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Contributed by Richard M. Reese



Copies of the list of names of the men of from Luzerne County who lost their lives in the service of their country during the recent war, have been received by the local army recruiting office and the officials of the American Legion. The list will be revised from time to time until finally complete in every detail. The present list contains 245 names of Luzerne County men who died in army service. Certificates of esteem and gratitude of the French Republic have been mailed to the next of kin by the United States War Department. Because of the tremendous task some names may have been overlooked. In such Instances, relatives should communicate with Capt. Neil Crissman, Coal Exchange Building, city, who will see that those entitled to certificates receive them. The diplomas are for officers, enlisted men, field clerks and nurses of the army only. The navy and marine corps certificates are being distributed by their respective departments. Men who died as a result of their own misconduct and men who gave the name of a friend or business associate as the person to be notified in the event of death have not had certificates prepared for them. The War Department is endeavoring to determine the next of kin of the latter class. Following is a list of names of Luzerne County soldiers who died during the world war as sent to the army recruiting office: - Wilkes-Barre Record, Feb. 28, 1920


Surname First Name Address City Military Information Date of Death
Habblett John 406 Moss street Plymouth    
Harris Walter S.   Luzerne    
Hauser John F.   White Haven    
Havard Benjamin F. 11 La Grange street Pittston    
Hawk James L. 358 Shoemaker street Kingston    
Healey Leo G. 7 Hazleton avenue Ashley    
Heckler Perry 952 Centre street Freeland    
Heckrote Christian G. 357 West Spruce street Hazleton    
Heffernan Joseph 56 Logan street Wilkes-Barre    
Heintzelman Ernest F. R.D. # 1 Drums    
Heiser Herbert C. 534 James street Hazleton    
Hilbert James A. 196 Kidder street Wilkes-Barre    
Hill Harry C. 41 Church street Pittston    
Hobbs Peter R.F.D. # 1 Shickshinny    
Hodge Harry L. 21 West Chapel street Hazleton    
Holman Lester W. 533 Diamond avenue Hazleton    
Honeywell Eugene F. 228 Beade sreet Plymouth    
Hoover Ernest R.F.D. # 4 Pittston    
Hudak George 10 Sycamore street Wilkes-Barre    
Hudson Ralph G. 17 South Sherman street Wilkes-Barre    
Hunsinger Harry F. East Second street Nescopeck    
Ignatz George 752 North Washington street Wilkes-Barre    
Illsefsky Joseph 53 Brans street Ashley    
Isaac Gomer H.   Dallas    
Jacobs Henry A. 78 Maxwell street Wilkes-Barre    
Jacobs Joseph 414 North Main street Pittston    
James L. 137 Green street Edwardsville    
James W. S. 143 East Green street Nanticoke    
James Frank 184 Hughes street Wilkes-Barre    
Jenkins John C. 536 Johnson street Freeland    
Johnson S. L. R.F.D. # 2 Alderson    
Jones E. L. 20 North Wells street Wilkes-Barre    
Jones John H. 529 Luzerne avenue West Pittston    
Jones C. F. 154 Brodhead avenue Sugar Notch    
Judge James 198 Panama street Pittston    
Kakarewicz Stanley W.   White Haven    
Kazale Peter F. 6 Chestnut street Wilkes-Barre    
Kennedy Thomas J. 602 Washington avenue Plymouth    
Kerpett Raymond W. 19 Charles street Wilkes-Barre    
Kittrick James L. 39 Harkins lane Wilkes-Barre    
Kleghorne John   Milnesville    
Klein P. 59 North Sherman street Wilkes-Barre    
Klukowski Howell P. 153 Washington street Freeland    
Kmietowitz John 258 Rock street Glen Lyon    
Knight Joseph 62 East Sheridan street Miner's Mills    
Koch Thomas 155 Manhattan street Ashley    
Koch Herbert 155 Manhattan street Ashley    
Kolb William G. 44 Poplar street Kingston    
Kolotovitz Dominick 233 Slocum street Kingston    
Kosicki Joseph 21 Green street Ashley    
Kovaleski John F. 105 Carey avenue Wilkes-Barre    
Kowalcack Frank T. 108 Nicholson street Wilkes-Barre    
