Burials at Zion UCC, Windsor Castle, Perry Twp.,PA

This church formed in 1760. The present building was built in 1909. These headstones were recorded about 1976.

This file contains a partial list of burials for surnames beginning with G through K.

This information is authored by the Berks County Genealogical Society.

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Partial list of burials at Zion, Windsor Castle
Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Gardner, Catharine (nee Dimner)   Aug 29, 1841   Deb
Gardner, Peter   Apr 25, 1842   Deb
Gehret, Aetna       Deb
Gehret, Isabella   1938   Deb
Gehret, Jacob   7-Jun-07   Deb
Gehret, Lovina (nee Reber)   6-Jun-04   Deb
Gehret, Mary E.   Oct 12, 1882   Deb
Gellinger, Eva Maria (nee Dewald)   Jun 25, 1799   Deb
George, Clara L. (nee Mengel)   31-Jan-53   Deb
George, James M.   15-Mar-74   Deb
Gerhart, Samuel   Dec 7, 1846   Deb
Gibble, Robert O.   22-Aug-66   Deb
Greenawalt, Nora L. (nee Schappell)   1-Dec-33   Deb
Grim, Larry   4-Jun-51   Deb
Groh, Catharine   Aug 29, 1865   Deb
Groh, Charles Cyrus       Deb
Groh, Elda R.   5-Sep-61   Deb
Groh, Heinerich   Jun 5, 1857   Deb
Groh, Lydia (nee Koller)   Apr 5, 1843   Deb
Groh, Maria (nee Mengel)   Feb 22, 1872   Deb
Groh, Pertie S. (nee Dunkel)   14-Feb-69   Deb
Groh, Samuel   1873   Deb
Gruber, Adam   Feb 24, 1862   Deb
Gruber, Annabella   Jun 15, 1861   Deb
Gruber, Benjamin   Apr 14, 1870   Deb
Gruber, Clarence Henry   21-Feb-00   Deb
Gruber, Daniel M.   Dec 9, 1899   Deb
Gruber, David S.       Deb
Gruber, Elizabeth (nee Mengel)   Jun 24, 1880   Deb
Gruber, Elizabeth   1893   Deb
Gruber, George M.   1930   Deb
Gruber, George   Jan 26, 1866   Deb
Gruber, Hannah (nee Savage)   Oct 13, 1846   Deb
Gruber, J. Christian   20-Sep-04   Deb
Gruber, John Adam   Jan 11, 1868   Deb
Gruber, John   Oct 11, 1889   Deb
Gruber, Margaretha A.   1934   Deb
Gruber, Sarah (nee Rothermel)   Jun 29, 1866   Deb
Gruber, Sarah A. (nee Lesher)   8-Mar-24   Deb
Gruber, Sarah Anna   Aug 4, 1877   Deb
Gruber, Susanna (nee Reiser)   Jun 21, 1855   Deb
Gruber, Susanna   Dec 11, 1864   Deb
Gundrum, Aaron   1958   Deb
Gundrum, Joseph   Mar 19, 195???   Deb
Haas, Sallie A. (nee Baily)   17-Sep-73   Deb
Hamilton, David Richard   24-Jan-69   Deb
Hamscher, Angelina (nee Fenstermacher)   Jul 31, 1888   Deb
Hamscher, James Oscar   Nov 29, 1872   Deb
Hamscher, William   May 5, 1881   Deb
Hamsher, Elizabeth (nee Hepner)   Mar 13, 1896   Deb
Hamsher, Samuel   15-Jan-00   Deb
Harner, Fountain W.   1945   Deb
Harner, Sarah E.   1967   Deb
Hartline, Charles A.   1971   Deb
Hartman, Adam D.   28-Aug-49   Deb
Hartman, Almeda   1942   Deb
Hartman, Anna L.   1935   Deb
