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Below is a listing of cemeteries with their locations using the Global Positioning System (GPS).  This information was obtained and supplied by Karl Fox.


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Acker/Auker Burial Ground N4034.80 / W7709.93
Allen's Cove Burial Ground (aka- Gable-Van Newkirk Burial Ground) N4029.60 / W7706.54


Barner Union Churchyard (aka- St. John Lutheran) N4036.25 / W7659.78
Barnett Burial Ground (aka- Ogle-Barnett Cemetery) N4021.72 / W7701.24
Bealor Cemetery (aka- St. John's Union Chyd and/or Markelsville Cem.) N4027.74 / W7714.19
Beelen Burial Ground N4029.16 / W7705.65
Bethel Evangelical Cemetery (aka- Greer's Point Cemetery) N4019.28 / W7706.16
Bistline's Woods Burial Ground -
Blain Cemetery; New N4019.92 / W7731.35
Blain Methodist Episcopal Chuchyard (aka- Methodist Episcopal Churchyard) N4020.26 / W7730.26
Blain Presbyterian Churchyard N4020.18 / W7730.45
Blain Union Churchyard/Cemetery N4020.33 / W7730.80
Bloomfield Cemetery (aka- New Bloomfield Cemetery) N4024.88 / W7711.34
Brubaker Burial Ground -
Buck's. U. B. Churchyard N4030.12 / W7700.51
Buffalo Cemetery (aka- Emanuel Luth & Reformed Churchyard) N4026.33 / W7723.29
Bull Hill Cemetery N4031.39 / W7714.60


Casner's Crossroads/Unnamed burial ground N4033.04 / W7706.93
Cedar Cemetery (aka- Clouser Burial Ground or Foose Cemetery) N4023.75 / W7712.82
Centre Lutheran Churchyard N4030.19 / W773.38
Centre Presbyterian Churchyard N4022.14 / W7723.49
Centre Union Churchyard N40 30.23 / W7702.98
Charles Burial Ground -
Chestnut Grove Cemetery N4020.72 / W7756.17
Christ Union Churchyard N4025.22 / W7711.42
Church of Living Christ Cemetery N4022.98 / W7724.85
Clouser Burial Ground (aka- Cedar Cem; or Foose Cemetery) N4023.75 / W7712.82
Crist Burial Ground -


Deardorff Cemetery -
Deardorff-Gantt Burial Ground N4030.92 / W7708.37
Francis Delaney Grave Location unknown
Duncannon Evergreen M. E. Churchyard N4023.62 / W7701.94
Duncannon Union Cemetery N4023.56 / W7701.94


Eby Cemetery N4017.48 / W7736.28
Eby Church of the Brethern Churchyard (aka- Eby Cem.) Same as above
Elliottsburg Evangelical Churchyard (aka- Mt. Zion Church Cemetery) N4023.23 / W7717.54
Elliottsburg Union Churchyard (aka- Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Churchyard) N4023.42 / W7717.31
Emanuel Lutheran & Reformed Churchyard (aka- Buffalo Cemetery) N4026.33 / W7723.29
Emory Chapel M. E. Churchyard N4022.31 / W7724.32
Eschol Memorial Cemetery N4026.63 / W7717.82
Evergreen Methodist Cemetery N4023.62 / W7701.94


Fairview Methodist Episcopal Cemetery N4017.25 / W7736.78
Flurie Burial Ground N4028.00 / W7708.62
Foose Cemetery (aka- Clouser Burial Ground or Cedar Cemetery) N4023.75 / W7712.82
Forge Methodist Churchyard N4022.50 / W7705.75
Frank Burial Ground -
Freeland-Long Burial Ground N4028.63 / W7707.36


Gable-Van Newkirk Burial Ground (aka- Allens Cove Burial Ground) N4029.60 / W7706.54
Gailey-White Burial Ground N4021.45 / W7702.88
Grove-Humes Burial Ground -
Gurderman Burial Ground -
Greer's Point Cemetery (aka- Bethel Evangelical Cemetery) N4019.28 / W7706.16


Happle-Worley Burial Ground N4028.60 / W7706.50
Harris Concord Cemetery -
Henry's Valley Burial Ground N4016.75 / W7727.90
Hetrick Burial Ground N4032.85 / W7707.47
Hickory Grove Cemetery (aka- Kennedy Cemetery) N4017.35/ W7721.66
Hill Church Cemetery N4027.79 / W7658.72
Hill-Duncannon Presbyterian Churchyard (aka- Mouth of Juniata Pres. Churchyard) N4024.22 / W7701.43
Hoobaugh Cemetery (aka- Limestone Presbyterian Churchyard) N4023.56 / W7718.67
Hunter's Valley Cemetery N4032.26 / W7700.51


