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Copies of the list of names of the men of from Luzerne County who lost their lives in the service of their country during the recent war, have been received by the local army recruiting office and the officials of the American Legion. The list will be revised from time to time until finally complete in every detail. The present list contains 245 names of Luzerne County men who died in army service. Certificates of esteem and gratitude of the French Republic have been mailed to the next of kin by the United States War Department. Because of the tremendous task some names may have been overlooked. In such Instances, relatives should communicate with Capt. Neil Crissman, Coal Exchange Building, city, who will see that those entitled to certificates receive them. The diplomas are for officers, enlisted men, field clerks and nurses of the army only. The navy and marine corps certificates are being distributed by their respective departments. Men who died as a result of their own misconduct and men who gave the name of a friend or business associate as the person to be notified in the event of death have not had certificates prepared for them. The War Department is endeavoring to determine the next of kin of the latter class. Following is a list of names of Luzerne County soldiers who died during the world war as sent to the army recruiting office: - Wilkes-Barre Record, Feb. 28, 1920


Surname First Name Address City Military Information Date of Death
Paddock Steve J. 13 Mill street Wilkes-Barre    
Parish Joseph 0 Clay avenue Hazleton    
Payne Eugene C.   Nanticoke    
Perinsky John M. 226 McGinnis street Plymouth    
Phillips Ellery T.   Shickshinny    
Platt Alfred 38 Gaylord avenue Plymouth    
Podskoch Josef 262 Oser street, Hill Maltny    
Price Richard 255 Marcy street Duryea    
Proberio Elmer T. 51 Barney street Plymouth    
Purchinski Leo   Nanticoke    
Ragazillis Peter 46 Raymond street Luzerne    
Raub Edwin A. 370 Main street Luzerne    
Read Joseph A. 23 Barnum place Wilkes-Barre    
Reeney Charles J. 718 Main street Sugar Notch    
Reese William C. 216 South Franklin street Wilkes-Barre First Lieutenant, Army Medical Corps Oct. 23, 1918
Reinberg Samuel A.   Wyoming    
Richards John T. 562 Peaco street Hazleton    
Richards William H. 22 South Sherman street Wilkes-Barre    
Richards Sarah 22 South Sherman street Wilkes-Barre    
Rinus Edward R.F.D. # 1 Plymouth    
Roarity Michael J. 12 Second street Drifton    
Robbins William T. 7 Lloyd's lane Wilkes-Barre    
Robinson Charles E. 1230 Page street Kingston    
Robwicz Charles 20 Scalpentown Nanticoke    
Romanelli W. 541 Blackman street Wilkes-Barre    
Roskowie Stanistow 81 Weir alley Plymouth    
Roth Maier William J.   Hazleton    
Rutstein Irvin 239 Lincoln street Wilkes-Barre    
Sager Roy 138 Newport street Nanticoke    
Sagilcololo G. 4 Bryden street Pittston    
Savino Antonio 665 Hayes street Hazleton    
Schicher Anthony 317 Grove street Kingston    
Schnitzer W. H. 524 East Broad street Hazleton    
Schwal J. 15 Wyoming street, Lee Park Wilkes-Barre    
Seamen Miller 236 Parsonage street Pittston    
Searles Alexander 294 Orchard street Plymouth    
Sekal G. 4 North street Plainsville    
Shafer Lewis E. R.F.D. # 1, Box 139 Wilkes-Barre    
Shafranke Andra P. 230 North Pennsylvania avenue Wilkes-Barre    
Shedorek Stanley 121 Railroad avenue Larksville    
Shellhamer D. A. 59 North Vine street Hazleton    
Shellhammer Harry 59 North Vine street Hazleton    
