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The Cemeteries of Mifflin County


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Name of Cemetery
Cemetery Photo
Date of Earliest Known Burial Cemetery Layout and/or Directions from The Cemeteries of Mifflin County Location, Address, phone, contact
Milroy Presbyterian 1839 info  
New Amish - near Milroy 1917 info  
Old Salem Lutheran 1837 info Between Milroy & Siglerville 
Salem United Methodist - New Lancaster Valley 1834 info  
Swartzell-Ruble - New Lancaster Valley 1817 info  
Woodlawn 1854 info NE Milroy
Wagner Family - New Lancaster Valley 1914 info  
Bratton Cemetery Prior to 1774 info near Mattawana
Corbin Cemetery 1843 info near Anderson Station
Hertzler's Mennonite 1855 info Mattawana
Himmelsbaugh 1849 info Pine Glen
McCord Grave 1893 info near Longfellow
Moist 1852 info near Horning Ford
Pine Glen Brethren 1894 info  
Pleasant View Mennonite 1933 info near Mattawana
Barrville Mennonite 1861 info  
Church Hill Presbyterian 1736 info Old US 322 and Church Lane, Reedsville, PA  17084
Hooley  1828 info off Rt 655 So. of Reedsville
Old Amish a/k/a/ Long Lane 1848 info  
Yoder-Zook a/k/a Thompson- Henry Farm (now Reeds)   info  
Bell Farm (Dorman Homestead)   info  
Belltown - Dormantown 1842 info Old State Rd
Bell-Sigler Family 1790 info  
Christian Missionary Alliance 1940 info Paintersville
Lauverís United Methodist 1849 info  
St Markís Lutheran 1833 info Alfarata
St. Markís Lutheran 1893 info Dormantown
Samuelís United Church of Christ 1852 info  
Wagner Methodist Chapel 1853 info  
Birch Hill (Formerly Musserís)  (1883-96)- 1902 info  
Holy Communion Lutheran (Yeagertown) (1802)-1830 info Holy Communion Lutheran Church
North Main, Yeagertown, PA 17099
(717) 242-1552
Little Valley (Vira) Presbyterian 1810 info Little Valley Presbyterian Church
Lng Lane And Stg Road, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 242-1272
Maitland Brethren 1856 info  
Maitland Community 1954   Maitland Church of the Brethren
315 Crossover Drive, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 543-6200
Miller Cemetery- 1927 info near Jack's Creek
Mt. Rock 1900 & earlier info NE corner Lewistown

Oakland Avenue, Lewistown, PA 17044

Old Maitland Brethren 1810 info  
Ort Valley Cemetery 1815 info  
Potters Field-Mifflin Co. Home 1949 info  
Rothrock / Hoyt Family 1822 info 100 Windmill Hill, Burnham, PA  17009
Vira Methodist 1822 info VIRA United Methodist
107 Long Lane, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 248-1312
Brought Cemetery 1803 info  
Comfort Family 1812 info  
Deanís Cemetery 1887 info Fairview
Galbraith Grave 1779 info  
Malta Home 1922 info  
Aurand -Cever   info  
Aurand, Ellen Chapel 1869 info Ferguson Valley Rd.,
Lewistown 17044 - opp. church
Hoffman 1843 info off Rt. 22 opp. Cargillís
Juniata Memorial Park
1947 info Juniata Memorial
US Highway 522,
Lauglin Farm   info  
McCord Cemetery a/k/a Methodist Episcopal on Lyter 1851 info  
McKee Family 1845 info  
Means Family 1837 info  
Ohev Sholom - Jewish
1940 info OHEV Sholom Synagogue
20 East 3rd Street, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 248-8070
Old Presbyterian a/k/a  Steel Farm pre-1781 info  
Ruble-McGill 1854 info  
Shahen   info Off 44001 up mountainside at powerline
Shahen 1874 info on Wm. Bradford Farm
Snyder Family 1814 info  
Strode Family 1826 info  
Wert   info on loop road off Rt 22 on 44012
Juniata Memorial Park Inc. fairly new not in the book Juniata Memorial Park Inc.
RR 4, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 242-2555
African (formerly called the "Colored") Cemetery
  info African  Cemetery
Juniata St. & W. 4th Street, Lewistown,
East 4th St. Cemetery   info  
First Methodist 1831 info (West 4th St.) First United Methodist Church
200 East 3rd Street, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 248-4618
Kinsloe Grave 1847 info Green Ave.
Lind Memorial Methodist 1913 info Lind Memorial Cemetery
200 East 3rd Street, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 248-8922
Lutheran-Reformed (extinct)   info  
Old Catholic-North Dorcas - (extinct)   info  
Old Lewistown 1802 info "Old" Town Cemetery 
South Brown and Water Streets, Lewistown, PA  17044
Presbyterian (extinct) 1842 info Logan & Spruce Sts.
Sacred Heart
(1852)-1871 info Sacred Heart Church
106 North Dorcas Street, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 242-2781
St. John's Lutheran - W. 4th (some reint.) 1854 info St Johns Lutheran Church
120 North Main Street, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 248-8780
St. Mark's Episcopal - New Section   