Hartman, Benjamin   Apr 4, 1848   Deb
Hartman, Carrie E. (nee Dresch)   1915   Deb
Hartman, Christina (nee Hoffman)   Apr -- 1862   Deb
Hartman, Daniel   Oct 26, 1843   Deb
Hartman, David   Sep 1, 1854   Deb
Hartman, Elizabeth   Mar 23, 1848   Deb
Hartman, Esther   Sep 20, 1842   Deb
Hartman, Florence M.   1955   Deb
Hartman, Franklin S.   11-Mar-35   Deb
Hartman, George R.   22-Feb-56   Deb
Hartman, Helen   22-Mar-09   Deb
Hartman, Howard S.   29-Jun-61   Deb
Hartman, Ida May   Apr 24, 1879   Deb
Hartman, Jacob   6-May-17   Deb
Hartman, Leah (nee Miller)   20-Nov-34   Deb
Hartman, Lewis M.   1937   Deb
Hartman, Lewis   1880   Deb
Hartman, Lizzie S. (nee Miller)   22-Oct-56   Deb
Hartman, Marian   1911   Deb
Hartman, Oscar E.   1948   Deb
Hartman, Robert E. Lee   1939   Deb
Hartman, Rufena   19-Jul-32   Deb
Hartman, Ruth A.   27-Apr-11   Deb
Hartman, Sallie E. (nee Dunkel)   24-Sep-35   Deb
Hartman, Samuel   18-Mar-17   Deb
Hartman, Sara   Apr 4, 1846   Deb
Hartman, Thomas W.   24-Jun-19   Deb
Hartman, Virgie V.   1967   Deb
Heber, Eva   1762   Deb
Heber, Heinerich   1854   Deb
Heber, Heinerich   1822 U.S.T.P. Deb
Heber, J.M.   1835   Deb
Heber, Susanna   1877 Aged 85y 6m 11d Deb
Hebner, Hettie Ann (nee Bahler)   1-Mar-08   Deb
Hebner, Samuel S.   29-Aug-24   Deb
Heckman, Amelia (nee Zluhan)   Mar ---, 1921   Deb
Heckman, Catharine (nee Braucher)   12-Dec-04   Deb
Heckman, Charles   Jun 22, 1887   Deb
Heckman, Christena A.   1958   Deb
Heckman, Clarence A.   1926   Deb
Heckman, Edward   1969   Deb
Heckman, Elmer M.   1940   Deb
Heckman, Ephraim   20-Feb-10   Deb
Heckman, Esther (nee Becker)   Jun 23, 1886   Deb
Heckman, Esther (nee Strasser)       Deb
Heckman, Ezra   1876 Aged 4m 18d Deb
Heckman, Frank   22-Nov-23   Deb
Heckman, German   Aug 25, 1882   Deb
Heckman, Harold E.   1957   Deb
Heckman, Ira Pierce   1911   Deb
Heckman, Lucinda   31-Jan-30   Deb
Heckman, Morris R.   1976   Deb
Heckman, Nora S.   1924   Deb
Heckman, Peter   Sep 26, 1857   Deb
Heckman, Ryan P.   1960   Deb
Heckman, Sadie I.   1965   Deb
Heckman, Sara   1886   Deb
Heffley, Elizabeth   Sep 11, 1881   Deb
Heffley, George   May 4, 1884   Deb
Heffley, George   1830   Deb
Heffley, Samuel   Aug 21, 1856   Deb
Heffner, Alice E.H. (nee Olinger)   Apr 3, 1890   Deb
Heffner, Amanda   Oct 14, 1874   Deb
Heffner, Annie S.   1895   Deb
Heffner, David Y.   27-Oct-05   Deb
Heffner, Edward R.   1-Dec-00   Deb
Heffner, Elizabeth Y.   15-Feb-09   Deb
Heffner, Ellen H.   Mar 23, 1887   Deb
Heffner, Emma H.   11-Nov-30   Deb
Heffner, Esther   Mar 17, 1860   Deb
Heffner, Hannah   Jan 8, 1831   Deb
Heffner, Heinerich   May 19, 1848   Deb
Heffner, Hetty Ann   Nov 1, 1877   Deb
