South Hill Public School
1919 Attendance Roster, Homilies and Souvenir

Attendees: Ora Adams, Irene Foster, Floyd Wilston, Herald Stone, Loren Dryer, Lloyd Woodward
Lloyd Dryer, Hazel Wilston, Glenn Foster, Harold Dryer, Lawrence Stone, Earl Foster, Glenn Brenchley, Dean Brown, Elmo Brown, Florence Duff [teacher]
Contributed by William Brenchley, Son of Glenn Brenchley
and Nephew of the Dryers, all Class Members,
from the Inheritied Possessions of His Grandmother Lena Brenchley


Transcribed by Elaine Frey from Documents Provided by Bea McCue and Jane Edkin Hoover. One of the teachers was Elaine's grandfather, Edwin Frey.
September 2006

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