Burials at Zion UCC, Windsor Castle, Perry Twp.,PA

This church formed in 1760. The present building was built in 1909. These headstones were recorded about 1976.

This file contains a partial list of burials for surnames beginning with L through R.

This information is authored by the Berks County Genealogical Society.

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Partial list of burials at Zion, Windsor Castle
Name Born Died Notes Submitter
Sander, Maurice   1960   Deb
Sander, Paul Daniel   1909   Deb
Sander, Robert W.   1962   Deb
Sander, Sallie V. (nee Adam)   1965   Deb
Saul, Abraham   Jan 8, 1875 Aged 8 months Deb
Saul, Alma F.   Sep t 3, 1899 Aged 3y 2m 11d Deb
Saul, Alva E.   23-May-50   Deb
Saul, Anna Edna Irene   1894   Deb
Saul, Arlan Luther   4-Apr-18   Deb
Saul, Calvin E.   25-Jan-46   Deb
Saul, Carolina C. (nee Derr)   Jan 3, 1872   Deb
Saul, Charles William   Sep 12, 1861 Aged 1 year Deb
Saul, Daniel L. Jr.   25-Feb-33   Deb
Saul, Daniel   Nov 28, 1898   Deb
Saul, Edna Carolina   Jan 16, 1892   Deb
Saul, Edna Irene   Feb 14, 1894   Deb
Saul, Ellen   1855   Deb
Saul, Flora (nee Piper)   5-Feb-41   Deb
Saul, Harry Luther   1893 - 1972   Deb
Saul, Harvey V.B.   7-Mar-75   Deb
Saul, Hetty   Jan 25, 1870 Aged13 years Deb
Saul, Jacob   Sep 11, 1859 Aged 1y 6d Deb
Saul, Kate Lovina   Feb 20, 1877   Deb
Saul, Lewis Mahlon   1891   Deb
Saul, Mary   Jun 10, 1870 Aged 6 years Deb
Saul, Morris   1875   Deb
Saul, Otto Owen   1890   Deb
Saul, Sarah (nee Hepner)   13-Mar-00   Deb
Saul, Sarah   Jul 23, 1865   Deb
Saul, Simon G.   12-Jan-15   Deb
Savage, Andora C.   21-Jul-29   Deb
Savage, Samuel J.   18-Mar-16   Deb
Sayer, Brenda Lee   1962   Deb
Schaeffer, Mindie V.   1883   Deb
Schaeffer, Sada May   1888   Deb
Schafer, Benjamin   Mar 30, 1889   Deb
Schafer, Maria (nee Smith)   Dec 22, 1868   Deb
Schaffer, Abel   1852   Deb
Schaffer, Anna (nee Rothermel)   Jun 8, 1891   Deb
Schaffer, Daniel   Mar 31, 1852   Deb
Schaffer, Elias   24-Jul-03   Deb
Schaffer, Samuel   Jul 10, 1876   Deb
Schaffer, Sissilia   Mar 23, 1852   Deb
Schappell, Adam A.   28-Mar-46   Deb
Schappell, Albert A.   8-Aug-28   Deb
Schappell, Albert M.   4-Sep-61   Deb
Schappell, Alice E. (nee Kline)   Aug 11, 1890   Deb
Schappell, Alice Margaret   7-May-00   Deb
Schappell, Alice V.   28-Sep-32   Deb
Schappell, Andrew D.   14-Mar-70   Deb
Schappell, Angelina M.   14-Dec-42   Deb
Schappell, Anna (nee Kosch)   Nov 16, 1841   Deb
Schappell, Anna Elizabeth   May 17, 1871   Deb
Schappell, Anna L.   29-Mar-23   Deb
Schappell, Anna   1884 Aged 81 years, 9 months, 15 days Deb
Schappell, Annie L.   21-Mar-21   Deb
Schappell, Annie V.   25-Oct-04   Deb
Schappell, Arland J.   23-Apr-01   Deb
Schappell, Birdie   Aug 7, 1894 Aged 25 days Deb
Schappell, Calvin D.   1968   Deb
Schappell, Carolina   Jul 18, 1867   Deb
Schappell, Carrie (nee Bailey)   1908   Deb
Schappell, Catharine (nee Adam)   19-Apr-00   Deb
Schappell, Catharine A.   28-Sep-25   Deb
Schappell, Catharine Mabel   9-Sep-01   Deb
Schappell, Catharine   Jun 8, 1801   Deb
Schappell, Catharine   Apr 8, 1887   Deb
Schappell, Catharine   Mar 25, 1882   Deb
Schappell, Charles M.   10-Dec-66   Deb
Schappell, Clayton A.   1956   Deb
Schappell, David   1925   Deb
Schappell, Dina   Apr 19, 1852   Deb
Schappell, Elenora E.M.   Mar 18, 1891   Deb
Schappell, Elizabeth (nee Lenhartin)   May 17, 1830   Deb
Schappell, Elizabeth   Jan 24, 1848   Deb
Schappell, Emma I. Apr 16, 1865     Deb
Schappell, Ernest A.   4-Jan-43   Deb
Schappell, Esther (nee Miller)   Mar 31, 1886   Deb