Heffner, Hetty Y.   8-Jan-07   Deb
Heffner, Jacob   Jun 5, 1874   Deb
Heffner, Jacob   Jul 20, 1850   Deb
Heffner, Jacob   1826   Deb
Heffner, Johannes   Aug 31, 1851   Deb
Heffner, John Y.   Feb 16, 1885   Deb
Heffner, Maria Catharine (nee Yeiser)   Jul 29, 1850   Deb
Heffner, Robert A.   1898   Deb
Heffner, Samuel Y.   Jan 12, 1897   Deb
Heffner, Sarah H.   20-Aug-18   Deb
Heffner, William G.   Jun 27, 1897   Deb
Heil, Emmaline Elizabeth (nee Bausher)   May 29, 1860   Deb
Heil, Maria Anna   1858   Deb
Heim, Charles   1943   Deb
Hein, Emma May   1911   Deb
Hein, Frances   Oct 25, 1896   Deb
Hein, James H.   1962   Deb
Hein, Leon C.   1941   Deb
Hein, Lydia M.   21-Nov-39   Deb
Hein, Mary B. (nee Mengel)   1960   Deb
Hein, Oscar C.   22-Mar-22   Deb
Heinly, Elsie E. (nee Lengel)   25-Aug-74   Deb
Heinly, Jacob   Jun 6, 1804   Deb
Heinly, Jacob   May 3, 1877   Deb
Heinly, Jacob   1918   Deb
Heinly, Maria   Oct 25, 1884   Deb
Henn, Florence M.   1908   Deb
Henn, Joseph H.   1959   Deb
Henn, Lorraine Ellen   1935   Deb
Henn, Maria       Deb
Henn, Whyah L. (nee Adam)   1962   Deb
Henrich, Diana (nee Schappell)   Mar 17, 1885   Deb
Henry, Irvin C. Sr 1921 1982   Stephanie
Hepner, Alfred   Oct 18, 1851   Deb
Hepner, Anna Maria (nee Hoffman)   Nov 9, 1861   Deb
Hepner, Anna Sarah (nee Burkey)   Dec 28, 1895   Deb
Hepner, Calvin J.   21-Oct-51   Deb
Hepner, Carolina Elizabeth   Apr 7, 1864   Deb
Hepner, Charles R.   18-Sep-64   Deb
Hepner, Christian   May 25, 1856   Deb
Hepner, Christian   Oct 20, 1851   Deb
Hepner, Daughter of John B. & Elnora   Jun 19, 1898   Deb
Hepner, Elenora (nee Moyer)   10-Apr-27   Deb
Hepner, Elizabeth (nee Stoyer)   Apr 23, 1898   Deb
Hepner, Elmira Lucinda   Nov 5, 1876   Deb
Hepner, Hanna (nee Stoyer)   Mar 27, 1890   Deb
Hepner, Hanna   Feb 15, 1885   Deb
Hepner, Heinerich   Sep 14, 1851   Deb
Hepner, Jacob   Mar 2, 1890   Deb
Hepner, Jacob   Oct 1, 1851   Deb
Hepner, John B.   19-Feb-15   Deb
Hepner, Joseph S.   1928   Deb
Hepner, Milton A.   24-Jul-37   Deb
Hepner, Minnie V. (nee Smith)   12-Jan-71   Deb
Hepner, Samuel   Aug 31, 1891   Deb
Hepner, Thomas A.   Feb 15, 1895   Deb
Hepner, William   Jul 28, 1876   Deb
Hess, John F.   8-Sep-37   Deb
Hess, John   Sep 13, 1894   Deb
Hess, Katie R. (nee Shappell)   5-Mar-65   Deb
Hess, Sarah (nee Bausher)   May 11, 1887   Deb
Hieter, Clarence L.   15-Mar-01   Deb
Hieter, Curtis J.   1897   Deb
Hieter, George M.   1963   Deb
Hieter, Lester C.   1907   Deb
Hieter, Mabel   27-Apr-03   Deb
Hieter, Mahlon S.   10-Mar-39   Deb
Hieter, Mena C. (nee Sunday)   3-Apr-19   Deb
Hill, Ella E. (nee Wanner)   10-May-36   Deb
Hill, Esther (nee Hollenbach)   Jun 11, 1887   Deb
