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Copies of the list of names of the men of from Luzerne County who lost their lives in the service of their country during the recent war, have been received by the local army recruiting office and the officials of the American Legion. The list will be revised from time to time until finally complete in every detail. The present list contains 245 names of Luzerne County men who died in army service. Certificates of esteem and gratitude of the French Republic have been mailed to the next of kin by the United States War Department. Because of the tremendous task some names may have been overlooked. In such Instances, relatives should communicate with Capt. Neil Crissman, Coal Exchange Building, city, who will see that those entitled to certificates receive them. The diplomas are for officers, enlisted men, field clerks and nurses of the army only. The navy and marine corps certificates are being distributed by their respective departments. Men who died as a result of their own misconduct and men who gave the name of a friend or business associate as the person to be notified in the event of death have not had certificates prepared for them. The War Department is endeavoring to determine the next of kin of the latter class. Following is a list of names of Luzerne County soldiers who died during the world war as sent to the army recruiting office: - Wilkes-Barre Record, Feb. 28, 1920


Surname First Name Address City Military Information Date of Death
Alasky T. 49 North Empire street Wilkes-Barre    
Allen Hiram S. R.F.D. # 2, Box 168 Wapwallopen    
Ambrose George S. 60 North Hancock street Wilkes-Barre    
Andes Theodore J. 29 Abbott street Wilkes-Barre    
Andrews Rollan A. 656 North Laurel street Hazleton    
Andrews Henry A.   Huntington Mills    
Andish Mike 695 Main street Luzerne    
Arnold Walter A. 53 Vaughn street Dorranceton    
Baker John A. 94 New Baker street Ashley    
Baltimore Herman A. 517 Main street Duryea    
Bandermark Frank   Nuangola    
Baranowski Joseph   Glen Lyon    
Bardowiecz Frank 210 Freed street Sugar Notch    
Barry Edward R. 108 Pettebone street Forty-Fort    
Bason Freemont R.F.D. # 1 Nescopeck    
Battenhauser Joseph A. 120 North Laurel street Hazleton    
Beam Joseph 980 West Sixth street Hazleton    
Bellavola G. 835 North Vine street Hazleton    
Bennet Harry 13 South Main street Wilkes-Barre    
Bertram Philip M. 489 Hancock street Wilkes-Barre    
Biegva Frank M. 43 West Field street Nanticoke    
Bienkowski S.   Glen Lyon    
Bierka Stanley 141 Hillside avenue Edwardsville    
Blazejewski George M. 411 N. Washington street Wilkes-Barre    
Blockus Joseph R.F.D. # 2 Hunlock Creek    
Bohan John W. 31 West Market street Wilkes-Barre    
Bolin William 17 New street Pittston    
Bonnwitz Edward 108 Turner street Plymouth    
Boyce Joseph L. 60 Plank street Pittston    
Boyce William T. 62 Downing street Plymouth    
Brader G. E. 227 East Main street Nanticoke    
Brennan John A. 183 Cherry street Duryea    
Brennan Joseph L. 160 Sharp street Dorranceton    
Brennen William 58 Cooper street Luzerne    
Brogan William 186 Kidder street Wilkes-Barre    
Brown Anning R.   Wapwallopen    
Budrovitz John 141 Hillside avenue Edwardsville    
Burke Edward F. 188 Elizabeth street Pittston    
Burkett Alexander 263 Rock street Glen Lyon    
Burns Henry F. 151 Blair street Plymouth    
Burns Patrick 914 West Main street Plymouth    
Bush William F. 31 East Green street Nanticoke    
Butka Ludwig 117 East Ridge street Nanticoke    