Schappell, Esther Andora   Nov 7, 1862   Deb
Schappell, Franklin S.   14-Feb-29   Deb
Schappell, Gerdie F. (nee Hein)   1946   Deb
Schappell, Harvey A.   10-Dec-62   Deb
Schappell, Hattie S.   1-May-01   Deb
Schappell, Hettie Annie   Aug 30, 1879   Deb
Schappell, Howard H.   6-Jul-71   Deb
Schappell, Ida A.   1882 Aged 9 years 11 months 23 days Deb
Schappell, Infant Child of P.S.   Jul 13, 1882 (infant of P.S. & Sarah) Deb
Schappell, Infant Daughter of Floyd   1918 (infant daughter of Floyd & Minnie) Deb
Schappell, Infant Son of David S.   6-Jan-21 (infant son of David S. & Katie) Deb
Schappell, Infant Son of Floyd   1917 (infant son of Floyd & Minnie ) Deb
Schappell, Infant Son of Sassaman   Oct 9, 1893 (infant son of Sassaman & Margaret S.) Deb
Schappell, Irene S. (nee Weik)   1957   Deb
Schappell, Irvin S.   1962   Deb
Schappell, Isaac D.   2-Nov-64   Deb
Schappell, Isabella (nee Engel)   Aug 19, 1886   Deb
Schappell, Isabella (nee Reigel)   8-Jan-26   Deb
Schappell, Jacob J.   9-May-39   Deb
Schappell, Jacob   Sep 11, 1826   Deb
Schappell, Jacob       Deb
Schappell, James A.   1958   Deb
Schappell, James Ervin   Feb 8, 1892   Deb
Schappell, James M.   3-Aug-71   Deb
Schappell, Jennie   23-Jul-00   Deb
Schappell, Jeremiah H.       Deb
Schappell, Jeremiah M.   15-Feb-33   Deb
Schappell, Jeremiah S.   7-May-40   Deb
Schappell, Jeremiah   Dec 31, 1842   Deb
Schappell, Jeremiah   Sep 16, 1845   Deb
Schappell, Jeremias   Oct 18, 1804   Deb
Schappell, John   Jun 7, 1846   Deb
Schappell, John   Feb 18, 1889   Deb
Schappell, Junnie M.   1970   Deb
Schappell, Katie B.   7-Oct-22   Deb
Schappell, Katie C. (nee Folk)   15-Mar-61   Deb
Schappell, Leroy R.   Oct 3, 1897   Deb
Schappell, Lillian S.   16-May-35   Deb
Schappell, Louisa W. (nee Adam)   29-Jun-49   Deb
Schappell, Luciana     Aged 4 months Deb
Schappell, M.A. Candace   Oct 6, 1885   Deb
Schappell, Mamie   1952   Deb
Schappell, Margaret S. (nee Mengel)   24-Jan-33   Deb
Schappell, Maria (nee Lenhart)   Mar 31, 1852   Deb
Schappell, Maria Elizabeth (nee Will)   Jun 19, 1817   Deb
Schappell, Mary A.       Deb
Schappell, Mildred L.   14-Nov-74   Deb
Schappell, Milton F.   1964   Deb
Schappell, Minnie (nee Bailey)   1956   Deb
Schappell, Minnie M. (nee Adam)   1973   Deb
Schappell, Minnie M. (nee Greenawalt)   30-Oct-60   Deb
Schappell, Minnie V.   1941   Deb
Schappell, Morris J.   18-Feb-50   Deb
Schappell, Nora L. (nee Kerchner)   12-Apr-09   Deb
Schappell, Pauline M.   17-Apr-17   Deb
Schappell, Pearl B.   16-Oct-29   Deb
Schappell, Peter Ambrose   Jan 11, 1876   Deb
Schappell, Peter   Nov 18, 1858   Deb
Schappell, Robert C.   14-Feb-36   Deb
Schappell, Rosabella   Feb 28, 1891   Deb
Schappell, Samuel A.   25-Feb-42   Deb
Schappell, Samuel A.   4-Mar-39   Deb
Schappell, Samuel Henry   Oct 25, 1886   Deb
Schappell, Samuel   Jul 13, 1871   Deb
Schappell, Samuel   Apr 11, 1895   Deb
Schappell, Sarah A.   31-Mar-10   Deb
Schappell, Sarah Ann   Apr 10, 1852   Deb
Schappell, Sassaman J.   14-Jun-59   Deb
Schappell, Sassaman S.   23-Apr-22   Deb
Schappell, Sevena A. (nee Focht)   4-Apr-21   Deb
Schappell, Sevena Andora   Apr 29, 1871   Deb
Schappell, Solomon   1877 Aged 47 years 6 months 14 days Deb
Schappell, Sophia (nee Smith)       Deb
Schappell, Stella J. (nee Dreibelbis)   10-Nov-56   Deb
Schappell, Stillborn Child of Adam   1926 (stillborn of Adam & Minnie) Deb
Schappell, Stillborn Children of Samuel (2)     (infants 2 stillborn children of Samuel & Angelina) Deb
Schappell, Stillborn Daughter of J.M.   1888 (infant stillborn daughter of J.M. and Elenora) Deb
