Churchyard Buffalo Twp. -
Charles Burial Ground Buffalo Twp. -
Chestnut Grove Cemetery Marysville; Rye Twp. Harrisburg West
Christ Union Churchyard New Bloomfield, Centre Twp. (w/i town limits) aka- Union Lutheran Cem.
Church of Living Christ Cemetery North East Madison Twp. -
Clouser Burial Ground Centre Twp. aka- Cedar and/or Foose Cemetery
Crist Burial Ground Tuscarora Twp. Destroyed


Deardorff Cemetery Tuscarora Twp., Millerstown -
Deardorff-Gantt Burial Ground Oliver Twp. -
Francis Delaney Grave Madison Twp. location unknown
Duncannon Evergreen M. E. Churchyard Penn Twp. aka Evergreen Methodist Cemetery
Duncannon Union Cemetery Penn Twp. Buried here is Reuben Carver, desc. of Gov. John Carver, landed Plymouth Rock in 1620.


Eby Cemetery New Germantown, Toboyne Twp. aka- Eby Church of the Brethern Churchyard
Eby Church of the Brethern Churchyard New Germantown, Toboyne Twp. German Baptist
Elliottsburg Evangelical Churchyard Elliottsburg, Spring Twp. aka- Mt. Zion Church Cem.
Elliottsburg Union Reformed Churchyard Spring Twp. aka- Messiah Lutheran Church Cemetery
Emanuel Lutheran & Reformed Churchyard Saville Twp. aka- Buffalo Cemetery
Emory Chapel M. E. Churchyard Bixler, North East Madison Twp. -
Eschol Memorial Cemetery Eschol, Saville Twp. -
Evergreen Methodist Cemetery Duncannon, Penn Twp. aka Duncannon Evergreen 


Fairview Methodist Episcopal Cemetery New Germantown, Toboyne Twp. -
Flurie Burial Ground Oliver Twp. -
Foose Cemetery Centre Twp. aka- Clouser Burial Ground and/or Cedar Cemetery
Forge Methodist Churchyard Wheatfield Twp. -
Frank Burial Ground Howe Twp. Gone, but not forgotten
Freeland-Long Burial Ground Howe Twp. -


Gable-Van Newkirk Burial Ground Howe Twp. aka- Allens Cove B.G.
Gailey-White Burial Ground Penn Twp. -
Grove-Humes Burial Ground Rye Twp. -
Gurderman Burial Ground Buffalo Twp. Destroyed
Greer's Point Cemetery Greer's Point aka- Bethel Evang. Cemetery


Happle-Worley Burial Ground Howe Twp. Destroyed; 1 stone remaining
Harris Concord Cemetery Finley -
Henry's Valley Burial Ground Jackson Twp. aka- Pioneer Cemetery
Hetrick Burial Ground Greenwood Twp. -
Hickory Grove Cemetery Tyrone Twp. aka- Kennedy Cemetery
Hill Church Cemetery Watts Twp. -
Hill-Duncannon Presbyterian Churchyard Duncannon, Penn Twp. aka- Mouth of Juniata Presbyterian Churchyard
Hoobaugh Cemetery Tyrone Twp. aka- Limestone Presbyterian Churchyard
Hunters Valley Cemetery Buffalo Twp. -


Jones/Steel Burial Ground Penn Twp. -


John Kaser Grave Howe Twp. -
Kennedy Cemetery Tyrone Twp. aka- Hickory Grove Cem.
Kinkora Home Cem. Penn Twp. -
Kipple Burial Ground Rye Twp. -
Klien Farm Burial Ground Liverpool Twp. 2 stones; location unknown
Koch's Sulphur Spring Churchyard Juniata Twp. aka- Rudolph Cemetery
Lawrence Kumler Farm Burial Plot Buffalo Twp. -


Landisburg Cemetery Landisburg; Tyrone Twp. **To view pictures of various stones taken by Judith Bookwalter, click here**
Laurel Run Church of God Cemetery Tyrone Twp. aka- Sheaffer Valley Church of God Cemetery
Lebanon Lutheran & Reformed Churchyard Loysville; Tyrone Twp. (w/i town limits) -
Limestone Presbyterian Churchyard Tyrone Twp. aka- Hoobaugh Cemetery
Little Cemetery Carroll Twp. across from Young's Church
Little Germany Church of God Churchyard Spring Twp. -
Liverpool Union Cemetery Liverpool Twp. (w/i town limits) -
Long Family Burial Ground Greenwood Twp. -
Ludolph Union Churchyard Spring Twp. -