Hill, Hetti   1887   Deb
Hill, Jacob   Sep 20, 1885   Deb
Hill, John L.   10-Jul-63   Deb
Hill, John M.   1-Jul-33   Deb
Hill, Lillian M. (nee Hoch)   1938   Deb
Hill, Magdalena   Jun 21, 1866   Deb
Hill, Milton J.   2-Jan-72   Deb
Hill, Sarah Maria   1875 Aged 23y 7m 12d Deb
Hill, William   Oct 10, 1870   Deb
Himmelberger, Joan E.   9-Apr-44   Deb
Himmelberger, Oliver   1974   Deb
Himmelberger, Virginia   4-Mar-38   Deb
Himmerberger, Katie E. (nee Hess)   14-Jan-51   Deb
Hinkel, George   Dec 29, 1816   Deb
Hinkel, Jonathan   Jun 8, 1851   Deb
Hinkel, Phillip   Oct 22, 1793   Deb
Hinkel, Sabilla (nee Schappell)   Mar 28, 1873   Deb
Hoch, Catharine   Jun 3, 1893   Deb
Hoch, Jacob Irvin   1871   Deb
Hoffman, Adeline A. (nee Stetzler)   1921   Deb
Hoffman, Amelia (nee Adam)   1937   Deb
Hoffman, Anna S.   1895 Aged 8m 2d Deb
Hoffman, Apolonia (nee Fisher)   Dec 7, 1871   Deb
Hoffman, Barbara (nee Gruber)   Sep 29, 1854   Deb
Hoffman, Benjamin   Oct 15, 1884   Deb
Hoffman, Benjamin   Feb 26, 1896   Deb
Hoffman, Candace A. (nee Reber)   6-Sep-00   Deb
Hoffman, Carolina   Dec 21, 1857   Deb
Hoffman, Catharine   Sep 29, 1865   Deb
Hoffman, Catharine   2-Dec-60   Deb
Hoffman, Catherine E.   Jun 30, 1857   Deb
Hoffman, Charles M.   4-May-71   Deb
Hoffman, Charles   1894   Deb
Hoffman, Cora   1965   Deb
Hoffman, Cora   30-Dec-19   Deb
Hoffman, Daniel   28-Nov-14   Deb
Hoffman, Edella R.   Jun 1, 1894   Deb
Hoffman, Elizabeth (nee Bailey)   21-Sep-08   Deb
Hoffman, Elizabeth       Deb
Hoffman, Elizabeth   Aug 31, 1878   Deb
Hoffman, Elmira F. (nee Strauser)   1937   Deb
Hoffman, Esther (nee Wartzenluft)   Oct 3, 1888   Deb
Hoffman, Esther Anna       Deb
Hoffman, Fianna (nee Adam)   25-Jun-43   Deb
Hoffman, Franklin W.   31-Aug-21   Deb
Hoffman, Franklin   14-Apr-20   Deb
Hoffman, Franklin   Sep 20, 1858   Deb
Hoffman, George R.   1951   Deb
Hoffman, George   Oct 10, 1887   Deb
Hoffman, Hanna (nee Dunkel)   Jan 14, 1892   Deb
Hoffman, Hanna Catharine   Jun 9, 1863   Deb
Hoffman, Harold W.   1937   Deb
Hoffman, Henry F.       Deb
Hoffman, Hettie A.   Dec 10, 1896   Deb
Hoffman, Hetty Ann Louise   1878   Deb
Hoffman, Hiram   1933   Deb
Hoffman, Ida M.   6-Jan-54   Deb
Hoffman, Jacob   28-Apr-31   Deb
Hoffman, James A.       Deb
Hoffman, James Monroe   3-Nov-06   Deb
Hoffman, Joel   Feb 19, 1871   Deb
Hoffman, Johannes   Apr 10, 1847   Deb
Hoffman, Laura Mabel   9-Jan-04   Deb
Hoffman, Lillie E. (nee Rothermel)   1-Mar-48   Deb
Hoffman, Lizzie V. (nee Stetzer)   1933   Deb
Hoffman, Lizzie Victoria   Nov 24, 1877   Deb
Hoffman, Lucinda (nee Michael)   Jul 26, 1896   Deb
Hoffman, Maria S.   Jan 30, 1881   Deb