Jones/Steel Burial Ground N4024.23 / W7702.16


John Kaser Grave N4029.51 / W7706.57
Kennedy Cemetery (aka- Hickory Grove Cemetery) N4017.35/ W7721.66
Kinkora Home Cem. N4022.16 / W7701.47
Kipple Burial Ground N4019.83 / W7658.38
Klien Farm Burial Ground -
Koch's Sulphur Spring Churchyard N4027.56 / W7710.28
Lawrence Kumler Farm Burial Plot -


Landisburg Cemetery N4020.25 / W7718.05
Laurel Run Church of God Cemetery (aka- Sheaffer Valley Church of God Cem.) N4019.85 / W7721.41
Lebanon Lutheran & Reformed Churchyard N4021.95 / W7720.68
Limestone Presbyterian Churchyard (aka- Hoobaugh Cemetery) N4023.56 / W7718.67
Little Cemetery N4018.65 / W7709.40
Little Germany Church of God Churchyard N4022.83 / W7715.33
Liverpool Union Cemetery N4034.49 / W7659.56
Long Family Burial Ground N4034.92 / W7705.59
Ludolph Union Churchyard N4023.07 / W7715.91


Mahanoy Union Churchyard N4027.54 / W7702.67
Malerstown Churchyard -
Mannsville Lutheran Churchyard N4025.45 / W7716.25
Mannsville U.B. Churchyard N4025.55 / W7715,92
Markelsville Cemetery (aka- St. John's Union Chyd. and/or Bealor Cemetery) N4027.74 / W7714.19
Marshal Chapel M.E. Cemetery (aka- Methodist Churchyard) N4035.01 / W7709.21
McCaskey Graves -
Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Churchyard (Elliottsburg Union Churchyard) N4023.23 / W7717.31
Messiah Union Churchyard N4032.18 / W7700.56
Methodist Churchyard (Marshal Chapel M.E. Cemetery) N4035.01 / W7709.21
Methodist Episcopal Churchyard (aka- Blain Methodist Episcopal Chyd) N4020.26 / W7730.26
Middle Ridge Presbyterian Churchyard N4028.04 / W7710.22
Milford (Wila) Cemetery N4028.88 / W7710.39
Millerstown Cemetery- old N4032.91 / W7709.15
Milltown Mennonite Cemetery N4021.34 / W7717.12
Mitchell Cemetery/Burial Ground N4031.31 / W7705.92
Montebelle Farm Burial Ground N4024.84 / W7705.42
Mouth of Juniata Presbyterian Churchyard (aka- Hill-Duncannon Presbyterian Churchyard) N4024.22 / W7701.43
Mt. Gilead M.E. Churchyard N4021.41 / W7710.28
Mt. Pisgah Churchyard -
Mt. Vernon U.B. Churchyard N4024.44 / W7720.77
Mt. Zion Church Cemetery (aka- Elliottsburg Evangelical Churchyard) N4023.23 / W7717.54
Mt. Zion Union Churchyard N4019.14 / W7707.64
Mt. Zion Lutheran Churchyard N4019.82 / W7716.30


New Bloomfield Cemetery (aka- Bloomfield Cemetery) N4024.88 / W7711.34
New Germantown M.E. Churchyard N4018.49 / W7734.26
Newport Cemetery N4028.48 / W7708.81
Newport Cemetery-Old N4028.44 / W7707.92
North Burial Ground -


Oak Grove Church of God Cemetery (aka)--
Oak Grove Cemetery
N4018.32 / W7716.75
Oak Grove School House N4019.68 / W7701.07
O'Donnel Burial Ground N4029.48 / W7715.17
Ogle-Barnett Cemetery (aka- Barnett Burial Ground) N4021.72 / W7701.24
Ogle Burial Ground N4021.29 / W7659.16
David Ogle burial place N4021.01 / W7700.16
Old Dutch Mt. Zion Cemetery N4019.14 / W7707.64
Old Eschol Cemetery (aka- St. Andrew's Union Churchyard) N4027.45 / W7718.15
Old Irish Cemetery -
Old Shermans Creek Burial Ground (aka- Sweishelm and/or Shermans Presbyterian Burial Ground) N4020.59 / W7708.56


