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This is only a partial listing of the inscriptions found in this cemetery.

Newport Cemetery is located in Oliver Township.

Christopher WATSON; father; 1838-1917
Matilda WATSON; Mother; 1842-1928
Christopher WATSON; 1870-1878
Nettie L. WATSON; 1881-1882
Katherine M. WENTZ; 1838-1912
Jessie F. WATSON; 1882-1946
Minnie M. WATSON; 1884-1951

William K. SHOAFF; 15 Dec 1816 - 24 Feb 1888
Catharine SHOAFF; Wife; 24 Feb 1904; 78-5-26
Allen P. SHOAFF; Son; 8 June 1868; 19-11-8

Ellen TROSTLE; 1849-1919
Daisy Belva TROSTLE; d/o Levi & Ellen H.; 9 July 1887 - 11 Oct 1899
J. W. TROSTLE; 1875-1956
Fannie E. TROSTLE; 1880-1944
Infant Son of J. M. & Blanche TROSTLE; 3 August 1913

Sarah E. HARLE; 1883-1938

Mary F. TROSTLE MORRISON; wife of A. K. Morrison; 1879-1968

Anapolis U. PECK; 1876-1943
Clara B. TROSTLE PECK; wife of; 1881-1942

William G. CLOUSER; 1899-
Edith M. CLOUSER; 1907-1948
Lillie CLOUSER; 1950-1976

James N. HULTZAPPLE; 1866-1934
Clara Virginia HULTZAPPLE; 1868-1954
Anna HULTZAPPLE; 1893-1983

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