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Surname Registry - H Surnames


HALL,1760-1848, Kris Erb


HARNED, 1790-1800, Mari Nielson


HARNETT, 1790-1800, Mari Nielson


HARRIS, 1860-1940, Scott Harris


HARSHBARGER, 1800-present, Mary Ellen Wilmoth


HARTSOCK, ? - present, Sherry Morrow


HASSINGER, Bea Rutherford


HASSINGER, 1880-, Barb Hakanen


HAVICE, abt. 1880-1978, Anna Williamson


HAZLETT, 1768-1962, Darcy Hazlett Thursby


HELLER, Donna Heller Zinn


HENDERSON, Jean Heuman


HENDERSON, 1758-1795, Diana Cronhardt


HENRY, Bea Rutherford, Michele M. Allen, Abe Henry


HESSER, Wayne Seibert


HILAND / HIGHLAND, bef. 1790-1820, Susan Carney


HILDEBRAND / HILDERBRAND, 1816-1850, Elsie Davis


HOLT, 1740-1830, Robert E. Holt


HORNED, 1790-1800, Mari Nielson


HORNETT, 1790-1800, Mari Nielson



HORNING, 1820-present, John Riden


HOUSER, pre 1840-1880, Cliff Dutton


HOUSER, pre-1840 - aft-1860, Diann Olsen


HOUSER, 1820-1845, Robert Houser


HUGHES / HUGHS, 1820-1840, Sue Collins


HUMPHREY, pre-1870, Charlie Humphrey


HUSTON, 1877-1850, Katie Taylor



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BARNES, 1800-1849, William Barnes,


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