Butler Thomas B. 651 Northampton street Wilkes-Barre    
Caffrey William L. R.F.D. # 2 Hazleton    
Calvey John C.   Wyoming    
Canella Domenico 51 Landon street Kingston    
Cardwell Harry 113 George avenue Parsons    
Carlette Cataldo 396 East Main street Pittston    
Carlis William J. 209 Washington street Freeland    
Carter James Glendale, R.F.D. # 3 Avoca    
Cavan Philip J. 120 North Wyoming street Wilkes-Barre    
Cavan George L. 248 Madison street Wilkes-Barre    
Cavanaugh Andrew J. 73 Lee Park avenue Wilkes-Barre    
Chase Thomas J. 3 Orchard street Kingston    
Cheekoni Alexander 233 Moser street Wilkes-Barre    
Chollar George   Audenreid    
Christ Martin C. 22 Thompson street Wilkes-Barre    
Clark Thomas J. P. O. Box 553 Freeland    
Coll John F. 608 North Church street Hazleton    
Cominsky Jacob S. 740 east Northampton street Wilkes-Barre    
Conahan Francis K. 679 Vine street Hazleton    
Conkey William M. 833 Linden street Avoca    
Cool Charles J. 22 Woodbury street Wilkes-Barre    
Covert Ralph G. 106 Gordon lane Dorranceton    
Cragle Merritt   Beach Haven    
Davies William 112 South Sherman street Wilkes-Barre    
Davies John E. 78 Walnut street Plymouth    
Davis Thomas H. 11 Wall street Plymouth    
Davis William 112 South Sherman street Wilkes-Barre    
Deane James J. 246 Kidder street Wilkes-Barre    
Deguzes Frank 424 Walnut street Luzerne    
Deisenroth Henry J. 656 North Locust street Hazleton    
Deisenroth William J. 10 Magnolia avenue Wilkes-Barre    
Delmera Alexandro R.F.D. Plainsville    
Demsky Lewis S. 66 Tobin lane Edwardsville    
Deutsch Joseph L. 53 Brown street Wilkes-Barre    
Domansi Antony 535 Shawnee avenue Plymouth    
Donnelly Neil A. 126 Centre street Pittston    
Dougher T. A. 17 Welch street Pittston    
Drake W. L. 68 North Church street Hazleton    
Duda Anthony 14 McGee's Patch Nanticoke    
Dule Michael J.   Ashley    
Durbin Fred C. 132 Pierce street Plymouth    
Eisenhower Albert E. R.F.D. # 3 Kingston    
English Frank 138 Market street Pittston    
Evans Edward T. 279 Nottingham street Plymouth    
Evans Illtyde J. 51 Hill street Nanticoke    
Evansha John F. 508 Centre street Freeland    
Fairchild Helen   Watertown    
Famuta Joseph S. 536 Anderson street Wilkes-Barre    
Farley John J. 91 Custer street Wilkes-Barre    
Farrel Michael F. 60 Fall street Ashley    
Farrell James J. 284 Matson street Parsons    
Ferke John G. 27 First street Drifton   abt Oct 14, 1918
Ferry Patrick L. 818 Alter street Hazleton    
Fleig Joseph E.   Mountain Top    
Fleming Joseph R. 150 Carroll street Pittston    
Franklin John J. 930 Fourth street West Pittston    
Fulmer Harold J. 531 Grant street Hazleton    
Funk Fred D.   White Haven    
Funk Fred D.   White Haven    
Gillis Julius G. 174 Lincoln street Wilkes-Barre    
Giovannio Guiesseppi Box 84 Mocanaqua    
Gled Stanley 721 East Main street Plymouth    
Gray John C. 339 North Main street Wilkes-Barre    
Grehol Joseph 45 North Walnut street Wilkes-Barre    
Griffith David M. E. 264 State street Nanticoke    
Gritzeri John   Nanticoke    
Guinchi Agostino 124 Matson street Parsons    
Gulla John 173 Almond lane Wilkes-Barre    


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[Contributor's Note: Actual list as typeset contained 353 names.

Every attempt to interpret and correctly transcribe the information has been made.

Would like to supplement the information with dates of death and military unit where possible.]



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