Hoffman, Mary (nee Sunday)   Jul 1, 1886   Deb
Hoffman, Mary A. (nee Bausher)   1951   Deb
Hoffman, Mary A. (nee Schappell)   15-Jul-22   Deb
Hoffman, Mary A.   Jun 5, 1883   Deb
Hoffman, Mary E. (nee Kershner)   1959   Deb
Hoffman, Mary E. (nee Rothermel)   1955   Deb
Hoffman, Mary M.   1907   Deb
Hoffman, Michael W.   23-Mar-18   Deb
Hoffman, Michael   Mar 26, 1875   Deb
Hoffman, Michael   Jan 10, 1874   Deb
Hoffman, Milton J.   1964   Deb
Hoffman, Milton R.   1955   Deb
Hoffman, Morris A.   Jan 8, 1883   Deb
Hoffman, Morris L.   1957   Deb
Hoffman, Rachel (nee Dunkel)   Sep 2, 1895   Deb
Hoffman, Rebecca (nee Reber)   6-Apr-12   Deb
Hoffman, Robert E.   25-Mar-20   Deb
Hoffman, Sadie M.   1974   Deb
Hoffman, Samuel A.   1885   Deb
Hoffman, Samuel F.   28-Apr-12   Deb
Hoffman, Samuel Wilson   1875   Deb
Hoffman, Samuel   Dec 21, 1844   Deb
Hoffman, Samuel   Aug 25, 1871   Deb
Hoffman, Samuel   Feb 1, 1879   Deb
Hoffman, Sarah   17-May-14   Deb
Hoffman, Sophia M. (nee Reber)   Sep 15, 1880   Deb
Hoffman, Susanna (nee Fraunfelder)   May 7, 1853   Deb
Hoffman, Susanna (nee Reber)   23-Aug-01   Deb
Hoffman, Thomas C.   25-Feb-57   Deb
Hoffman, Thomas J.   1969   Deb
Hoffman, Washington L.   1952   Deb
Hoffman, Wellington A.   24-May-48   Deb
Hoffman, Wilhelm   Sep 30, 1828   Deb
Hoffman, William C.   Oct 7, 1894   Deb
Hoffman, William F.   2-Mar-15   Deb
Hoffman, Wilson J.   1912   Deb
Hollenbach, Catharine (nee Kershner)   Apr 26, 1851   Deb
Hollenbach, Catharine (nee Reber)   Feb 21, 1883   Deb
Hollenbach, Cora (nee Miller)       Deb
Hollenbach, Elizabeth   Jul 23, 1836   Deb
Hollenbach, Emma   1862   Deb
Hollenbach, Floyd   Sep 23, 1893   Deb
Hollenbach, Heinerich   Sep 12, 1874   Deb
Hollenbach, Henry   May 27, 1874   Deb
Hollenbach, Henry   1955   Deb
Hollenbach, Jacob   Mar 15, 1871   Deb
Hollenbach, John   May 20, 1854   Deb
Hollenbach, Maria Magdalena   Jan 7, 1871   Deb
Hollenbach, Moses   Jan 14, 1879   Deb
Hollenbach, Rebecca (nee Kistler)   Jan 7, 1887   Deb
Hollenbach, Solomon R.   27-Feb-25   Deb
Hollenbach, Susanna   16-Sep-12   Deb
Hollenbach, Wilson   1876 Aged 7 years Deb
Hoppes, Ellen C. (nee Henry)   1958   Deb
Hoppes, George J.   1969   Deb
Hoppes, Mabel A. (nee Raush)   1973   Deb
Hoppes, Stanley W.   1933   Deb
Hottenstein, Catharine       Deb
Hottenstein, Elizabeth   1862 Aged 3m Deb
Hottenstein, Lovina   Jan 19, 1861   Deb
Huges, George   Apr 6, 1854   Deb
Huges, George   Sep 28, 1846   Deb
Huges, Susanna   Aug 4, 1868   Deb
Jacoby, Adam   1842   Deb
Jacoby, Alvin William   Jan 15, 1886   Deb
Jacoby, Anna Louisa   Jan 16, 1863   Deb
Jacoby, Anna Margaret   1818   Deb
Jacoby, Charles Henry   Sep 20, 1872   Deb
