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Wayne Township


Wayne Township Cemeteries


1877 Atlas of Wayne Township transcribed by Kelly Smith.  Scans contributed by Cynthia Rosenberry.

  Wayne Township transcription (offsite),  264 kb map image  &  4.2 mb large map image

  Newton Hamilton transcription (offsite) & image


Kistler Borough


Newton Hamilton


Wayne United Methodist Church Cemetery


Shank's Run, Wayne Township, was named after the stream of same name but the area is now called Ryde.  According to Bob Beck, a resident of Ryde, before the area was named Shank's Run it was called Mannayunk for a short time but many had trouble with the name.  On the 1877 Atlas, the RR stop "Mannayunk Station" was a vestige reminder of that former title.   Later when plans arose to put a total of 4 tracks in, the tracks were moved  closer to the river.   At one time the area also contained a post office which was located beside the "water plug" - a stream that runs down from the mountain, goes under the road and into the Juniata river in Ryde.   Water is piped up to the road so that you can stop and get a drink if you want to. Someone now lives where the post office once had been.  ~ Information contributed by Judy A. Bingaman


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