Mahanoy Union Churchyard Miller Twp. -
Malerstown Churchyard Greenwood Twp. -
Mannsville Lutheran Churchyard Centre Twp. -
Mannsville U.B. Churchyard Centre Twp. -
Markelsville Cemetery Markelsville, Juniata Twp. aka- St. John's Union Chyd. and/or Bealor Cemetery
Marshal Chapel M.E. Cemetery Millerstown, Greenwood Twp. aka- Methodist Churchyard
McCaskey Graves Blairs Mills -
Messiah Lutheran Church Cemetery Spring Twp. aka- Elliottsburg Union Reformed Churchyard
Messiah Union Churchyard Buffalo Twp. -
Methodist Churchyard Millerstown, Greenwood Twp. aka- Marshal Chapel M.E. Cemetery
Methodist Episcopal Churchyard Blain, Jackson Twp. aka- Blain Methodist Episcopal Churchyard
Middle Ridge Presbyterian Churchyard Juniata Twp. -
Milford (Wila) Cemetery Juniata Twp. -
Millerstown Cemetery- old Millerstown -
Milltown Mennonite Cemetery Spring Twp. -
Mitchell Cemetery/Burial Ground nr. Centerville, Greenwood Twp. -
Montebelle Farm Burial Ground Wheatfield Twp. -
Mouth of Juniata Presbyterian Churchyard Duncannon, Penn Twp. aka- Hill-Duncannon Presbyterian Churchyard
Mt. Gilead M.E. Churchyard Carroll Twp. -
Mt. Pisgah Churchyard Carroll Twp. -
Mt. Vernon U.B. Churchyard Saville Twp. -
Mt. Zion Church Cem. Elliottsburg, Spring Twp. aka- Elliottsburg Evangelical Churchyard
Mt. Zion Union Churchyard Carroll Twp. aka- Old Dutch
Mt. Zion Lutheran Churchyard Spring Twp. -


New Bloomfield Cemetery New Bloomfield, Centre Twp. (w/i town limits) Bloomfield Cemetery
New Germantown M.E. Churchyard Toboyne Twp. -
Newport Cemetery-Old Newport, Oliver Twp. (w/i town limits) -
Newport Cemetery Newport, Oliver Twp. -
North Burial Ground Greenwood Twp. Believed destroyed when Rte. 322 was built.


Oak Grove Church of God Cemetery (aka)--
Oak Grove Cemetery
Lebo; Spring Twp. a small cemetery which had a beautiful stone church located on the site, which was torn down several years ago; located on Rte. 74, on the other side of the mountain, once called Lebo.
Oak Grove School House Rye Twp. -
O'Donnel Burial Ground Donnally Mills, Tuscarora Twp. -
Ogle-Barnett Cemetery Penn Twp. aka- Barnett Burial Ground
Ogle Burial Ground Penn Twp. Destroyed & some stones moved across Rtes. 11 & 15
David Ogle Burial Place Penn Twp. -
Old Dutch Mt. Zion Cemetery Carroll Twp. aka- Mt. Zion
Old Eschol Cemetery Saville Twp. aka- St. Andrew's Union Churchyard
Old Irish Cemetery Liverpool Twp. -
Old Shermans Creek Burial Ground Carroll Twp. aka- Sweishelm and/or Shermans Presbyterian Burial Ground


Daniel Peifer Grave Spring Twp. -
Perry Heights Cemetery Rye Twp. -
Perry Valley (Wright's) Presbyterian Churchyard Greenwood Twp. -
Pfoutz Valley U.B. Churchyard Greenwood Twp. -
Pine Hill Cemetery Carroll Twp. -
Pine Grove Church of God Churchyard Miller Twp. -
Pioneer Cemetery Andersonburg; Madison Twp. -
Pioneer Cemetery Jackson Twp. aka- Henry's Valley Burial Ground
Pisgah United Meth. Church Cemetery Carroll Twp. -
Poor House Burial Ground Tyrone Twp. -
Poplar Hill Cemetery nr. New Bloomfield; Centre Twp. -
Port Royal Cemetery Port Royal, Juniata Co. -
Powers Cemetery New Bloomfield; Centre Twp. -
Power Burial Ground Tyrone Twp. -