Jacoby, Charles   11-Jul-02 Aged 60y 10m 28d Deb
Jacoby, Clara Elizabeth   Nov 14, 1891   Deb
Jacoby, Conrad B.   Nov 15, 1854   Deb
Jacoby, Conrad   1819   Deb
Jacoby, Daniel   May 27, 1888   Deb
Jacoby, Elizabeth (nee Focht)   Jun 16, 1862   Deb
Jacoby, Elizabeth (nee Sontag)   Dec 22, 1871   Deb
Jacoby, Ellen   Jul 23, 1870   Deb
Jacoby, Ester (nee Lesher)   17-Oct-26   Deb
Jacoby, Esther (nee Sieger)   6-Mar-05   Deb
Jacoby, Eva (nee Frauenfelter)   May 9, 1853   Deb
Jacoby, Eva (nee Hollenbach)   Nov 19, 1871   Deb
Jacoby, Fyanna   Mar 16, 1877   Deb
Jacoby, George   1840   Deb
Jacoby, Jeremias   Nov 19, 1855   Deb
Jacoby, Johann George   Mar 11, 1850   Deb
Jacoby, Mahlon   Sep 20, 1862   Deb
Jacoby, Maria   Apr 9, 1858   Deb
Jacoby, Regina (nee Eisenhauer)   Jul 9, 1840   Deb
Jacoby, Sallie Ann   1964   Deb
Jacoby, Samuel   17-Feb-00   Deb
Jacoby, Sarah Ellen       Deb
Jacoby, William Henry   1853   Deb
Jacoby, William   25-Oct-06   Deb
Kalbach, Harrison   Dec 17, 1872   Deb
Kauffman, Carolina       Deb
Kauffman, Darrel G.   1959   Deb
Kauffman, Reuben       Deb
Keim, Amanda (nee Hartman)   Feb 6, 1857   Deb
Keim, Bestern M.   Aug 6, 1874   Deb
Keim, Brigitta   Mar 27, 1850   Deb
Keim, Caroline   16-Jun-18   Deb
Keim, Catharine   Mar 12, 1852   Deb
Keim, Charles R.   1943   Deb
Keim, Cora C. (nee Bobbenmoyer)   24-Mar-51   Deb
Keim, Daniel   Jun 1, 1888   Deb
Keim, Elias   Mar 29, 1896   Deb
Keim, Elizabeth (nee Kreisher)   Sep 4, 1855   Deb
Keim, Elizabeth   Sep 14, 1838   Deb
Keim, Emma Sinora   Oct 9, 1863   Deb
Keim, Franklin H.   9-Apr-02   Deb
Keim, George R.   1953   Deb
Keim, George   Oct 28, 1876   Deb
Keim, Isaac Alvin       Deb
Keim, Isaac   May 15, 1876   Deb
Keim, Jefferson   Mar 5, 1862   Deb
Keim, Johannes   Jan 20, 1871   Deb
Keim, John   6-Jun-10   Deb
Keim, John   11-Dec-31   Deb
Keim, Karen   1955   Deb
Keim, Kim   1956   Deb
Keim, Lovina (nee Becker)   2-Mar-01   Deb
Keim, Mabel E. (nee Fisher)   1952   Deb
Keim, Magdalena (nee Blum)   Mar 26, 1877   Deb
Keim, Matilda (nee Rubright)   29-Sep-01   Deb
Keim, Percival   2-Jul-07   Deb
Keim, Richard E.   15-Mar-45   Deb
Keim, Richard L.   1926   Deb
Keim, Samuel   Jul 9, 1877   Deb
Keim, Sarah (nee Seiger)   Dec 2, 1868   Deb
Keim, Sarah A. (nee Wink)   15-Jan-41   Deb
Keim, Stephen   20-Jan-16   Deb
Keim, Susanna (nee Strasser)   Nov 27, 1873   Deb
Keim, Van Buren   13-May-15   Deb
Kerchner, Annie C. (nee Herber)   1949   Deb
Kerchner, Benneville   1919   Deb
Kerchner, Brigitta (nee Balthaser)   10-Jan-31   Deb
Kerchner, Catharine (nee Balthaser)   Apr 15, 1875   Deb
Kerchner, Charles M.   1963   Deb
Kerchner, Clayton L.   1967   Deb
Kerchner, Cora E. (nee Mengel)   1960   Deb
