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Surname Registry - B Surnames


BAILEY, 1800-1850, Darleen Ritchey Berens


BAKER, Wayne Seibert


BARNHART, John and Donna Stichter


BARR, pre1800-1840, Stacy Neff, Shana Krenz


BARRETT, 1920-1970, Will Summers


BASIM, c1800-1829, Linda Ferree


BAUMGARDNER, Bea Rutherford


BAYLOR,  -1930, Betty Grant


BEARLEY, c1900-present, Sherry Morrow


BEATTY, 1770-1928, Anita Beatty Hoffman, Sandra Ferguson


BEATTY/BATTY, Wayne Seibert


BEATTY/BEATY, mid to late 1800's Elizabeth Lawson


BEERS, Wayne Seibert


BELL, c1778-1840, Richard Aurand Sherer, Bev Mervin


BENNER, 1810-1840, Nikki Benner


BENTON, Sandra Kring Leonard


BERLIEU (BURLEW), c1790-1860, Richard Aurand Sherer


BESHORE, Susan Elko


BIGELOW, David Eckert


BINGAMAN, 1900-1962, Richard Aurand Sherer




BOTTEICHER, Carol Botteicher Yewcic




BRIDGE, Mary Brothers


BRINER, 1840-1870, Penny Auffert


BROOM, 1820-1885, Sherryl Clark


BROUGHT, 1841-1976, Michele M. Allen, Mary A. Old


BROWER, 1756-1842, Heather Bush


BUBB / BOBB, Bea Rutherford


BUCHANAN, 1800-1830, Rachel Gujral


BURNS, 1681 to date, Norma R. Farmilo



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BARNES, 1800-1849, William Barnes,


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