Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Public Instruction
School Attendance Record
School Districe: Fox Township # 9
No. of School : 2
Local Name of School: East
Grade or Grades: 1 - 8
County: Sullivan # 57
Teacher: Edwin E. Frey
For the school year beginning July 6, 1936
and ending July 5, 1937
Name of Child Date of Birth Age Residence Parent or Guradian Name of School Last Attended
Inactive Roll
Norton, Irene 7-22-1923 Hillsgrove Ida Snell
Norton, Paul 3-5-1927 Hillsgrove Ida Snell
Norton, Betty 4-3-1930 Hillsgrove Ida Snell
Active Roll
Name of Pupil Date of Birth Age Residence Parent or Guardian Date of Vaccination
Bailey, Delbert 4-9-1930 6 Wheelerville Jesse Quail
Bailey, Edwin 7-10-1927 9 Wheelerville Jesse Quail
Brown, Aaron 12-10-1920 16 Wheelerville Hurley Brown
Brown, Clarence 12-27-1928 8 Wheelerville Hurley Brown
Brown, Kenneth 10-27-1924 12 Wheelerville Hurley Brown
Hammersley, Leroy 13 Wheelerville
May, Donald 9-12-1926 10 Wheelerville Boyd May
May Elwyn 12-23-1928 8 Wheelerville Boyd May
May, Vernon 12-28-1914 13 Wheelerville Boyd May
Leighton, Bobby 10
Leighton, Vernon 8
Brown, Elizabeth 10-26-1926 10 Wheelerville Hurley Brown
Brown, Letha 10-27-1924 14 Wheelerville Hurley Brown
Hammersley, Betty 9
May, Verna 12-28-1914 13 Wheelerville Boyd May
Quail, Pauline 5-1-1929 7 Wheelerville Jesse Quail
Pupils with Perfect Attendance
Brown, Kenneth
May, Verna

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