Kerchner, Edna E.       Deb
Kerchner, George B.   12-Feb-31   Deb
Kerchner, Harvey T.   1973   Deb
Kerchner, Irvin S.   8-Sep-67   Deb
Kerchner, John L.   20-Nov-50   Deb
Kerchner, Katie E. (nee Keershner)   22-Jul-55   Deb
Kerchner, Lendo F.   18-Aug-23   Deb
Kerchner, Lloyd J.   1934   Deb
Kerchner, Marie A. (nee Dietrich)   1936   Deb
Kerchner, Mary M. (nee Schappell)   1956   Deb
Kerchner, Milton S.   1971   Deb
Kerchner, Raymond C.   1976   Deb
Kerchner, Stanley G.   1971   Deb
Kerschner, Ralph G.   12-Apr-23   Deb
Kerschner, Sarah (nee Mengel)   Oct 25, 1868   Deb
Kershner, Aaron   1908   Deb
Kershner, Alvin C.   2-Jan-69   Deb
Kershner, Anna Maria (nee Dix)   Sep 11, 1845   Deb
Kershner, Anna Maria   10-Apr-32   Deb
Kershner, Carl   Dec 1, 1854   Deb
Kershner, Catharine (nee Gehrhard)   1932   Deb
Kershner, Catharine (nee Hertz)   Jul 13, 1864   Deb
Kershner, Catharine (nee Schmidt)   Sep 1, 1875   Deb
Kershner, Catharine   31-Aug-06   Deb
Kershner, Catharine   Nov 30, 1866   Deb
Kershner, Charles A.   21-Jan-41   Deb
Kershner, Charles Ammon   21-Apr-48   Deb
Kershner, Conrad   Apr 21, 1791   Deb
Kershner, Daniel   Dec 25, 1855   Deb
Kershner, Earl K.   10-Dec-32   Deb
Kershner, Edmund L.   11-Jan-23   Deb
Kershner, Elizabeth   12-Apr-15   Deb
Kershner, Ellen L. (nee Leiby)   28-Aug-48   Deb
Kershner, Elmira A. (nee Dunkelberger)   8-Mar-19   Deb
Kershner, Esther (nee Dreibelbis)   Jul 1, 1882   Deb
Kershner, Esther (nee Lesher)   Apr 25, 1898   Deb
Kershner, Esther (nee Mengel)       Deb
Kershner, Esther Hettie   19-Jun-16   Deb
Kershner, Evan S.   4-Oct-36   Deb
Kershner, Fietta   26-Feb-23   Deb
Kershner, Franklin   1946   Deb
Kershner, George C.   7-Aug-66   Deb
Kershner, Harvey Mahlon   Aug 12, 1893   Deb
Kershner, Helen M. (nee Fink)   18-Nov-42   Deb
Kershner, Henry   Nov 14, 1899   Deb
Kershner, Isaac   May 28, 1887   Deb
Kershner, Jeremiah       Deb
Kershner, Joel   1-Nov-04   Deb
Kershner, Johann Conrad   May 31, 1850   Deb
Kershner, Johannes   Oct 121863   Deb
Kershner, Johannes   Jun 20, 1862   Deb
Kershner, Johannes   Mar 26, 1870   Deb
Kershner, John       Deb
Kershner, Joseph I.   18-Feb-53   Deb
Kershner, Joseph   Sep 4, 1850   Deb
Kershner, Maria Anna (nee Zweizig)   Dec 17, 1878   Deb
Kershner, Mary Ann Victoria   16-May-28   Deb
Kershner, Mary Ann   18-Mar-40   Deb
Kershner, Mary E. (nee Hepner)   5-May-23   Deb
Kershner, Mary Jane   Dec 26, 1865   Deb
Kershner, Michael   May 15, 1895   Deb
Kershner, Monroe   17-Oct-04 Aged 33y 9m 15d Deb
Kershner, Samuel Z.   27-Jan-26   Deb
Kershner, Solomon   26-Jan-29   Deb
Kershner, Susan   11-Jun-13   Deb
Kershner, Susanna   12-Jan-23   Deb