Schappell, Stillborn Son of Adam   1926 (infant stillborn son of Adam & Minnie) Deb
Schappell, Susanna   Jul 23, 1828   Deb
Schappell, Sylvester O.   1965   Deb
Schappell, William Henry   Oct 7, 1862   Deb
Schappell, William   Aug 20, 1875   Deb
Schearer, Ambrose D.   1952   Deb
Schearer, Anna   Feb 16, 1877   Deb
Schearer, Catharine (nee Borkey)   Aug 8, 1890   Deb
Schearer, Catharine   1880 Aged 23 years 6 months 16 days Deb
Schearer, Daniel   Oct 30, 1891   Deb
Schearer, David M.   12-Jun-14   Deb
Schearer, Elizabeth (nee Miller)   Nov 12, 1886   Deb
Schearer, Eva P. (nee Sittler)       Deb
Schearer, Joel   Oct 29, 1861   Deb
Schearer, Johannes   Aug 17, 1865   Deb
Schearer, John   Jul 4, 1894   Deb
Schearer, Maria Barbara   Jan 19, 1855   Deb
Schearer, Mary A. (nee Hepner)   31-Jul-29   Deb
Schearer, Samuel R.   1948   Deb
Schell, Ellen E. (nee Kilian)   22-Oct-21   Deb
Schell, Esterella       Deb
Schell, Luther E. Buried   20-Oct-75 Aged 85 years Deb
Schell, Oscar W.   1964 Aged 73 years Deb
Schiffert, Eneta Rufina     Aged 1 day Deb
Schiffert, Lazrus     Aged 3 months Deb
Schiffert, Reuben   Sep 13, 1893 Aged 3 years 8 months Deb
Schiffert, Sarah Anna   Mar 11, 1862 Aged 46y 8m 7d Deb
Schiffert, Susan Hanna   Oct 10, 1877 Aged 66 years Deb
Schiffert, Susanna   Feb 11, 1887 Aged 54 years, 7 months, 10 days Deb
Schlegel, Arthur W.   9-Sep-28 Aged 87 years, 6 months, 8 days Deb
Schlegel, Grace L. (nee Kerchner)   1967 Aged 68 years, 9 months, 8 days Deb
Schmeck, Harold L.   21-Dec-56   Deb
Schmidt, Adam   Feb 11, 1861   Deb
Schmidt, Allemina Catharine   Jan 15, 1871   Deb
Schmidt, Anna Maria (nee Neyer)   Apr 19, 1857   Deb
Schmidt, Benjamin   Dec 11, 1872   Deb
Schmidt, Benjamin   14-Jan-00   Deb
Schmidt, Catharine (nee Ulrich)   Feb 16, 1862   Deb
Schmidt, Clinton Samuel   Oct 3, 1872   Deb
Schmidt, Curdi Cleveland   Sep 29, 1885   Deb
Schmidt, Daniel   Oct 28, 1830   Deb
Schmidt, Elizabeth (nee Reber)   May 8, 1858   Deb
Schmidt, Faber Zacharias   Sep 18, 1857   Deb
Schmidt, Joseph   Jul 24, 1874   Deb
Schmidt, Joseph   Apr 24, 1883   Deb
Schmidt, Mandes S.   Sep 29, 1869   Deb
Schmidt, Maria (nee Gellinger)   May 26, 1843   Deb
Schmidt, Maria (nee Reber)   Aug 9, 1877   Deb
Schmidt, Maria Anna Candace   1862   Deb
Schmidt, Michael   Oct 31, 1850   Deb
Schmidt, Michael   Jun 12, 1859   Deb
Schmidt, Michael   Nov 7, 1848   Deb
Schmidt, Samuel   Feb 4, 1872   Deb
Schmidt, William Harrison   Apr 28, 1848   Deb
Schneider, Abraham   Jul 27, 1860   Deb
Schneider, Abraham   May 2, 1887   Deb
Schneider, Elizabeth (nee Adam)   Jun 15, 1878   Deb
Schneider, Esther   Jan 3, 1869   Deb
Schneider, Peter   Oct 17, 1887   Deb
Schneider, Rebecca (nee Reber)   Feb 15, 1881   Deb
Schneider, Samuel   May 30, 1831   Deb
Schneider, Simon   Jun 16, 1864   Deb
Schock, Anna Barbara (nee Yeiser)   Jan 15, 1840   Deb
Schomo, Willie Evan   Mar 31.1861   Deb
Schucker, Urias   Apr 22, 1854 Aged 73 years Deb
Schuger, Carolina   1-Jan-18   Deb
Schultz, Wilhelm   Jan 10, 1872   Deb
Schum, Heinrich   1862   Deb
Schumacher, Charles Jr.   Nov 8, 1822   Deb
Schumacher, Charles   Mar 27, 1820   Deb
Schumacher, Elizabeth (nee Kershner)   May 24, 1849   Deb
Schumacher, Margaret (nee Reber)   Mar 17, 1802   Deb
Schumacher, Maria (nee Keppner)   Sep 3, 1831   Deb
Schumacher, Sophia   Jul 15, 1807   Deb
Seidel, Amelina (nee Balthaser)   20-Aug-20   Deb
Seidel, Anna (nee Rodmacher)   Feb 9, 1808   Deb
Seidel, Carl David   7-Dec-37   Deb
Seidel, Daniel Jr.   Aug 27, 1801   Deb
Seidel, Daniel   Aug 27, 1801   Deb
Seidel, Helen   23-Feb-10   Deb