Shuella Oscar 1528 Shoemaker street Wyoming    
Shumbria J. Savannah avenue Plymouth    
Sicklo Mike 95 West Chestnut street Wilkes-Barre    
Sipple Alvin E.   Jeddo    
Skiljgi August 207 Elizabeth street Pittston    
Skruta Michael 50 Payne street Kingston    
Slifko John 860 Main street Edwardsville    
Slusser William D. 20 Walnut street Nanticoke    
Smith William 154 West Union street Nanticoke    
Smith Lloyd   White Haven    
Smurl John 608 South Main street Parsons    
Smyden Frank J. 29 Herboho street Kingston    
Snyder J. A. 408 New Market street Wilkes-Barre    
Sottile John Box 83 Hazleton    
Spitbenger Beniton W.   Harleigh    
Stevenson E. G. 129 Orchard street Plymouth    
Stout George L.   Shickshinny    
Stroch John 100 Broadway Nanticoke    
Stukis Peter 183 North Main street Pittston    
Suchoski Theo. 61 Meade street Wilkes-Barre    
Suiko Barney 41 Pine street Kingston    
Sullivan Sylvester F. 51 Jones street Pittston    
Sullivan John E. 37 Auburn street Wilkes-Barre    
Swart John B.   Fern Glen    
Swayse Joseph C. 36 Ross street Ashley    
Szafranik Albert   Miner's Mills    
Szefoyk A.   Pittston    
Taylor Benjamin F. 456 South Franklin street Wilkes-Barre    
Testo Nichlos 128 Ann street West Pittston    
Thomas Richard H. 771 Main street Edwardsville    
Thomas Joseph Box 11 Laflin    
Tiscar F. Enterprise street Glen Lyon    
Tisdel George W. 920 Foote avenue Duryea    
Toczek Frank   Wilkes-Barre    
Trescott Lee P.   Fairmont Springs    
Tubyrske Joseph 217 West Green street Nanticoke    
Uren John   Jeansville    
Valerious Frank C. 10 Hill Parke avenue Pittston    
Van Buskirk Robert 116 River street Kingston    
Van Horn Raymond 96 John street Dorranceton    
Vengozen Waldyslaw East Ridge street Nanticoke    
Vollrath Frank 24 Luzerne street Wilkes-Barre    
Wackley William A.   Freeland    
Wagner Harry A. 316 West Third street Nescopeck    
Walck Harry G. 72 Wyoming street Hazleton    
Wallace Joseph V. 175 Main street Kingston    
Walser Frank 18 East Diamond avenue Hazleton    
Warner Lawrence 744 East Main street Plymouth    
Watkins Gladys 15 Butler street Shickshinny    
Watkins Gladys Box 83 Shickshinny    
Watson Robert 74 Main street Inkerman    
Weiss John   Wilkes-Barre    
Welsh Ellsworth E. R.D. # 1 Dallas    
Welsh William 18 Kennedy street Pittston    
Wentka John 81 Flatwood Plymouth    
West Albert J. 160 Vine street Pittston    
Wetzel Lewis S.   Jeddo    
Wezner Stanley 4 Main street Upper Lehigh    
Widdal John C. 927 Main street Avoca    
Wilcox Grant R.D. # 1 Trucksville    
Wiley Eugene F. 50 Pierce street Plymouth    
Williams Edward L. 50 Short street Edwardsville    
Williams Theo. R. 116 South Main street Wilkes-Barre    
Williams Howard W. 198 Parsonage street Pittston    
Williams Albert J. 625 Honen street Duryea    
Wilson Harvey N. R.D. # 1 Plymouth    
Wolfe Chester A. 251 Orchard street Plymouth    
Wood Harry 59 South Main street Pittston    
Yendrick Steve 774 West Main street Plymouth    
Yerko John 117 First street Drifton    
Zanovitz Stanley 32 Slope street Nanticoke    
Zinder Paul R.F.D. # 2 Catawissa    
Zurinsky John K. 326 Willow street Plymouth    


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[Contributor's Note: Actual list as typeset contained 353 names.

Every attempt to interpret and correctly transcribe the information has been made.

Would like to supplement the information with dates of death and military unit where possible.]


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