Daniel Peifer Grave N4023.02 / W7716.38
Perry Heights Cemetery N4020.30 / W7756.36
Perry Valley (Wright's) Presbyterian Churchyard N4032.17 / W7707.00
Pfoutz Valley U.B. Churchyard N4035.15 / W7705.70
Pine Hill Cemetery -
Pine Grove Church of God Churchyard N4026.85 / W7706.85
Pioneer Cemetery -
Pisgah United Methodist  Church Cemetery N4019.49 / W7712.47
Poor House Burial Ground N4021.75 / W7720.40
Poplar Hill Cemetery N4025.40 / W7712.61
Powers Cemetery -
Power Burial Ground N4020.36 / W7719.02


Red Hill Church of God Churchyard N4029.46 / W7706.98
Reiber's Community Church Cemetery, Reformed Baptist N4018.76 / W7713.75
Reiber's School House (same as above) N4018.76 / W7713.75
Remet Cambell Burial Ground -
Restland Cemetery N4021.84 / W7721.49
Reward Union Churchyard N4033.35 / W7704.65
Rhoads Family Burial Ground *on private property*
Ridgeview Amish Cemetery N4022.24 / W7725/36
Riverview Cemetery N4032.66 / W7708.95
Roemer Burial Ground -
Rudolph Cemetery (aka- Koch's Sulphur Spring Churchyard) N4027.56 / W7710.28
Unnamed- Burial Ground -


St. Andrew's Union Churchyard (aka- Old Eschol Cemetery) N4027.45 / W7718.15
St. David's Union Churchyard N4022.01 / W7706.72
St. John Lutheran Churchyard (aka- Barner Union Churchyard) N4036.25 / W7659.78
St. John's Union Churchyard (aka- Markelsville Cem. or Bealor Cemetery) N4027.74 / W7714.19
St. Matthew's Lutheran Churchyard N4033.08 / W7703.58
St. Michael's Lutheran Churchyard & Cemetery N4034.77 / W7704.73
St. Paul's Lutheran Churchyard N4021.03 / W7726.66
St. Peter's Union Churchyard N4019.48 / W7716.34
Sandy Hill Reformed Churchyard N4023.60 / W7725.72
Sandy Hollow Church of God Churchyard N4022.18 / W7711.34
George Schreiber Farm Cemetery -
Benjamin Shatto grave -
Sheaffer Valley Church of God Cemetery (aka- Laurel Run Church of God Cemetery) N4019.85 / W7721.41
Sherman Creek Presbyterian Burial Ground;  N4022.27 / W7706.54
Shermans Presbyterian Burial Ground (aka- Sweishelm and/or Old Shermans Creek Burial Ground) N4020.59 / W7708.56
Shermansdale Presbyterian Churchyard N4019.96 / W7710.39
Shuman Burial Ground N4032.52 / W7708.88
Siloam United Pres. Churchyard N4023.70 / W7703.82
Smiley Burial Grounds N4019.40 / W7709.92
Snyder's U.B. Churchyard N4023.60 / W7707.79
Stony Point U.E. Churchyard N4022.21 / W7728.68
Suetterlin Burial Ground N4020.22 / W7757.26
Sweishelm Burial Ground (aka- Shermans Presbyterian and/or Old Shermans Creek Burial Ground) N4020.59/ W7708.56


Three Springs Church of the Brethern Churchyard N4018.97 / W7731.48
Tressler Orphan Home Cemetery N4022.35 / W7720.94


Union Lutheran Cemetery (aka- Christ Lutheran Union Reformed Church Cem.) -


Van Camp Burial Ground N4028.77 / W7704.75


Waggoner Cemetery N4019.52 / W7717.24
Wagner-Egolf Burial Ground (aka-Waggoner Cem) same as above
Walnut Grove M.E. Churchyard (aka- Wesly Chapel Methodist Churchyard) N4027.46 / W7715.72
Watts Burial Ground (Miller Twp.) N4027.23 / W7703.72
Gen. Frederick Watt's Burial Ground (located in Watt's Burial Ground) see above
Watts Burial Ground (Wheatfield Twp.) N4026.70 / W7701.44
Wesly Chapel Methodist Churchyard (aka- Walnut Grove M.E. Churchyard) N4027.46 / W7715.72

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Young's M.E. Churchyard N4023.49 / W7702.42
Young's U.B. Churchyard N4018.73 / W7709.49


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