Seidel, Henry G.   30-Jan-19   Deb
Seidel, Hettie L. (nee Moll)   29-Jul-56   Deb
Seidel, Infant Son of Henry   Dec 26, 1883 Aged 1 day; (infant son of Henry & Emeline) Deb
Seidel, Infant Son of Henry   Apr 13, 1885 (infant son of Henry) Deb
Seidel, Infant Son of Irvin   5-Sep-11 (infant son of Irvin & Alice) Deb
Seidel, Infant Son of Irvin   16-Oct-13 (infant son of Irvin & Alice) Deb
Seidel, Infant Son of Irvin   28-Nov-20 (infant son of Irvin & Alice) Deb
Seidel, Infant Son of Irvin   30-Oct-21 (infant son of Irvin & Alice) Deb
Seidel, Infant Son   18-May-04   Deb
Seidel, Jacob   Aug 25, 1801   Deb
Seidel, Johann Heinrich   Aug 21, 1801   Deb
Seidel, Josiah   1801   Deb
Seidel, Milton W.   25-Mar-56   Deb
Seidel, Minnie E.   Jan 28, 1891   Deb
Seidel, Stillborn Daughter of Irvin   5-Sep-05 (stillborn daughter of Irvin & Alice) Deb
Seidel, Verna E. (nee Seip)   1968   Deb
Seiger, Maria Anna   Feb --, 1819   Deb
Seiger, Peter   Feb 22, 1849 Aged 21 years, 8 months, 21 days Deb
Seiger, Susanna   Dec 10, 1864   Deb
Seip, Edward   3-Jun-63   Deb
Seip, Elizabeth M. (nee Haas)   1955   Deb
Seip, Infant Son of Walter   1950 (infant son of Walter & Dorothy) Deb
Seip, Infant Son of Walter   1952 (infant son of Walter & Dorothy) Deb
Seip, Infant Son of Walter   1955 (infant son of Walter & Dorothy) Deb
Seip, John N.   1952   Deb
Seip, Paul R.   1-May-13   Deb
Seip, Walter W.   25-Mar-75   Deb
Sellers, Andora E.   Feb 20, 1852   Deb
Sellers, Anna Sophia   Dec 20, 1860   Deb
Sellers, Clara L.   18-Dec-17   Deb
Sellers, Franklin   1870   Deb
Sellers, Harry   Jul 30, 1875   Deb
Sellers, Leah   22-Jan-01   Deb
Sellers, Lenus Theobold   Oct 10, 1885   Deb
Sellers, Mahlon A.   16-Dec-01   Deb
Sellers, Washington   Mar 31, 1864   Deb
Seltzer, George   Aug 10, 1846   Deb
Seltzer, Maria Barbara (nee Bar)       Deb
Shappell, Alfred Richard   Mar 15, 1893   Deb
Shappell, Carrie B.   1976   Deb
Shappell, Charles R.   1961   Deb
Shappell, Earl E.   1970   Deb
Shappell, Elmira R.   7-Oct-07   Deb
Shappell, Florence Katie   Mar 15, 1893   Deb
Shappell, George H.   1960   Deb
Shappell, Isaac   3-May-15   Deb
Shappell, Mahlon C.   27-May-47   Deb
Shappell, Mamie Lousia   Dec 28, 1896   Deb
Shappell, Melvin A.   1956   Deb
Shappell, Paul Albert   1905   Deb
Shappell, Peter J.   1959   Deb
Shearer, Alice   1924   Deb
Shearer, David   26-Jun-18   Deb
Shearer, Robert M.   1960   Deb
Shearer, Sarah (nee Rubrecht)   30-Dec-04   Deb
Sheeler, May I.   29-Nov-73   Deb
Shenk, Harold T.   12-Nov-69   Deb
Shenk, Haroldene E.   1951   Deb
Shiffert, David A.   Jul 14, 1879   Deb
Shollenberger, Benjamin   Feb 14, 1878   Deb
Shollenberger, James   Oct 10, 1863   Deb
Shollenberger, Judith (nee Zettlemoyer)   Dec 29, 1873   Deb
Shollenberger, Myers   Nov 9, 1872   Deb
Shollenberger, Ray A.   1935   Deb
Shollenberger, Sarah   Oct 19, 1863   Deb
Shoppell, Carrie N. (nee Bailey)   1-Jan-08   Deb
Sieger, Esther (nee Maier)   Jan 15, 1847   Deb
Sinniz, William Henry   Jun 18, 1865   Deb
Smith, Agnes L. (nee Adam)   1957   Deb
Smith, Albert E.   1945 Father Deb, Stephanie
Smith, Alexis   2-Aug-02   Deb
Smith, Alice (nee Rothermel)   6-Apr-25   Deb
Smith, Allen Elmer   19-Apr-60   Deb
Smith, Alvin B.   1948   Deb
Smith, Amanda   Jul 7, 1867   Deb
Smith, Anna L. (nee Adam)   1941   Deb
Smith, Anna   29-Aug-25   Deb
Smith, Annie S.   Jun 29, 1883   Deb
Smith, Benjamin J.   30-Jan-43   Deb
Smith, Benjamin S.   Oct 5, 1892   Deb
Smith, C. Victoria   1958   Deb
Smith, Calvin D.   1946   Deb, Stephanie
Smith, Candace M. (nee Leiby)   12-Feb-38   Deb