1913 info
St Marks Episcopal Church
21 South Main Street, Lewistown, PA 17044
(717) 248-8327
St. Mark's Episcopal - Old Section 1844 info Green Ave., Lewistown, PA  17044
McVeytown United Methodist Church      
      McVeytown United Methodist Church
3 S Queen St 
McVeytown, PA
(717) 899-6861 
McVeytown Presbyterian Church
(1804 memorial)- 1811 info McVeytown Presbyterian Church
Queen, Mc Veytown, PA 17051
(717) 899-6712
Amish-New Cemetery 1959 info (Renno-Peachey farms)
Glick Cemetery 1800 info  
McDowell Cemetery 1809 info  
Mennonite - Allensville 1822 info Allensville Mennonite Church
1156 State Route 655, Belleville, PA 17004
(717) 483-6774
Methodist (old)- Allensville 1855 info  
Peachey Farm   info  
Presbyterian - Allensville 1862 info Allensville Presbyterian Church
126 East Main Street, Allensville, PA 17002
(717) 483-6470
St. Paul's Lutheran -Allensville 1833 info St. Pauls Lutheran Church
Allensville, PA 17002
(717) 483-6913
West Kishacoquillas Presbyterian
1781 info West Kishacoquillas Presbyterian Church
3820 West Main Street, Belleville, PA 17004
(717) 935-2337
Memorial Cemetery 1857 info Church St. 
Newton Hamilton, PA 17075 (Needs repair!  No longer maintained)
Newton Hamilton United Methodist Church Cemetery
BORTEL PLOTThomas Johnston, wife: Elizabeth Stine Johnston
BORTEL PLOT children: Cyrus Stine Johnston & Henrietta Johnston
Archibald Vandyke, died Jan 19, 1878, Aged 86 yrs. 6 m
Mary Vandyke, Wife of Archibald Vandyke, died Apr 3, 1876, Aged 75 yrs. 7 m 28 d - The righteous have hope in their end
(1811- 1812- 1818)- 1835   Newton Hamilton United Methodist 
176 Church St
Newton Hamilton, PA 17075
Phone: 814-542-4907
Allen Grave * 1805 info  
Buchanan Grave   info on Thatcher property, not located
Buchanan Grave 1861 info in woods off Rt 22
Culbertson 1811 info  
Dixon Family-Lockport 1851 info  
Dunmire-Ely 1844 info  
Kinsel 1826 info  
McGill Cemetery-Lewis farm 1849 info  
Mattawana Cemetery
BORTEL PLOTBortel family plot
1856 info Rt 22 North.Mattawana Cemetery, US 522 at McVeytown, 17051
Spring Run Brethren 1859 info Spring Run Church of the Brethren, RR 2, McVeytown, PA 17051, (717) 899-6270
Swigart Cemetery 1806 info  
Wakefield Cemetery 1847 info  
Glick Family 1800 info on Zook farm
Kore   info Peachey farm
McDowell Family (See Menno Twp) 1809    
Machpelah Presbyterian
1900 info (behind the West Kishacoquillas Church) Machpelah Presbyterian, Rt. 655/Main, Belleville  17004
Mennonite-Locust Grove 1795 info Locust Grove Mennonite Church
3358 West Main Street, Belleville, PA 17004
(717) 935-2164
Old Lutheran
1834   Old St. John's Lutheran Mechanicsville Rd., Belleville  17004
Old Methodist, Mechanicsville
1842 info Old Methodist Mechanicsville Rd., Belleville  17004
Poe Grave 1860 info on Poe St., Belleville
Presbyterian - Alexander Springs (extinct)   info  
St. John's Maple Grove
  info St. John's Lutheran Rt. 655, Belleville  17004
St. John's Lutheran 1858 info  
Atkinson Mills Methodist
1871 info  
Corbett   info  
Hanawalt 1818 info
transcription from Treasures of the Past
near Kistler
Heisterís Mill 1849 info  
Morrison aka Cowdenís 1805 info at Country Club
Norton Cemetery 1843 info  
Postlethwaite Cemetery 1802 info  
Ryde aka McKinstry Cemetery
(1813, 15,19,20)  -1849 info  
Sunderland Cemetery 1845 info  
Wayne Methodist Cemetery 1842 info (Beside) Wayne United Methodist Church
1450 Irvin Hill Rd.
McVeytown, PA 17051
(717) 899-6418



Material linked as "info" © 2001-2002, has been scanned from The Cemeteries of Mifflin County, and was contributed by Cynthia Rosenberry and the Mifflin County Historical Society.  All rights reserved. No reprint, No redistribution authorized.

Thanks to Vicki Shimp and Forest Fisher for their assistance adding the following information from the Cemeteries of Mifflin County, with permission from the Mifflin County Historical Society.  Special thanks to Forest for taking all these wonderful cemetery pictures and sharing them with us on behalf of MCHS.


* Photo Contributor: Ed Bratton



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