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Wayne United Methodist Church

1450 Irvin Hill Rd.
McVeytown, PA 17051
(717) 899-6418

Formerly called Wayne United Brethren Church and Wayne Cemetery



Information from The Cemeteries of Mifflin County, MCHS


Cemetery View 1, 2  Contributor: Ed Bratton


Wayne United Methodist Church is on Irvin Hill Rd.  Directions from the North and Lewistown:
Take 522/22 W  through McVeytown to Fairview Rd. (about 2 miles)
Make a left onto Fairview (at the Wayne/Oliver Township line. If you see the Wayne Hotel, you've gone too far:
Wayne hotel from south north)   Less than a mile, turn off Fairview onto Irvin Hill and the Wayne Methodist Church is there.

Pastor: Marian Hartman


Buried here:Pollock



Contributors: Ben Sunderland & Cynthia Rosenberry


Wayne United Brethren Church Congregation circa 1890


From looking at the photo closely and the architectural details below, I believe the above photo must have been taken from Irvin Hill Rd. facing east (the side shown in the first two photos below) before the present-day stairs and porch were added.


1978 View from Irvin Hill Rd. 2002 View from Irvin Hill Rd. 2001 View from Fairview Rd. 2002 View looking towards Fairview Addition added in 1995
1978 photo from Historic Sites Survey, Mifflin County, PA 2001 photo with 1995 new addition detail new addition
Details of sign   Details of the original building
Left hill of cemetery Cemetery from Irvin Hill Rd. (left portion) Cemetery from Irvin Hill Rd. (main portion) Stones piled under a tree (right portion, facing parking lot) View of same area (from parking lot)


Tombstone Photos


Contributors: Ben Sunderland & Cynthia Rosenberry


Allen Rosenberry

Mary, wife of Allen Rosenberry

Mary Anne Rosenberry, daughter of Allen Rosenberry

John Sunderland

Mary J., wife of John Sunderland

Thomas J. Sunderland, wife Rebecca

Their children: Elsie & Clarence

Stine Family Plot

CyrusStine, wife Martha

Cyrus S. Stine

Jacob Stine & wife Margaret French Stine

Thomas Cookson

Wesley & Bertha Yoder

Their children: Rhoda C., Mary M.

Rebecca Foust

Peter & Lavina Rheam

Bobby Rheam & Allis W. Rothrock

Mary Ann

Henry, Grace Bailey

Janet, Ruth, Ward Bailey

Clara, wife of John Gill


Wayne Methodist Church


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