Smith, Catharine   24-Dec-03   Deb
Smith, Clara M. (nee Adam)   15-Jul-17   Deb
Smith, Claude A.   1962   Deb
Smith, Cora M.   1935   Deb
Smith, Cornelius A.   1955   Deb
Smith, Curtis H.   19-Dec-65   Deb
Smith, Daniel M.   1889   Deb
Smith, Daniel   1911   Deb
Smith, David G.   29-Sep-09   Deb
Smith, David N.   1960   Deb
Smith, E. Rufina (nee Stetzler)   13 Oct 1905   Deb
Smith, Eddie Rae   16 Jul 1916   Deb
Smith, Ellen (nee Seidel)   17 Sep 1922   Deb
Smith, Emma (nee Shearer)   16 Dec 1950   Deb
Smith, Eva K. (nee Altenderfer) 1898 1965 Mother Deb, Stephanie
Smith, Evelyn   1908   Deb
Smith, Floyd A.   1941 Father Deb
Smith, George E.   1946   Deb
Smith, Harris H.   5-Jun-03 Aged 3 months Deb
Smith, Hattie M. (nee Mertz)   1945   Deb
Smith, Hettie Ann   Oct 19, 1885   Deb
Smith, Hettie L. (nee Dunkelberger)   1949   Deb
Smith, Horace B.   1909   Deb
Smith, Horace T.   Jan 20, 1870   Deb
Smith, Horace T.   May 31, 1899   Deb
Smith, Howard B.   5-Oct-40   Deb
Smith, Ida Mildred       Deb
Smith, Ira J.   1947   Deb
Smith, Jefferson F.   12-Apr-46   Deb
Smith, John R.   12-Aug-07   Deb
Smith, John   1877   Deb
Smith, Joseph B.   28-Jun-49   Deb
Smith, Joseph L.   30-Jun-17   Deb
Smith, Laura A. (nee Boyer)   1956   Deb
Smith, Laura P.   31-May-00   Deb
Smith, Lewis B.   1964   Deb
Smith, Lillie M.   26-Nov-13   Deb
Smith, Lizzie M. (nee Landis)   1946   Deb
Smith, Lizzie S. (nee Landis)   13-Apr-36   Deb
Smith, Lovina (Schaeffer)   10-Mar-16   Deb
Smith, M. Polly (nee Raubenhold) 1841 1936 Mother Deb, Stephanie
Smith, Mahlon Penrose   Aug 3, 1874   Deb
Smith, Maria   14-Feb-09   Deb
Smith, Nelson A.   14-Dec-69   Deb
Smith, Nevin   1896   Deb
Smith, Noah   15-Nov-11   Deb
Smith, Paul T.   21-Nov-42   Deb
Smith, Sabina (nee Bear)   1955   Deb
Smith, Sallie Ann   Jan 8, 1864   Deb
Smith, Sallie M. (nee Dreibelbis)   1969   Deb
Smith, Samuel Joseph   13-Mar-04   Deb
Smith, Samuel M.   1934   Deb
Smith, Samuel Paul   1-Jul-11   Deb
Smith, Sarah   6-Mar-04   Deb
Smith, Sylvester   30-Dec-30   Deb
Smith, Thomas J.   1952   Deb
Snyder, Allison   1967   Deb
Snyder, Charles A.   10-Apr-59   Deb
Snyder, Emma M. (nee Miller)   23-Mar-22   Deb
Snyder, Gertrude E.   18-Nov-33   Deb
Snyder, Hettie (nee Rothermel)   1968   Deb
Snyder, Lawrence C.   29-Jul-52   Deb
Snyder, Lewis   1969   Deb
Snyder, Lloyd E.   1962   Deb
Snyder, Mabel L. (nee Adam)   1973   Deb
Snyder, Thomas E.   18-Dec-33   Deb
Sonon, Vernon W.   1958   Deb
Sontag, Catharine (nee Strasser)   Mar 5, 1853   Deb
Sontag, George   Jan 19, 1869   Deb
Sontag, Johannes   Apr 17, 1817   Deb
Sontag, Joseph   Jul, 1822 Aged 3 years 8 months Deb
Sousley, Mary P.   Apr 25, 1883   Deb
Sousley, Wellington Mahlon   Sep 14, 1856   Deb
Spears, Edwin   Nov 7, 1854   Deb
Spears, Mahlon   1872 Aged 46y 8m 7d Deb
Springborn, Jack Harold   1929   Deb
Staiger, Catharine (nee Focht)   Jul 14, 1845   Deb
Staiger, Samuel   Aug 20, 1878   Deb
Star, Elizabeth (nee Schappell)   Mar 24, 1879   Deb
Star, John   Feb 14, 1868   Deb
Star, John   5-Jun-14   Deb
Star, Lovina (nee Lindenmuth)   10-Aug-23   Deb
Stepp, Catharine (nee Heffner)   Oct 27, 1852   Deb
Stetzel, Richard J.   21-Feb-30   Deb
Stetzel, Ruth R.   1966   Deb
Stetzel, Sallie L. (nee Lesher)   1945   Deb
Stetzel, Samuel I.B.   Dec 15, 1894   Deb
Stetzel, Sarah   26-Sep-18   Deb
Stetzel, Violetta S. (nee Mengel)   1957   Deb
Stetzel, Walter Joseph   26-Oct-18   Deb
Stetzler, Alfred L.   27-Feb-26   Deb
Stetzler, Catharine (nee Hoffman)   Jul 16, 1847   Deb
Stetzler, Catharine (nee Jacoby)   Jan 15, 1849   Deb