Red Hill Church of God Churchyard Howe Twp. -
Reiber's Community Church Cemetery (Reformed Baptist) Spring Twp. -
Reiber's School House (same as above) Spring Twp. -
Remet Cambell Burial Ground Centre Twp. -
Restland Cemetery Loysville; Tyrone Twp. Various listings
Reward Union Churchyard Greenwood Twp. 2 cemeteries, opposite side of street
Rhoads Family Burial Ground Rye Twp. Located on Private Property
Ridgeview Amish Cemetery North East Madison Twp. -
Riverview Cemetery Millerstown; Greenwood Twp. -
Roemer Burial Ground Buffalo Twp. Destroyed
Rudolph Cemetery Juniata Twp. aka- Koch's Sulphur Spring Churchyard
Unnamed- Burial Ground Rye Twp. -


St. Andrew's Union Churchyard Saville Twp. aka- Old Eschol Cem.
St. David's Union Churchyard Wheatfield Twp. -
St. John's Lutheran Churchyard Liverpool Twp. aka- Barner Union Chyd
St. John's Union Churchyard Markelsville; Juniata Twp. aka- Markelsville Cem. and/or Bealor Cemetery
St. Matthew's Lutheran Churchyard Liverpool Twp. -
St. Michael's Lutheran Churchyard & Cemetery Greenwood Twp. Begun when several local pioneers were tied to a tree by hostile Indians, slain by arrows, and buried where they fell.
St. Paul's Lutheran Churchyard Cisna Run, South West Madison Twp. -
St. Peter's Union Churchyard Spring Twp. -
Sandy Hill Reformed Churchyard North East Madison Twp. -
Sandy Hollow Church of God Churchyard Sandy Hollow; Carroll Twp. -
George Schreiber Farm Cemetery Howe Twp. Destroyed
Benjamin Shatto grave Penn Twp. Gone, but not forgotten.
Sheaffer's Valley Church of God Cemetery Tyrone Twp. aka- Laurel Run Church of God Cemetery
Sherman Creek Presbyterian Burial Ground;  Zeigler Field; Wheatfield Twp. -
Sherman's Presbyterian Burial Ground Carroll Twp. aka- Sweishelm and/or Old Shermans Creek Burial Ground
Shermansdale Presbyterian Churchyard Carroll Twp. -
Shuman Burial Ground Greenwood Twp. -
Siloam United Pres. Churchyard Penn Twp. -
Smiley Burial Grounds Carroll Twp. -
Snyder's U.B. Churchyard Wheatfield Twp. -
Stony Point U.E. Churchyard South West Madison Twp. aka Trostle's
Suetterlin Burial Ground Rye Twp. -
Sweishelm Burial Ground Carroll Twp. aka- Shermans Presbyterian and/or Old Shermans Creek Burial Ground


Three Springs Church of the Brethern Churchyard Jackson Twp. German Baptist
Tressler Orphan Home Cemetery Tyrone Twp. -


Union Lutheran Cemetery New Bloomfield; Centre Twp. aka- Christ Lutheran Union Reformed Church Cemetery


Van Camp Burial Ground Miller Twp. All but gone.


Waggoner Cemetery Tyrone Twp. aka- Wagner-Egolf Burial Ground
Wagner-Egolf Burial Ground Tyrone Twp. aka- Waggoner Cemetery
Walnut Grove M.E. Churchyard Juniata Twp. aka- Wesly Chapel Methodist Churchyard
Watts Burial Ground Miller Twp. -
Gen. Frederick Watt's Burial Ground Miller Twp. In Watts Burial Ground, Miller Twp.
Watts Burial Ground Wheatfield Twp. Gone, but not forgotten.
Wesly Chapel Methodist Churchyard Juniata Twp. aka- Walnut Grove M.E. Churchyard

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Young's M.E. Churchyard Penn Twp. -
Young's U.B. Churchyard Carroll Twp. -

Sources used to compile above listing:

1.  30 Perry Co., Pa. Cemeteries; Closson Press; Apollo, PA; June 1992.

2.  Perry Co. Cemetery listings at Perry Historians Library and Cumberland Co. Historical Society.

3.  As told by Donna ( (Oak Grove Cemetery).

4.  Information/Data supplied by Karl J. Fox.

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