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Ogle Burial Ground is located in Penn Township.

Contributed by Vi P. Limric

Transcribed by Harry W. Lenig, probably in the 1960's. In Sep/Oct 1974 this burial ground was completely obliterated. 

OGLE,     William                  May 1806       57 yrs.

          (1st wife Sarah (Logue?) died 1780, burial unknown.)

          William                  20 Mar 1829    39-0-19

          cnt. Mary                30 Mar 1836    40-10-15

          Alexander                19 Dec 1811    30 yrs.

               (single s/o William Sr. & Sarah (Logue?))

          John                     28 Mar 1824    37 yrs.

          John                     27 Mar 1824    37-2-17

               (Double stone? s/o William Sr. & Sarah (Wiser))

          Martha w/o John & d/o    26 Mar 1849    61-4-16

               William Beatty

GREEK,    Elizabeth d/o John &     17 Jun 1851    23-6-3

               Ann Fry

          c/o Alfred & Elizabeth:

          Meoma                    28 Oct 1849    1-0-18

          Alvin                    25 Jul 1851    0-6-25

MURPHY,   William                  17 Jun 1817    48-7-22

          (wife Elizabeth, burial unknown)

          Sarah w/o William Jr. &  9 May 1866     56-2-10

               d/o John & Martha (Beatty) Ogle

          c/o William & Sarah:

          Martha                   29 Mar 1830    2-2-14

          Sarah Susan              20 Sep 1862    15-9-12

          Margaret                 12 Mar 1835    8-8-22

Data in brackets added by Mr. Lenig. There is a possibility that  some stones may not have been read correctly and there were additional stones. Mr. Lenig used an iron to dig for fallen stones.  
During the trial of the person accused of destroying the burial ground the State Police had part of a tombstone found there which did not match any of Mr. Lenig's transcription.

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