Stetzler, Cora (nee Luckenbill)   6-Sep-14   Deb
Stetzler, Daniel Frank   b.Sep 1, 1864   Deb
Stetzler, Daniel M.   7-Jun-18   Deb
Stetzler, Daniel   Aug 14, 1877   Deb
Stetzler, Daniel   Mar 20, 1847   Deb
Stetzler, David Jacob   Jun 21, 1843   Deb
Stetzler, Elizabeth (nee Gruber)   10-Jan-16   Deb
Stetzler, Elizabetha   Jul 21, 1844   Deb
Stetzler, Emma L. (nee Hartman)   6-Dec-68   Deb
Stetzler, Esther (nee Schappell)   9-Oct-20   Deb
Stetzler, Esther   1934 Aged 3 months Deb
Stetzler, Gur D.   1967   Deb
Stetzler, Jacob M.S.   26-Sep-05   Deb
Stetzler, Jacob   18-Mar-04   Deb
Stetzler, Jeremiah W.   30-Dec-62   Deb
Stetzler, Joel M.   Dec 30, 1895   Deb
Stetzler, Johann Peter   Jul 18, 1795   Deb
Stetzler, Johannes   1873   Deb
Stetzler, John William   1876   Deb
Stetzler, Madora L.   30-May-44   Deb
Stetzler, Maria (nee Maier)   Dec 5, 1855   Deb
Stetzler, Maria (nee Seidel)   Mar 22, 1797   Deb
Stetzler, Maria Eva (nee Fry)   Mar 14, 1809   Deb
Stetzler, Maria Susanna (nee Bar)   Dec 12, 1852   Deb
Stetzler, Maria   May 25, 1844   Deb
Stetzler, Martin   Apr 5, 1849   Deb
Stetzler, Martin   Jan 11, 1861   Deb
Stetzler, Mary M.   Apr 29, 1883   Deb
Stetzler, Peter   Oct 24, 1841   Deb
Stetzler, Peter   Aug 2, 1860   Deb
Stetzler, Rufina (nee Heinly)   Oct 12, 1863   Deb
Stetzler, Samuel Aaron   Jun 23, 1897   Deb
Stetzler, Samuel I.   7-Jul-18   Deb
Stetzler, Susanna   Feb 25, 1844   Deb
Stine, Louis E.   1975   Deb
Stitzel, Ada Lorraine (nee Rentschler)   1956   Deb
Stitzel, Agnes E. (nee Rauch)   30-Nov-53   Deb
Stitzel, Charles P.   1973   Deb
Stitzel, Clayton D.   1970   Deb
Stitzel, David Edward   1843   Deb
Stitzel, Edna (nee Snyder)   1968   Deb
Stitzel, Ellen (nee Lewars)   Apr 15, 1895   Deb
Stitzel, Emmaline   Mar 11, 1862   Deb
Stitzel, Esther Catharine   Jun 12, 1870   Deb
Stitzel, Irwin D.   14-Nov-51   Deb
Stitzel, Jacob A.   May16, 1894   Deb
Stitzel, Jacob B.   1949   Deb
Stitzel, Jacob   Jun 5, 1876   Deb
Stitzel, James H.   1927   Deb
Stitzel, Maria (nee Beiver)   Apr 23, 1898   Deb
Stitzel, Oscar A.   1975   Deb
Stoyer, Anna Maria   Apr 2, 1875   Deb
Stoyer, Maria Ann   Nov 9, 1824   Deb
Strasser, Allen R.   13-Sep-15   Deb
Strasser, Alvin J.   19-Feb-49   Deb
Strasser, Amelia (nee Heffner)   21-Aug-13   Deb
Strasser, Anna M. (nee Scheiler)   Jul 29, 1844   Deb
Strasser, Anna Maria (nee Adam)   Apr 10, 1864   Deb
Strasser, Annie   10-Sep-06   Deb
Strasser, Arthur A.   19-Feb-21   Deb
Strasser, Benjamin   Sep 21, 1860   Deb
Strasser, Beulah Sophia 1885 1886   Deb
Strasser, Catharine A. (nee Heinly)   Mar 25, 1895   Deb
Strasser, Clarence   1904   Deb
Strasser, Conrad   Aug 28, 1847   Deb
Strasser, Cornelius   Jan 13, 1895   Deb
Strasser, Cornelius   1951   Deb
Strasser, Daniel   Apr 7, 1857   Deb
Strasser, Dorothy E.   21-Aug-08   Deb
Strasser, Elias       Deb
Strasser, Elizabeth   Apr 20, 1892   Deb
Strasser, Elmira Elizabeth   Jun 18, 1854   Deb
Strasser, Esther (nee Schmidt)   Dec 11, 1886   Deb
Strasser, Eva     Aged 66 years Deb
Strasser, Franklin   1870   Deb
Strasser, George W.   7-Jan-72   Deb
Strasser, George   May 6, 1866   Deb
Strasser, Hannah (nee Knittle)   May 26, 1896   Deb
Strasser, Henry P.   1-Jan-12   Deb
Strasser, Henry   22-Dec-17   Deb
Strasser, Horace J.   1-Feb-55   Deb
Strasser, Irenie A.   25-Feb-10   Deb
Strasser, Isaac   Feb 23, 1887   Deb
Strasser, Jacob   Jan 23, 1889   Deb
Strasser, Jacob   Apr 27, 1870   Deb
Strasser, Jeremias   Mar 8, 1887   Deb
Strasser, Joanna (nee Knittle)   1934   Deb
Strasser, Joel   27-Sep-16   Deb
Strasser, Johanes   Jul 24, 1841   Deb