Ketner, Annie Birdie   1965   Deb
Ketner, Fietta (nee Focht)   Dec 10, 1869   Deb
Ketner, William B.   1966   Deb
Kilian, Edmund A.   13-Feb-17   Deb
Kilian, Edmund   11-May-02   Deb
Kilian, Mary A.   19-Mar-05   Deb
Klein, Anna Maria (nee Bausher)   Jun 27, 1887   Deb
Klein, Benjamin   Dec 7, 1856   Deb
Klein, Cyrus   Jul 7, 1874   Deb
Klein, Fianna   Jul 19, 1874   Deb
Klein, Isaac   Apr 8, 1844   Deb
Klein, Johann   17-May-02   Deb
Klein, Johannes   Jul 7, 1874   Deb
Klein, Joseph   Sep 1, 1858   Deb
Klein, Maria (nee Stetzler)   Mar 8, 1889   Deb
Klein, Maria   Jul --, 1874   Deb
Klein, Sarah (nee Seiger)   Jun 16, 1886   Deb
Klein, William   Sep 7, 1860   Deb
Kline, Arlan W.       Deb
Kline, Charles D.   1936   Deb
Kline, Charles J.   1938   Deb
Kline, Elmira F. (nee Strauser)   1937   Deb
Kline, Elwood C.   12-May-23   Deb
Kline, Florence M.   1922   Deb
Kline, George   10-Dec-69   Deb
Kline, Irvin C.   26-Aug-69   Deb
Kline, James I.   1930   Deb
Kline, Katie S. (nee Rothermel)   1959   Deb
Kline, Mary L. (nee Mengel)   1941   Deb
Kline, Paul   21-May-47   Deb
Kline, Richard C.   1960   Deb
Kline, Ruth M.   1928   Deb
Kline, Sallie E.   1936   Deb
Kline, Walter J.   1970   Deb
Knittle, Lee D.   1971   Deb
Koller, Andrew   Nov 9, 1862   Deb
Koller, Anna Maria (nee Fister)   Sep 30, 1856   Deb
Koller, Carolina S.   Jun 28, 1871   Deb
Koller, Emma Susanna   Apr 25, 1875   Deb
Koller, Emma   May 31, 1863   Deb
Koller, Franklin R.   Apr 26, 1879   Deb
Koller, Hannah (nee Sunday)   Dec 23, 1891   Deb
Koller, Hannah C.       Deb
Koller, Helen R.   1944   Deb
Koller, Ida K.   1966   Deb
Koller, Johannes   Jul 31, 1881   Deb
Koller, John   1861   Deb
Koller, Mahlon   1862   Deb
Koller, Malvina I.   1955   Deb
Koller, Maria (nee Frey)   Mar 28, 1882   Deb
Koller, Mary Leanda   1875 Aged 14y 3m 11d Deb
Koller, Salome (nee Schappell)   Aug 22, 1852   Deb
Koller, Thomas F.   1967   Deb
Koller, William S.   1903   Deb
Kramer, Alfred M.   1938   Deb
Kramer, Annie T.   1950   Deb
Kramer, Elizabeth (nee Mengle)   5-May-14   Deb
Kramer, Jacob   28-May-01   Deb
Kramer, James A.   1950   Deb
Kramer, Katie (nee Sander) Schappell   1975   Deb
Kramer, Louisa   Feb 22, 1864   Deb
Kramer, Luther R.   1961   Deb
Kramer, Maria Ann   Jan 1847   Deb
Krick, Harold F.   1960   Deb
Krick, Maria   Jan 29, 1850   Deb
Krick, Robert S.   1960   Deb
Krick, Sue Anne   1968   Deb
Krick, Ted Alan   1967   Deb
Kummerer, Maria (nee Miller)   1821   Deb
Kumr, Abraham   1851   Deb
Kumr, Elizabeth   1851   Deb
Kutz, Ellen   1881   Deb
Kutz, Mary (nee Wartzenluft)   20-Apr-39   Deb
Kuzan, Paul N.   1947   Deb

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