Kownakee John Kelley's lane East Plymouth    
Kraft George 104 West Washington street Nanticoke    
Kresowski Adolph 20 Park avenue Wilkes-Barre    
Labuda J. J. 184 Jackson street Wilkes-Barre    
Lambert W. J. 19 Wilson street Kingston    
Laughran J. A. 27 Tamrack street Hazleton    
Lavarda W. 24 Slope street Nanticoke    
Law M. P. 345 Wyoming avenue Kingston    
Layas Andy 469 Miller street Luzerne    
Livengood L. C. R.D. # 1 Dallas    
Lobrowski Lewis 39 Hanover street Nanticoke    
Loch S. 340 East Noble street Nanticoke    
Lock William A. 344 East Main street Nanticoke    
Lock W. A. 344 Main street Nanticoke duplicate  
Long William A. 150 Parsonage street Pittston   abt Oct 14, 1918
Loscaskie Joseph 43 Warren street Parsons    
Lozoskie J. J. 313 West Beech street Hazleton    
Lukish M. S. 124 Yew street Kingston    
Lutz Harvey 17 Moyallen street Wilkes-Barre    
Lynott Charles   Jeddo    
Lyons Albert 778 East Northampton street Wilkes-Barre    
MacDonald Douglass 465 Hazle street Wilkes-Barre    
Mann Walter T. 163 North Main street Plains    
Marcinkiewicz C. 44 Pulaski street Kingston    
Marisky Michael 350 North Main street Pittston    
Marshall Stephen 75 Poland Hill Alden Station    
Martin Eugene A. 294 William street Pittston    
Marz John J. 269 South Hancock street Wilkes-Barre    
Materna Joseph 202 West Oak street Hazleton    
Mathekiewicz Stanley 843 East Grant street Nanticoke    
McAndrews Thomas F. 362 Charles street Luzerne    
McCabe Frank J. 47 Slope street Plains    
McCoy James 2 Monahan street Wilkes-Barre    
McDermott William J. 235 Howard street Larksville    
McGarry Patrick L. 41 Main street Duryea   abt Oct 14, 1918
McGeorge John J. 51 West First street Plymouth    
McGill John J. 236 Poplar street Wilkes-Barre    
McGilloway Vincent 90 Henry street Plains    
McGready Peter J. 492 South Main street Wilkes-Barre    
McGuinness Gervaso P. 18 Maple lane Wilkes-Barre    
McManamon Daniel N. 220 Elk street Sugar Notch    
McMurtrie Robert 52 Ransom street Wilkes-Barre    
McNulty Andrew J. 405 Centre street Freeland    
McPhillips Bernard 303 McAlpine street Duryea    
Mengel William P. postoffice Wyoming    
Michael Charles R. 335 Scott street Wilkes-Barre    
Michel Norman P. 115 North Laurel street Hazleton    
Mikelayewski Steve 52 Franklin street Plymouth    
Miller Raymond M. 17 West Broadway Plymouth    
Miraldo Joseph Box 122 Trescow    
Miscannon Jojeps J. 114 Well street Nanticoke    
Misinkevitz Joseph 298 Grove street Luzerne    
Mock George 239 East Poplar street Plymouth    
Monacello Eugenio R.F.D. # 4 Avoca    
Morgan Frank 126 West Broad street Nanticoke    
Morgan Robert R. 74 Sharpe street Dorranceton    
Moroz Garviel 414 West Green street West Hazleton    
Morrow Byron 706 West Montgomery street (sic) West Pittston    
Moses William A. 636 Bennet street Luzerne    
Motiska Joseph E. 234 Smith avenue Dupont    
Moughan Thomas J. North River street Wilkes-Barre    
Mulcahy John M. 31 South street Wilkes-Barre    
Murdock Robert H. 17 West South street Wilkes-Barre    
Murray Robert L. 834 McAlpine street Avoca    
Musto Frank 85 Frederick road Pittston    
Myers Bert 67 Regent street Wilkes-Barre    
Nazzcoyetti Constantino R.F.D. # 1, Ridgewood road Plainsville    
Nevel George   Broadway    
O'Brien Charles 44 North Main street Wilkes-Barre    
O'Brien Robert Vincent   Mountain Top    
O'Donnell John J. 28 Hillard street Wilkes-Barre    
Oerkvitz Oscar 249 South Wells street Wilkes-Barre    
Ohlman Joseph 61 Kidder street Wilkes-Barre    
O'Malley Martin A. 119 McAlpine street Duryea    
Ondish Michael   Drifton    


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[Contributor's Note: Actual list as typeset contained 353 names.

Every attempt to interpret and correctly transcribe the information has been made.

Would like to supplement the information with dates of death and military unit where possible.]


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