Strasser, Joseph R.   1917   Deb
Strasser, Kamelia (nee Smith)   17-Jan-31   Deb
Strasser, Katie (nee Seidel)   26-Jun-43   Deb
Strasser, Loidy Cyrus   Apr 4, 1865   Deb
Strasser, Mamie I. (nee Adam)   2-Nov-68   Deb
Strasser, Maria (nee Kramer)   Feb 6, 1887   Deb
Strasser, Maria (nee Stein)   3-Jun-23   Deb
Strasser, Maria Elizabeth   1854 Aged 9 months, 13 days Deb
Strasser, Maria   Jul 29, 1865   Deb
Strasser, Noah Jefferson   Jun 26, 1885   Deb
Strasser, Peter   13-Feb-05   Deb
Strasser, Reuben   Apr 11, 1883   Deb
Strasser, Rosina (nee Hummel)   Feb 12, 1869   Deb
Strasser, Sarah (nee Miller)   Aug 13, 1889   Deb
Strasser, Sarah A. (nee Trexler)   27-Aug-06   Deb
Strasser, Simon R.   5-Jan-02   Deb
Strasser, Solon S.   29-Mar-64   Deb
Strasser, Sophia (nee Hoffman)   Jan 7, 1890   Deb
Strasser, Thomas P.   1951   Deb
Strasser, William Conrad   Apr 17, 1852   Deb
Strasser, Wilson       Deb
Strauser, John D.   Sep 27, 1899   Deb
Strauser, Maria   Jul 18, 1883   Deb
Strauser, Mary (nee Dries)   24-Nov-03   Deb
Strauser, Wilson   28-Jan-16   Deb
Stricker, Blaine W.   1975   Deb
Strouse, Suzanne K.   3-Mar-66   Deb
Stump, Alfred   1885   Deb
Stump, Catharine (nee Hoffman)   1956   Deb
Stump, Elmer L.   28-Jul-31   Deb
Stump, Lizzie V. (nee Yeager)   18-Feb-62   Deb
Stump, Mary Ann (nee Trexler)   21-Apr-38   Deb
Stump, Sabilla       Deb
Stump, William J.   3-Nov-72   Deb
Sunday Hannah   2-Dec-36   Deb
Sunday, A. Valeria   1949   Deb
Sunday, Alvin Richard   Aug 21, 1875   Deb
Sunday, Catharine (nee Hoch)   Jun 3, 1893   Deb
Sunday, Earl V.   1915   Deb
Sunday, Elda I. (nee Epting)   8-Aug-64   Deb
Sunday, Elias B.   5-Mar-31   Deb
Sunday, Ellen S.   30-Mar-57   Deb
Sunday, Elsie E.   1966   Deb
Sunday, Elsie M.   4-May-71   Deb
Sunday, Florence Hannah   19-Mar-06   Deb
Sunday, George S.   2-Jun-59   Deb
Sunday, George   Mar 27, 1893   Deb
Sunday, George   Aug 23, 1878   Deb
Sunday, Gideon   Jan 20, 1876   Deb
Sunday, Helen P.   1975   Deb
Sunday, John Lowell   4-Oct-02 Aged 54 years, 7 months, 10 days Deb
Sunday, Katie L. (nee Baver)   22-Feb-54   Deb
Sunday, Lawrence F.   10-Jun-76   Deb
Sunday, Mary (nee Seigfreid)   Nov 15, 1866   Deb
Sunday, Mary K.   Sep 6, 1892   Deb
Sunday, Percy L.   17-Sep-67   Deb
Sunday, Sarah (nee Bieber)   25-Mar-11   Deb
Sunday, Stillborn Daughter of John   Feb 17, 1878 Stillborn Daughter of John & Emma Deb
Sunday, Thomas A.   22-Oct-47   Deb
Sunday, Verna M.   7-Nov-07   Deb
Trexler, Jonathan D.   23-Jun-14   Deb
Trexler, Luther   21-Feb-08   Deb
Trexler, Susanna   19-Dec-07   Deb
Tyson, Anna Marie   Mar 14, 1869   Deb
Tyson, Jesse   Jun 17, 1875   Deb
Umbenhauer, Catharine   1867   Deb
Unerkoffler, Michael   Oct 23, 1850   Deb
Unger, Christina (nee Bossler)   Jan 11, 1843   Deb
Unger, Elizabeth (nee Schneider)   Mar 18, 1853   Deb
Unger, Maria (nee Schappell)   Feb 6, 1851   Deb
Unger, Masida     Aged 2 years, 6 months, 14 days Deb
Unger, Michael   Mar 12, 1846   Deb
Unger, Samuel   Jul 6, 1843   Deb
Unger, Solomon     Aged 5 years, 5 months, 25 days Deb
Unger, Sylvester Daniel   Jan 19, 1852   Deb
VanRenterghem, Gerolph   1968   Deb
Wagner, Infant Son of Melvin   1959 infant son of Melvin & Ruth Wagner Deb, Stephanie
Wagner, Jason Scott   1958 son of Melvin & Ruth Wagner Deb, Stephanie
Wanner, Ellen S. (nee Engle)   1957   Deb
Wanner, Gerald D.   30-Nov-58   Deb
Wanner, Henry K.   9-Sep-51   Deb
Wanner, John D.   1943   Deb
Wanner, Morris H.   1941   Deb
Wanner, Robert D. Sr.   31-May-71   Deb
Warmkessel, Verna M.   13-Sep-11   Deb
Wartzenluft, Albert   May 19, 1864   Deb
Wartzenluft, David E.   9-Jul-21   Deb
Wartzenluft, David     Aged 87 years, 6 months, 8 days Deb
Wartzenluft, Elizabeth (nee Hoffman)   May 27, 1858   Deb
Wartzenluft, Heinrich   1855   Deb
Wartzenluft, Mary M. (nee Merkel)   8-Aug-55   Deb
Wartzenluft, Rebecca (nee Rothermel)     Aged 68 years, 9 months, 8 days Deb
Wartzenluft, William   Aug 4, 1871   Deb
Weidman, Alfred K.   1902   Deb
Weidman, Ellen R. (nee Dressler)   1918   Deb
Weidman, Infant Son of Alfred   May 24, 1887 (infant son of Alfred & Rosa Ellen) Deb
Weidman, Milton B.   b. 1881   Deb
Weidman, Morris C.   b. 1883   Deb
Weidner, Annie C.   b. May 13, 1908   Deb
Weiler, Daniel   1847   Deb
Weiler, Fayetta   Mar 18, 1844   Deb
Wengert, Doris J.   b. Dec 23, 1942   Deb
Wengert, Minnie (nee Kershner)   b.1900   Deb
Werner, DeCosta W.   b.1880   Deb
Werner, Edna S.   b.1889   Deb
Werner, Henrietta   b.1855   Deb
Werner, Jennie E.   b.1886   Deb
Werner, Lily A.   b.1873   Deb
Werner, Thomas A.   b.1884   Deb
Werner, Wert H.   b.1881   Deb
Werner, William A.   b.1851   Deb
Wessner, Murda M. May 29, 1895 14-Mar-76   Deb
Wessner, Robert C. May 19, 1892     Deb
Wessner, Robert E. 3-Apr-14     Deb
Woerner, Charles S. 7-Aug-12     Deb
Woerner, George Nov 10, 1892     Deb
Woerner, Ray N. 19-Aug-15     Deb
Yeager, (Jaeger) Charles Mar 23, 1818     Deb
Yeager, (Jaeger) Hannah (nee Hummel) Mar 2, 1814     Deb
Yeager, (Jager) Daniel 1778     Deb
Yeager, Ada A.L. (nee Sunday) 1893     Deb
Yeager, Catharine (nee Hoffman) Jun 11, 1805     Deb
Yeager, Catharine L.A. Sep 25, 1885     Deb
Yeager, Cora S. (nee Adam) Jun 4, 1885     Deb
Yeager, Daniel Apr 15, 1811     Deb
Yeager, Daniel Mar 22, 1832     Deb
Yeager, Debbie R. May 17, 1892     Deb
Yeager, Edna I. 1891 1892   Deb
Yeager, Elizabeth Jun 23, 1827     Deb
Yeager, Eva L. (nee Balthaser) 1901     Deb
Yeager, Eva S. (nee Stein) 1901     Deb
Yeager, Henry A. Jun 24, 1885     Deb
Yeager, Israel Oscar Mar 1, 1880     Deb
Yeager, Jacob M. Apr 21, 1861     Deb
Yeager, James A. Dec 24, 1859     Deb
Yeager, James M. 1898     Deb
Yeager, Joel E. 1899     Deb
Yeager, Joel Mar 13, 1858     Deb
Yeager, John Aug 9, 1829     Deb
Yeager, John Mar 9, 1855     Deb
Yeager, Lavinia (nee Reber) Jul 15, 1831     Deb
Yeager, Mahlon C. Jun 25, 1887     Deb
Yeager, Mary A. (nee Luckenbill) Jun 24, 1864     Deb
Yeager, Mary C. (nee Miller) Apr 14, 1859     Deb
Yeager, Rebecca W. (nee Kemmerer) Sep 24, 1859     Deb
Yeager, Robert F. 1933     Deb
Yeager, Robert P. Nov 26, 1892     Deb
Yeager, Saria Dec 14, 1851     Deb
Yeager, Susanna (nee Heckman) Oct 12, 1857     Deb
Yeager, Thomas 1891     Deb
Yeager, William J. Mar 25, 1893     Deb
Yeiser, Hanna Dec 19, 1812     Deb
Yeiser, Jacob Oct 15, 1769     Deb
Yeiser, Maria Barbara (nee Blatt) May 15, 1770     Deb
Yelles, Charles   Sep 24 1930   Deb
Yoder, Edna M. 1890 1891   Deb
Yoder, Emma L. (nee Rausch) Aug 20, 1864 12-Jun-51   Deb
Yoder, Jonathan K. Aug 13, 1856 4-Dec-33   Deb
Yoder, Raymond D. 1897 1897   Deb
Yoder, Samuel A. 1898 1899   Deb
Zettlemoyer, Elizabeth (nee Seidel) May 19, 1796     Deb
Zettlemoyer, Emma A. 1918 1974   Deb
Zettlemoyer, Peter Jul 8, 1792 Dec 31, 1876   Deb
Zettlemoyer, Priscilla Aug 26, 1833 Feb 18, 1846   Deb
Zettlemoyer, Solomon 1816 1891   Deb
Ziegler, Jean Doris 21-Dec-40 Dec 22.1940   Deb
Zimmerman, Benjamin M. 1884 1956   Deb
Zimmerman, Cora E. (nee Miller) 1889 1968   Deb
Zluhan, Elizabeth (nee Star) Sep 26, 1830 19-Mar-05   Deb
Zluhan, John   1871 Co. K. 93 Pa. Inf. OC Deb

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